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Taken film analysis


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Taken film analysis

  1. 1. An establishing shot has been used to let the audience know where the event is taking place. This shot is also a POV shot. The camera moves about slightly giving an even more of a bigger effect that the audience is in the situation. A close up shot of the main characters face has been used to show what her reaction is towards what is happening. A POV shot has been used to make the audience feel part of the movie. It makes you feel as if you were there and puts you in to the perspective of the actor. Another close up has been used but this time it is slowly zooming in on to his face. This shows the pain he is feeling as he listens to his daughter screaming in the background on the phone. There is a quick transaction from close up to long shot this is when she is being pulled out from under the bed. The close up shot shows her reaction on feeling relieved when she thinks they have left. When the shot switches to a long shot it shows her body language and the fear that has overcame her. A medium shot has been used to show the audience where the character is heading yet still establishes that she is still in the apartment but is moving away from her friend so she can talk on the phone. A low angle has been used of the mens feet just before entering the room that the girl is in. This leaves the audience intrigued and curious as to who these people are.