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For NYU Mobile Mktg Strategy & Execution students for summer intensive course 2012. Mobile Marketing Association presentation by Michael Becker.

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NYU MMSE Mobile Mktg Assoc pres

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Industry In ReviewJuly 29, 2012Michael J. BeckerManaging Director, North AmericaMobile Marketing Assocationmichael.becker@mmaglobal.com408.242.5733
  2. 2. The Mobile Marketing AssociationThe MMA is the premier global non-profit trade associationrepresenting all players in the mobile marketing value chain. Withmore than 700 member companies, the MMA is an action orientatedorganizations with global focus, regional actions and local relevance.The MMA’ primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensablepart or the marketing mix. The MMA works to promote, educate,measure, guide and protect the mobile marketing industryworldwide.The MMA global headquarters are located in the United States and ithas regional chapters including North America (NA), Europe, MiddleEast and Africa (EMEA), Latin America (LATAM) and Asia (APAC)branches.
  3. 3. THE ROLE OF THE MMATo make mobile an indispensablepart of the marketing mix
  5. 5. MMA is Here to Help You!"#$!"#$%&()*"+,!-*%-%&(&.&()-/!-*%-%0123-, +#&&*,)- !6&"#%1"#$+%"#1)7#"%/$-($+* !"#$%&()*"+, %&&#()* !*#-+$%,1)+%0-3-4&/&5$* !0+$-"$%$6%*1/)51* !0#-7$%"#$%61+/(
  6. 6. It’s a Mobile World
  7. 7. 5.9 Billion Mobile Subscriptions Worldwide 92.9% of developed worldMobile Marketing Association 7
  8. 8. Consumersare mobile.Brandsmust followthem.
  9. 9. Mobile can be yet another channel ! Advanced contextualHigh Mobile- uniqueLevel of Mobile Sophistication Cross- channel Consistency Multichannel Nothing • Migrate services that are frequently used online AND are mobile-.Low Evolution of Services Over Time
  10. 10. ! a means of enhancing other touch points ! Advanced contextualHigh Mobile- unique Level of Mobile Sophistication Enhancement Cross- channel • Mobile doesn’t have to be a replacement for other Multichannel channels or touch points Nothing holistically. Low Evolution of services over time
  11. 11. ! or something entirely new Advanced • Companies deliver new Breakthrough contextual products and servicesHigh as well as Mobile- fundamentally change unique how consumers doLevel of Mobile Sophistication things. Cross- channel Multichannel NothingLow Evolution of Services Over Time
  12. 12. Are you ready? 12
  13. 13. Ready or Not! Welcome
  14. 14. Mobile has both caused andenabled an irrevocable change inconsumer behavior
  15. 15. The New Reality: It’s a mobile world 8$2$24$+9%:1+/(6&($%;$-")+$%3#1$*% <5//%/$-(%"#$%3-0=> 15
  16. 16. Consumer Behavioral Change !"#$%&(&)*%$#+%&,-.%&!/%01&/%$&2#3&4-1"&!%5%61&7%8-#&93&:!&)8;51<&*<=&)8&!/%08-0+&!"#$%>&?@AA&&B&(%!$! PIFN @&2$%*3$"%*#-+$&$% INFO#%$! CPFQ"#$% CDFC PFD IFM ! @J K"$+$" 8-(&1 G14&/$ ?$6*3-3$+* G-7-L&$* ?1"$9%@&2$%*3$"%6&"#%"#$%&"$+$"%$A0/)($*%&"$+$"%-00$**%.&-%214&/$B%4)"%1/&$%-(% *3$(&7%&0/)($*%214&/$%&"$+$"%-(%*3$(&7%()$%"1%"#&*B%"#$%"1"-/%1;%"#$%-(%*3$(&7% *#-+$*%;1+%-//%2$(&-%-((*%)3%"1%21+$%"#-%CDDEF% <1)+0$9%$G-+=$"$+B%H$0$24$+%IDCC
  17. 17. Computing Shifts()*+,-./Yarow, J. (2012, July 20). CHART OF THE DAY: iPad Usage - Business Insider. Retrieved July 29, 2012, from http://read.bi/MUliIi 17
  18. 18. Huge Opportunity in Front of Us 18
  19. 19. Behaviors change
  20. 20. The Mobile Life – Its About Behavior R*$%S33 @$A57% T1*57 YPE%*$"%<G< U+16*&7 <0-&7 NIE%)*$(%S33 T/-,&7 :-"0#&7 PME%4+16$(% 6$4 <$-+0#&7 CDE%*0-$(% V&*"$&7 X8%01($8$*$-+0#&7 W#$0=&7%K #01/*2-38$($$2&7 ,)44-,5-3/ U),&7 3-67,-!"#$%&(%")!%"$&(*+,(-./(0()",12(+3&4( 20
  21. 21. Your Mobile LifeMobile Marketing Association
  22. 22. First, Second, Third, Forth Screen()*+,-./89-/:);7<-/:)6-=-45/(5*3>?/@))A<-BCD2)2/E8F/:-37GH8/?/ID+/#!""JG2-./(=G+5D9)4-/K2-+2/L%!"&M$N$/C4/A-4-+G<?/O97,9/)P/59-/P)<<)O74A/=-37GQ+-<G5-3/G,R67R-2/3)/>)*/3)/O97<-/G<2)/*274A/59-/C45-+4-5/)4/>)*+/2=G+5D9)4-S/ 22
  23. 23. Mobile The All Day Media:DEVICES HAVE DIFFERENT ‘BIORYTHMS’ Source: comScore Custom Analysis, January 24, 2012
  24. 24. Mobile’s Path to Purchase:: ConsumerResearch and Planning
  25. 25. A New World of ShoppingThe future of mobile ishere.
