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Connecting mind to market


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Good practices assessment on agribusiness innovation and entrepreneurship along with focus on enhancing environment through allied programs and initiatives.

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Connecting mind to market

  1. 1. FICCI Centre for Technology Commercialization Connecting Mind to Market™
  2. 2. DST- Lockheed MartinIndia Innovation Growth Programme (1/2) • Launched in March 2007 jointly by the Lockheed Martin Corporation, FICCI and the IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin •DST and Indo-US S&T Forum became Programme partners in November 2008 •DST-LMP IIGP is a nation wide Programme to accelerate new innovative Indian technologies in the global market •The Programme offers participants a number of training , educational and commercialization opportunities 2
  3. 3. DST- Lockheed MartinIndia Innovation Growth Programme (2/2) •2000 applications received and evaluated under the Programme so far •Training on Commercialization Strategies provided to 350 innovators and Advanced training in Technology Commercialization Strategies, Venture Formation, Venture Finance, Technology Marketing, Competitive Technical Strategies, and Presentation Skills provided to 200 innovators •Over 175 Business Engagement Agreements signed so far under the Programme linking innovators to industry partners, venture capitalists and government funding organizations 3
  4. 4. Economic Impact •A recent independent survey conducted by Datamonitor on participants of 2007 to 2010 shows: •The cumulative revenue generated during 2007-10 amounted to more than INR 350 crores •Many companies received funds from government organizations like Technology Development Board, Department of Scientific & industrial Research , Small Business Innovation Research initiative etc. •Some participants have already established overseas offices and few are looking forward to establish new offices outside India in near future 4
  5. 5. Programme Process 5
  6. 6. DST- LM IIGP 2011: Technology Coverage Incomplete , 31 IT & Software , 31 Materials , 22 Homeland Security, 5 Mechanical, 37 Herbal, 23 Medical, 56 Healthcare, 62 Environment & Energy, 112 Others, 198 Electronics, 89 Telecom, 5 Aeronautics & Defense, 22 Agriculture, 22 Education, 28 Automobile,16 Chemicals, 13 Biotechnology, 26
  7. 7. DST- LM IIGP 2011: City-wise Coverage Pune 37 Bangalore 79 Hyderabad 36 Chennai 68 Kolkata 12 Mumbai 71 Delhi NCR 82 0 20 40 60 80
  8. 8. Programme Benefits Shortlisted Participants•Training in technology commercialization strategies and entrepreneurship•“Quicklook report “ - a detail market analysis study to determine the commercialpotential of the technology•Participation in a technology competition judged by an international panel ofexperts Programme Finalist •Professional business development assistance •Access to US and global markets 8
  9. 9. Our Unique Approach (1/2)•Extensive road shows by FICCI across India to educate technopreneurs about theseveral aspects and benefits of technology commercialization leading to a sharprise in the number of applications received from 102 in 2007 to 950 in 2011•Teaching best practices on innovation, creativity and capital by subject matterexperts from the IC2 institute enabling innovators to translate “knowledge intowealth”•Conducting an in-depth market analysis of the technology through a processcalled “QuickLook Report” enabling the innovator to work on the strengths andweaknesses of his technology and devise an appropriate market strategy 9
  10. 10. Our Unique Approach (2/2)Helping innovators reach out to extensive global and national markets by way of: • Working closely with 79 Joint Business Councils of FICCI worldwide • Time proven Industry-Academia-Government linkage • Strong IC2 network in the US and European markets • FICCI’s direct membership from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership of over 83,000 companies from regional chambers of commerce 10
  11. 11. Case StudyTechnologyNano GaneshInnovatorMr. Santosh Ostwal. Ossian Group, PuneValue-Add• Pilot project in UP with the help of IFFCO•Discussions with Jain Irrigation Systems forscaling up the technology•Nano Ganesh was recently honored as a TechAward Laureate, 2011 in the EconomicDevelopment category at the TechMuseum from San Jose, CA,USA. 11
  12. 12. Mr. Santosh Ostwal says: Various activities under the DST Lockheed Martin IIGP like Entrepreneurship training program, expos, partnership agreements and FICCI’s unending support helped us to build a strong technology commercialization platform. In all, this boosted our aspirations ten times than before. It expanded our vision and build a huge confidence among our team to scale up Nano Ganesh technology in massive way in least period. 12
  13. 13. Case StudyTechnologySlow Release Micronutrient FertilizerInnovatorDr. (Ms.) Chandrika Varadachari, Raman Centre for Applied and InterdisciplinarySciences, KolkataValue-Add •Engagement agreement with Sowbhagya Amino Inputs Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad • Engagement agreements signed with Chakradhar Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Muzzaffarnagar, Aries Agro Ltd, Mumbai and Reliance Industries Ltd, Gurgaon 13
  14. 14. Dr. (Ms.) Chandrika Varadachari says: “In a nutshell, the India Innovation Growth Programme has transformed the way the world looks at my innovation. It has served as the launching pad for my innovation to be thrust from the murky depths of obscurity and frustration to the heights of international acceptance and recognition.” 14
  15. 15. Thank You 15