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. 27
  28. 28. `!Every interaction via mobile raises ourexpectationsDigital Natives/Generation Y/Millennials/Connected Consumershave higher expectations
  29. 29. The age of the customer
  30. 30. The Language of the Consumer “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.” Cicero 80BC
  31. 31. We’re Out to Sea !"#$%&(2567788849"#1#:&4%")78+1%2;3</=>.?*@ABCD 31
  32. 32. Chumming 32
  33. 33. Total Media Ad Spending, United States,2010 - 2016 (in billions)<1)+0$9%@1"-/%G$(&-%S(%<3$(&7B%R&"$(%<"-"$*B%IDCD%Z%IDCQ%[&%4&//&1*F%[F(FF$G-+=$"$+F%8$"+&$.$(%])/,%^DB%IDCIB%;+12%#_39``"1"-/-00$**F$2-+=$"$+F012`a**$5-/G$"+&0*F-*3Ab2&(cINd2c@1"-/eG$(&-eS(e<3$(&7d7&(cIICd7cR&"$(e<"-"$* 33
  34. 34. Weather and Education Drive CPMs <1)+0$9%G&//$&-/%G$(&-B%J$/5%])$%IDCI 34
  35. 35. <1)+0$9%HS@S9%RF<F%-(%*3$(&7%4,%*$0"1+%Z%S(.$+5*&7%S7$F%[F(FFS(.$+5*&7%S7$%f%H-"-%W$"$+F%8$"+&$.$(%])/,%^DB%IDCIB%;+12%#_39``-(-7$F012`(-"-0$"$+`(-"-313)3F3#3b-+50/$g&(cI^CNNO 35
  36. 36. Our Wish is Fullfilled 36
  37. 37. Consumer Behavioral Change !"#$%&(&)*%$#+%&,-.%&!/%01&/%$&2#3&4-1"&!%5%61&7%8-#&93&:!&)8;51<&*<=&)8&!/%08-0+&!"#$%>&?@AA&&B&(%!$! PIFN @&2$%*3$"%*#-+$&$% INFO#%$! CPFQ"#$% CDFC PFD IFM ! @J K"$+$" 8-(&1 G14&/$ ?$6*3-3$+* G-7-L&$* ?1"$9%@&2$%*3$"%6&"#%"#$%&"$+$"%$A0/)($*%&"$+$"%-00$**%.&-%214&/$B%4)"%1/&$%-(% *3$(&7%&0/)($*%214&/$%&"$+$"%-(%*3$(&7%()$%"1%"#&*B%"#$%"1"-/%1;%"#$%-(%*3$(&7% *#-+$*%;1+%-//%2$(&-%-((*%)3%"1%21+$%"#-%CDDEF% <1)+0$9%$G-+=$"$+B%H$0$24$+%IDCC
  38. 38. Realization h1//,%ij>jE>Ek>%>> :$l+$%1"%+$-(,%;1+%"#&*F 38
  39. 39. Tap Into An Unduplicated Audience ../- + #0- ("12,#3-3#456*-W-+*F012%K"$+-/%<)+.$,B%G-,%IDCC 39
  40. 40. “We Need a Bigger Boat” 40
  41. 41. Kraft focusses on mobile “Mobile is more important than ever because it allows us to deliver at the ‘zero moment of truth.’ For our recipe sites, we see a spike in usage when the consumer is in the grocery store. You can’t get closer than that to the consumer.” B. Bonin Bough, Vice President, Global Media and Consumer Engagement. Kraft Foods. MMA New York Forum, June 2012
  42. 42. Procter & Gamble - Keep it Simple “Our mobile strategy is very simple, it’s to follow consumers…I truly believe that all these screens are going to come together,” he said, adding, “All this stuff is going to merge and we we’re not going to talk about mobile, or TV. We will be talking about content and creativity. We’re not going to be talking about technology. And I don’t think it will be long from today.” Marc Pritchard, Chief Marketing Officer. Procter & Gamble. Media Post, June 22, 2012
  43. 43. The Mobile Imperative “If you’re plans don’t include mobile, then your plans are not finished.” Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola (IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2011) 43
  44. 44. For many - It is just a check box 7 G-+=$5 G14&/$%
  45. 45. 50% of CMO’s Think Underprepared()*+,-./IBM Global Chief Marketing Officer Study. (2011, October).IBM. Retrieved July30, 2012, from http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/cmo/cmostudy2011/cmo-registration.html
  46. 46. Mobile’s a priority()*+,-./IBM Global Chief Marketing Officer Study. (2011, October).IBM. Retrieved July30, 2012, from http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/cmo/cmostudy2011/cmo-registration.html 46
  47. 47. Ecosystem: Mobile Advertising ()*+,-./www.slideshare.net/tkawaja/mobile-lumascape-8222981/ 47
  48. 48. But not enough !"#$%&(&)*%$#+%&,-.%&!/%01&/%$&2#3&4-1"&!%5%61&7%8-#&93&:!&)8;51<&*<=&)8&!/%08-0+&!"#$%>&?@AA&&B&(%!$! PIFN PIFI @&2$%*3$"%*#-+$ S(%*3$(&7%*#-+$&$% INFO#%$! ICFO CPFQ CNFD"#$% CDFO CDFC OFY PFD IFM DFO ! @J K"$+$" 8-(&1 G14&/$ ?$6*3-3$+* G-7-L&$* ?1"$9%@&2$%*3$"%6&"#%"#$%&"$+$"%$A0/)($*%&"$+$"%-00$**%.&-%214&/$B%4)"%1/&$%-(% *3$(&7%&0/)($*%214&/$%&"$+$"%-(%*3$(&7%()$%"1%"#&*B%"#$%"1"-/%1;%"#$%-(%*3$(&7% *#-+$*%;1+%-//%2$(&-%-((*%)3%"1%21+$%"#-%CDDEF% <1)+0$9%$G-+=$"$+B%H$0$24$+%IDCC
  49. 49. 49
  50. 50. We Step in To Help 50
  51. 51. Understanding Mobile 51
  52. 52. Putting mobile into context 1st mass medium Print 1500: books, newspapers, magazines 2nd medium Recordings 1890s: music, games, movies 3rd medium Cinema 1910s 4th medium Radio 1920s 5th medium TV 1950s 6th medium Internet 1995s 7th medium mobile 2000sSource: Ahonen book Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media, 2008Mobile Marketing Association
  53. 53. Mobile phones will diverge from other media in terms of what they can do — so too must your approach to developing and delivering mobile services.()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/8+GX,?/Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F
  54. 54. ()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/8+GX,?/Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F
  55. 55. The phone sees a phone.()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/8+GX,?/Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F
  56. 56. The Language of the Consumer “The Medium is the message” Marshal McLuhan, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” , 1964.
  57. 57. Mobile tying media together EF B+GH" B&%"$GH,ID W122*F J$H,1 KH,&)+ =,1&$,&1()*+,-./I9)4-4/L#!!M
  58. 58. Numerous Media Paths and Enablers 7%<<#+-0+ D-6% C$4<-0+ 2405#8-0+ H)45-45 ]+)^7=75>
  59. 59. Text Messaging Is Pervasive Most accessible mobile technology globally M%@+&//&1%"$A"% QFN%%U&//&1%"$A"%*$"% U,%IDCQ%SIT%"$A"% 2$**-7$*% (-&/,%&%"#$%RF<F%[W@KS% 2$**-7&7%61+"#%*$"%61+/(%6&($%%&% IDCC 21+$%"#-%jYD% IDCC%[T1+51% 4&//&1m 8$*$-+0# m%SIT%+1)7#/,%7$$+-"$*%jCD`3$+*1%1%"#$%3/-$"%4,%IDCQ>
  60. 60. The Internet 60
  61. 61. Mobile Web Vs. App HYBRID APPS Persistent Screen Real Estate Persistent Screen Real Estate Cross-Platform Reach Push Messaging Engagement Push Messaging Engagement Fast, Cheap Development Camera / Library / Mic Access Camera / Library / Mic Access Search Engine Discoverable Address Book / QR Code Access Address Book / QR Code Access Bookmarked and Forgotten Native Performance Native Performance No Push Messaging In-App Purchases and Ads In-App Purchases and Ads Camera / Library / Mic Access Promotion Through App Stores Promotion Through App Stores Address Book / QR Code Access Invisible to Search Engines Fast, Cheap Development Multi-Step Purchase Transactions Slow, Expensive Development Cross-Platform Reach Inconsistent Browser Capabilities Chronic Platform Fragmentation Invisible to Search Engines No App Store DistributionSource: Brightcove. “How to Manage the Increasing Complexity and Costs of Mobile App Development.” Mobile Marketing Assocation. June 2012.
  62. 62. Myriad of DevicesFeature ~63% of the US popSmartphone ~37% of the US pop.Connected
  63. 63. Smartphone Market Fragmentation: handset View US Smartphone Handset Market Share Europe Smartphone Handset Market Share 5678$%9(% #=8>!6*$% 9(%0!1,-2-3 !"#$%&(% $%4(% :;0$%9<(% #<7=!5*$% .8(% !"#$%&(% 9:/$%;(% )*+,-!+$% )*+,-!+$% .(% ./(% 4567$%8(% /!0,-1-2 $%3(% Source: comScore (December 2011) 63
  64. 64. US Smartphone Web Traffic by OS Europe Smartphone Web Traffic by OS #5,!57%./$%8(% "=<5,$%>(% 9!*+-:7% ;!*+-<9% "?>5,$%&(%0123405,,6% ;<-*5$% =>-*5$%(% #5,!59%&:$%.(% "#$%.(% (% #678!2*"#$%&(% 0123405,,6% "#$%(% !"#$%&(% )*+,-!+$%./(% !"#$%&(% )*+,-!+$%./(% Source: Statcounter (June 27, 2012) 64
  65. 65. Factors that matter Mobile Media in Past 30 Days Hispanic Non-Hispanic !Ethnicity Text messaging/SMS Mobile internet 91% 89% 87% 82% !Device type Email Picture messaging/MMS 82% 75% 77% 60% Application (App) downloads 69% 60% Location-based Services 61% 52% Game downloads 55% 43% Picture downloads 54% 36% Content uploads 51% 36% Text alerts 50% 40% Streaming audio 49% 35% Instant messaging 47% 30% Mobile video 41% 27% Pre-installed games 41% 34% Wallpaper/Screensaver downloads 36% 23% Full-track music downloads 34% 21% Ringtone downloads 31% 22% Online games 28% 19% Video messaging 28% 17% VoIP 13% 7%<1)+0$9%?&$/*$%G14&/$%G$(&-%G-+=$"3/-0$B%T13)/-51%R<%SC^e%G14&/$%<)4*0+&4$+*B%X^%IDCCn%U-*$9%<2-+"3#1$%R*$+*
  66. 66. Phones will have a host of new technologies 7*,8&#6#9: ;<<#")=&5):->*?(3<6*1@ o E2&6#.%$#< o 2-<1#06%&.%#<;$%8>&+%<1;$%&601$5+#&)"#61 o C-.%1$-6< o !%6;$-13>&#66%<<&6#$8<>&L2 o F0*%$<#G0#5&*-6%&$%6+0-G0 o D%$9#5&6..#08&J%=+=>&!-$-K o H%#$&I-%58&F..;0-6#G0<&JHIFK o M#3.%01<>&G6N%G0+>&#08&-0($.#G0 o E2&8-</5#3< o );+.%01%8&$%#5-13>&*-8%&;1/;1A51<6(:1 o O-+"P$%<5;G0&8-</5#3< o 7%8-#&60<;./G0>&9#$&68%< o 7-6$P.-$$$< o L.#+%&/$R%6G0S&/-6P/$R%61$< o ,;6"&-0/;1<&JQ0%P1;0%8KA()(-,#66*,B#& o )66%5%$.%1%$<&J8%1%61<&.G0TG51K o M"0%&$-%01#G0&#<&601$5>&/%8.%1%$ o F"%.-6#5&<%0<$< o FV&8%1%6G0>&(8&($%<"0%<< o U3$<6/%< o U%<1;$%&601$5>&0#*-+#G0>&+#.%< o 7#+0%1.%1%$< o 2-$%6G0<&W&XL<&-1&*%$&1"%$%YZ o 7-6$95.%1%$<&J-0($#$%8K o H-+"1&*-<-0S&"%#1S&5-+"1T8#$N o M$%<<;$%&<%0<$ o O%-+"1&-0&9;-58-0+< ()*+,-./I$:$/_75`A-+G<3/a/I22),7G5-2?/b)<-/Wc6-<)DD-=-45?/G43/745-+67-O2/O759/I5=-<?/C46-4(-42-?/G43/(9G+D/Y<-,5+)47,2 66
  67. 67. The Bigger Picture Source: The Internet Mapping Project: Opte.orgMobile Marketing Association
  68. 68. Mobile Marketing Association
  69. 69. Mobile Marketing Association
  70. 70. Some sensors will be external attachments … &U+$-"#% &Up<"-+% U+$-"#-/,L$+ 0124&$*%-% 7/)012$"$+%-(% [$"#-1/% -%&T#1$%-33% *$*1+ "1%3+1.&($% #$-/"#%*$+.&0$*% ;1+%(&-4$"$*% 2--7$2$" <1)+0$9%SGq&"L7$+-/(%d%S**10&-"$*()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/8+GX,?/Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F 71
  71. 71. Others will transmit information wirelessly W-+(&1GaG<9%S$)+,*2%T+$**)+$%<$*1+ <$*&2$(%@+&77$+s*#%KtT%21&"1+ S1+"-%*"$"%7+-r% 21&"1+&7B%qHSZ -33+1.$( <1)+0$9%SG%q&"L7$+-/(%S**10&-"$* <1)+0$9%W-+(&1GaG<n%666F0-+(&12$2*F012 <1)+0$9%666F*$*&2$(F012()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/8+GX,?/Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F 72
  72. 72. Living Headstones 76
  73. 73. Putting it in to prospective GK<8%&2-7$%1;%"#$%W$"+-/%S2-L1%
  74. 74. The catalyst of convergence G$**-7&7 U+16*&7 H16/1-(&7 W-//&7 H&7&"-/ 7"(C5B#&(6 2-+=$57 3("D*B&9 [S(.$+5*&7B%V10-51B%W122$+0$ Mobile is pulling these forces of marketing together
  75. 75. Undercurrents ! Creativity ! ROI & measurement ! Standards (e.g. advertising, commerce) ! Privacy ! Transparency & consumer trust ! StandardsMobile Marketing Association 79
  76. 76. Defining Mobile Marketing 80
  77. 77. “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate andengage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” (Mobile Marketing Association, 2009) 81
  78. 78. It is About Engagement: Two Sides Mobile Marketer Initiated Advertising Engagement (Contextual) Mobile-enabled Consumer Traditional Media Initiated Indirect Engagement Direct Engagement 82
  79. 79. What Mobile Marketing Looks Like? 83
  80. 80. Where & Halls Drive Engagement Goal: Drive foot-traffic and sales via Halls top sales channels Roaming Geo-Fence: Dynamically target regions nationwide scoring high on the Flu Index; Geo-fence CVS, Walgreens & Walmart locations within these regions Dynamically targeted Flu Index Ads outperformed static campaign by 62.5%Mobile Marketing Association 84
  81. 81. Old Navy Allowed consumers to use music recognition app, Shazam, to find Old Navy styles in the same way they sourced music Tagged TV commercials, radio and in-store announcements so consumers could immediately shop the featured looks in the songs, from their phone Exploited link between music and fashion, while offering giveaways, styling tips and more http://rockymountaintech.org/ oldnavy_oldnavyrecordsinteractive.html Winner 2011 Smarties(TM): Overall Excellence / Cross Media Integration / Innovation 85
  82. 82. Old Navy “Records”
  83. 83. Mobile Has Reach/Stimulates EngagementAXE direct response760 million interactions from 35 million users300% increase in Axe sales
  84. 84. What Mobile Marketing Looks Like? 88
  85. 85. Mobile Marketing Association
  86. 86. A#$&)#$&-E*1B(6F ;4G*,B*F--H2I/-<("B,5<(B#&-"()* J*1=6)1F--KL/-<("B,5<(B#&-"()* M)(C5=3F ;4G*,B*F-I/-<("B,5<(B#&-"()* J*1=6)1F-H/-<("B,5<(B#&-"()*Mobile Marketing Association
  87. 87. Mobile & Health Care C4/)4-/=)459. • (G6-2/dG72-+/e#%?!!!/ L+-3*,-3/4)Q29)O2/;>/!$&1M <1)+0$9%G14&/$%G-+=$"$+%IDCD • ED5Q)*52./"$f1
  88. 88. JNMOP7MF--EH8I/gI(/(IhYW/e0!!?!!!/Ci/bYIj/" ! Incoming Text: 8,000 in November 2009 to more than 167,000 in July 2010 ! Weekly calls dropped 40% ! Saved OCTA $600K
  89. 89. Last call by 13th street – Horror Interactive Movie
  90. 90. Heineken “Star Player”Mobile Marketing Association uTSRVUGGS
  91. 91. Best Use of Mobile Marketing – Product/Services Launch UtilityAdvertiser / Brand: LawrysAgency: R/GARegion: North America
  92. 92. Best Use of Mobile Marketing – Product/Services Launch Lawrys Digital Dinner Bell App claiming to be 21st century way to scream "Dinner is ready!“ Recognized that family has often dispersed around meal time so app provides ‘Digital Dinner Bell’ which, when shaken, lets your family know dinner is ready via SMS, Facebook posts, or a personalized phone call App contains a special bell indicating the flavor of tonight’s dinner (e.g. Mexican, Italian or Asian) and features a recipe database http://vimeo.com/28310790
  93. 93. Search not just Google’s Domain <$$9UIW%@+)*"$(%<1)+0$% v@#$%G12$"%1;%@+)"#w 1;%H-"-%&&5-5.$% (-"-%x)-/&",%-%&23$+-5.$ 97
  94. 94. Integrated Marketing Experience TV Social Packag- Media ing Mobile Site Radio In-Store Website POP Digital Ads
  95. 95. Gateway to Exclusive Content Unique & Engaging Experience that Surprises and Delights
  96. 96. Start Campaign 0 16,000 32,000 48,000 64,000 80,000 Jul-11-2011- Jul-17-2011 Jul-18-2011- Jul-24-2011 Total Scans 431,933! Jul-25-2011- Jul-31-2011 Aug-01-2011- Aug-07-2011Scans Aug-08-2011- Aug-14-2011 Overview of Results Aug-15-2011- Unique Users Aug-21-2011 375,426 6 Week Campaign Aug-22-2011- Aug-28-2011Unique Visitors Aug-29-2011- Sep-04-2011 Sep-05-2011- Sep-011-2011 57,391 Repeat Users Sep-012-2011 End Campaign
  97. 97. Target customer journey DIGITAL TOUCHPOINTS App Daily Mobile Opt-in Account Updates Promotion Deals Coupons QRQJNSNMM NS!Q!NTNS7 7JQSMQ+7%;S P;UQP7U traditional consumer mobile in-store mobile mobile advertising sponsorship promotion incentives & mobile database VIP/rewardsadvertising activation activation activation coupons marketing marketing program In-store signage/QR code Sales Circular In-store promotion OFFLINE TOUCHPOINTS Source: Vibes, 2012
  98. 98. Starbucks customer journey ?=L=EMN(EOPKQJO=RE! <10&-/ t3"Z& S)72$"$(%+$-/&", G14&/$ &"$7+-51 W1)31* S33%3+121 X8%01($* G14&/$ 6-//$" QRQJNSNMM NS!Q!NTNS7 7JQSMQ+7%;S P;UQP7U )"(C5B#&(6 ,#&1=3*" 3#456* 5&V1)#"* 3#456* 3#456*- (C*"B15&9 1<#&1#"185< <"#3#B#& 5&,*&B*1-W- 3#456*- C()(4(1* X%YZ"*$("C1(C*"B15&9 (,B(B#& (,B(B#& (,B(B#& ,#=<#&1 3("D*B&9 3("D*B&9 <"#9"(3 T+&" <&7-7$ KZ*"1+$ 8$6-+(* OSSN=RT(EOPKQJO=RE! <1)+0$9%J&4$*B%IDCI 102
  99. 99. !"#$%&(RBS(U":HV&(B&1+HV(=,HW+W3&(XU":HV&(B&1+HVH,I(YV#&6$H,1Z[(/.. 103
  100. 100. So Toys ‘R Us developed a strategy Delivery of a SEAMLESS Shopping Experience Across All Fulfillment Channels that Maximizes the VALUE of EVERY Customer Interaction “Order from Anywhere, Fulfill from Anywhere”()*+,-./:7<5)4/L#!"#M$/TJ-P)+-/E=47,9G44-</+-5G7<74A?/8)>2/kj/K2/OG2/<7[-/=G4>/)59-+/,)=DG47-2lZ/::I/ t2&0#-$/%_)+*=/i-O/b)+[$/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$/
  101. 101. Enablers! Advertising! Location! Social! Commerce! Augmented Reality! 105
  102. 102. Mobile Advertising 1) Paid placement of promotional message within one of the eight mobile media paths Used for branding, performance and monetization – Advertising models: • networks • exchanges • DSP, SSP, RTB – Premium Publishers/Advertising 2) Search - Consumer initiated action paid Organic
  103. 103. MMA mobile display advertising unit sizes (*DD)+R4A/::I/=*<RD<-/372D<G>/G3/ P)+=G52/G43/27`-2/72/-22-4RG< Smartphone Formats: See how the Cherokee handles the snow • 320x50, 320x48, 300x50, 300x250 Feature Phone Formats • 120x20, 168x28, 216x36 Tablet Formats: • 728x90, 300x250, 160x600@-5/59-/::I/*476-+2G</=);7<-/G3/DG,[GA-/9-+-. Y^G=D<-/,)*+5-2>/)P/9mD.BB==GA<);G<$,)=BO975-DGD-+Sn<-4G=-o::IK476-+2G<:);7<-I3]G,[GA-W-,#!""$D3P :)p76G
  104. 104. Family dining & QSR use case Objective: Drive consumers to a physical location Solution: Capitalize on a consumers’ proximity and local conditions to drive results. Location-targeting on mobile with geo-fencing, geo-triggering & dynamic content108
  105. 105. Retail use case Objective: Engage in-store, in-market users at the point-of-intent. Cross & Up-sell complementary products to a captive, engaged audience Offer special in-store services Solution: Bar-code scan inventory, delivers ads based on a consumer’s product scan109
  106. 106. Best Buy Case Study O:]&%W3& Y&D1(Y#9(8+,1&G(1"(H,%$&+D&(&+$V9(2"VHG+9(6#$%2+D&D(:9( G&VH3&$H,I(+%W",+:V&(6$"G#%1(+,G(H,3&,1"$9(H,^"$)+W",(1"( %",D#)&$D(",_12&_I"4( !"V#W", J+9J+V(U&GH+(R&18"$`(+,G(UHV"(1&+)&G(#6(1"(:#HVG(Y&D1( Y#9aD(X!2"6(T+$V9Z(!+3&(YHI[(%+)6+HI,(V+,GH,I(6+I&4(E2&( V+,GH,I(6+I&(G&VH3&$&G(+%%#$+1&Z(G9,+)H%(6$"G#%1(H,3&,1"$9( +,G(V"%+W",(H,^"$)+W",4( B&D#V1D J"D1_%VH%`()&1$H%D(H,%V#G& • .b(%",W,#&G(1"(%VH%`(12$"#I2(1"(12&()+6(^&+1#$& • 0b(%2"D&(+(GHc&$&,1(Y&D1(Y#9(V"%+W",Z(:+D&G(",(6$"G#%1( H,3&,1"$9(H,^"$)+W",($&%&H3&G • 0b("61&G(1"(:#9(12&(6$"G#%1(GH$&%1V9(^$")(12&H$()":HV&( 62",&(+,G(6H%`(#6(H,_D1"$&4110
  107. 107. Consumer Expressed Need: Search 1 in 3 mobile search queries have local intent Search near My Find local Location store hours Find friends Get driving nearby directions Browse Call a local What’s business Near Me Now Locate a business Source: Kelsey Group as presented by Google, 2o11 on mapsMobile Marketing Association
  108. 108. Primary Location Sources K[[-T5665#& 112
  109. 109. Location enabled Geofencing: A definition• A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a geographic location allowing marketers to deliver the right message, at the right time, and to the right person<1)+0$9%V10-&(F%vp$1;$0&7%-(%V10-51%G-+=$57%<)00$**%<"1+&$*Fw%G14&/$%G-+=$57%S**10-51F%])$%IDCIF 113
  110. 110. VW Golf GTi: Social Engagement
  111. 111. :);7<-q2/C=DG,5/I;)6-/G43/J-<)O/59-/rG5-+/V74- 1% U":HV&(K"))&$%& Revenue Impact o Search, Browse & Buy U":HV&(#D+I&(H,( 90% Y$H%`(d(U"$1+$(!1"$&D Revenue Impact o Competitive Price Scans (Showrooming) o Product Research o Deals Research o Social Shopping o Couponing()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/ o Payments8+GX,?/Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F 115
  112. 112. Mobile Commerce - Two Parts• The Transaction & The Mobile Wallet• The Path to Purchase 31 % of ALL purchase decisions involve some online or mobile activity 25% of all purchase decisions about consumer packaged goods (CPG) are influenced by online or mobile activity to some degree. 70%+ shoppers want to shop with digital engagement in the future Source: Nielsen Shopper Benchmark Survey – Q2 2011 116
  113. 113. And here’s where the consumer wins..<1)+0$9%H1,/$B%:F%[IDCIF%vh16%2Z0122$+0$%6&//%0/1*$%"#$%jID4%214&/$%-(.$+5*&7%7-3FwGGS%?$6%y1+=%q1+)2F%G14&/$%G-+=$57%S**10-51F% 117
  114. 114. 118
  115. 115. Augmented Reality• Augmented reality is refers to computer sensory enhancement real-world visuals. 119
  116. 116. Band-Aid Magic Vision 120
  117. 117. Strategy 121
  118. 118. ! Don’t miss the opportunity “Looks like you did not get your strategy in place”Mobile Marketing Association
  119. 119. Map the touch points and understand how mobile can extend and enhance, not replace other channelsMobile Marketing Association
  120. 120. The Tactics Within the Plan 124
  121. 121. Objectives Source: Dark-Matter, 2011Mobile Marketing Association
  122. 122. You have options IN-HOUSE HYBRID AGENCYPLATFORM Strategy Creative Execution Mobile Analytics & MeasurementMobile Marketing Association
  123. 123. G14&/$%W$"$+%1;%aA0$//$0$ o <"+-"$7, o T1/&0,Infuse o G$-*)+$2$"`%4$0#2-+=*Operational o <=&//*%H$.$/132$"Change to o @$*57 o W122)&0-51SupportPriorities Scale What is Proven Lay a Foundation Test New IdeasDevelop Tactical Advertising, 20% Shopper/Guest TXT & Mobile 70% Marketing & Test & 10%Mobile Road Web Programs Applications LearnMap for Brandand ProgramsDevelop andFund a MobilityLibrary <1)+0$9%<0-+/$_B%@F%vW10-ZW1/-%G14&/$%W$"$+%1;%aA0$/$0$Fw 127
  124. 124. “I skate to where the pucks going, not to where it has been.” Wayne Gretsky – Ice Hockey legendMobile Marketing Association
  125. 125. Where Mobile’s Taking Us O-+" F01$5[ oC-.%1$-6< o2-</5#3&1%6"05+3 P**6-#0-+#&)*?)=(6-M#<851B,(B#& oU%<1;$%P9#<%8&601$5 )8*=&F01%`1 o2-<1#06%Y&2%/1"Y oa"#1&b$&-0&9;-58-0+Y&a"#1&#-<5%Y o2-$%6G0&60<;.%$&(#6-0+Y& o-+"1Y&2#$NY %&)*6659*&,* o Y=",8(1*-5&)*&) o %&-3:-1)#"*-%&-(-,#3<*B)#"]1-1)#"* o R5)85&-K-8#="-#0-^598)-7$#-C(:1 Basic Context • Behavior/Preferences • GPS • Time of day 4 ?@AA ?@A? ?@AE ?@A_ ?@A] ?@A^ ()*+,-./I3GD5-3/P+)=/T@)74A/)4/59-/EU-4276-/IAG7425/(9)O+))=74A.//V-6-+GA74A/:);7<-/5)/W+76-/(5)+-/I4G<>R,2?/8+GX,?/ Y4AGA-=-45/G43/H)==-+,-$Z/:);7<-/:G+[-R4A/I22),GR)4$//*4-/#!"# F 129
  126. 126. FundamentalsMobile Marketing Association 130
  127. 127. The Starting Line #1 Imagine a future where 50% of your business relies on the mobile channel. What would that look like?Mobile Marketing Association
  128. 128. The Ten Fundaments #2 Remember, Mobile is the Now Media/ The Individual’s Media! It is the the connective tissue that binds and influences consumer engagement across the digital and traditional divideMobile Marketing Association 132
  129. 129. The Ten Fundaments #3 Put the customer first! Mobile is a unique, personal medium & experience …respect this… keep it local, remember context, think mCRM (the brand asset)Mobile Marketing Association 133
  130. 130. The Ten Fundaments #4 Create a mobile presence (messaging/talking/mobile web/apps) m.shoprite.com Your customers are mobile, you and your customers should be too!Mobile Marketing Association 134
  131. 131. The Ten Fundaments #5 Mobile is an Imperative !have a plan “If you’re plans don’t include mobile, then your plans are not finished.” Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Coca-Cola (IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2011)Mobile Marketing Association 135
  132. 132. The Ten Fundaments #6 Leverage and vary mobile’s role across every stage of the funnel Engagement Purchase Relationship Awareness Consideration Consumption AdvocacyMobile Marketing Association 136
  133. 133. The Ten Fundaments #7 Iterate against a grounded analytics program Launch, monitor & measure, respond and re-launch…focus on engagmentMobile Marketing Association 137
  134. 134. The Ten Fundaments #8 Innovate, be creative, be disruptive (know your goal) while paying respect and attention to the rules. (industry self-regulations, government regulations, legislative conversation)Mobile Marketing Association 138
  135. 135. The Ten Fundaments #9 Find and nourish trusted partners.Mobile Marketing Association 139
  136. 136. The Ten Fundaments #10 “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” (Albert Einstein) You need to keep learningMobile Marketing Association 140
  137. 137. Our Mobile Planet 141
  138. 138. Resources are everywhere Recently Announced: http://www.themobileplaybook.com/Mobile Marketing Association 142
  139. 139. Bonus #11 “Put your best people on mobile” Eric Schmidt, Former CEO, Google (Feb. 25, 2011) Source: http://www.informationweek.com/news/global-cio/interviews/229100076?printer_friendly=this- pageMobile Marketing Association 143
  140. 140. Our Collective Challenge - The Five Roadblocks1. Creativity2. ROI and measurement!3. Technical standardization!4. Privacy and targeting rules of the road5. Educational/InsightsMichael J. Kelly, Advisor / Investor, formerly CEO & PresidentThe Weather Channel (July 2012). MMA CEO and CMOSummit. 144
  141. 141. Michael Becker North American Managing Director Mobile Marketing Association www.mmaglobal.com michael.becker@mmaglobal.com +1.408.242.5733• 145