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Functioning for stimulating agribusiness innovations and entrepreneurship


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Good practices assessment on agribusiness innovation and entrepreneurship along with focus on enhancing environment through allied programs and initiatives.

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Functioning for stimulating agribusiness innovations and entrepreneurship

  1. 1. AAU Business planning & Development unit functioning For Stimulating Agribusiness INNOVATIONS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP NIABI 2012: 2nd Global Agribusiness Incubation Conference, Feb 7, 2012, Dr. B. P. Pal Auditorium, IARI, New DelhiDr R. V. VyasPrincipal Investigator & Head AAU BPD UnitResearch Scientist (Microbiology), AAU, Anand
  2. 2. About AAU…………Anand Agricultural University erstwhile Gujarat AgriculturalUniversity is imparting education in agriculture and alliedsciences – a vision of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and KanaiyalalMunshiColleges:1. BA College of Agriculture,2. College of Veterinary Science Animal Husbandry3. SMC College of Dairy Science4. College of food Processing and Bio-energy5. College of Agricultural Information Technology6. International Agri Business Management Institute7. College of Agricultural Engineering Technology
  3. 3. Stimulating Agri Business Innovations… efforts of AAU BPD Unit• Technology transfer• Consultancy• Testing and trials• Providing lab space/equipments on rent• Office space/incubatee room• Match making with mentors and networking• Bankable project reports• Innovations nurturing (MSME Scheme)• Developing PPP Models
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. AAU Potential Eco friendly Technologies forcommercialization and Services•Bio-inputs - Biofertilizer, bio-compost etc for crops.•Tissue Culture Technology – Date palm and others• Seed Business – Anubhav Branded Self pollinating high yielding selected verities, hybrids and breeders seed etc•Biofuel plants – Bio diesel, biogas•Dairy sector – Milk and Food Processing equipments•Veterinary sector – Area specific mineral mixture for livestock.
  6. 6. Liquid Bio fertilizers….
  7. 7. During Krushimahotsav 2010 and 2011 for each year supplied @ 1 LAKH BOTTLES(to distribute among farmers as Krushi kit in 18,000 villages of Gujarat. This is a novel approachof successful TOT from lab to land. This being a new technology to Indian agriculture haspromise to balance many shortcomings of chemical fertilizers curtailing cost of cultivation in crops FEED BACK ON USE OF THIS BIOFERTILIZERS BY FARMERS RECEIVED FROM GANDHINAGAR SHOWED YIELD INCRESASE FROM 10 TO 20 %
  8. 8. Anubhav Liquid Biofertilizers• Low cost, easy to use, reduced cultivation cost• A single unit can produce several strains• CB Ratio : 1:4• Retail Price : Rs. 100-150 per litre• Capacity: 7lac liters per year• Cost of tech transfer: Rs. 15 lacs for corporate and 10 lacs for cooperatives and NGOs• Tech available for Azotobacter and Phosphate Culture• Investment Rs. 50 lacs to 1 cr. 8
  9. 9. Biodiesel…
  10. 10. Value chain of Jatropha processing for Biodiesel Production Jatropha Plantation husk DEHULLING Bark Fruits Leaves Oil Cake Oil expeller •Biogas •Organic manure •Biopesticides De-capsulation •Protein isolation Jatropha Oil •Detoxified cattlefeed Shell Jatropha Seeds Trans esterification Briquettin •Fuel g • Lubricant Glycerol •Illumination BiodieselBiomass Gasification •medicinal • Glycerin •Fuel •Polymer •Fuel •Soap •CandlesFPT BE Anand
  11. 11. Anubhav seeds…
  12. 12. AAU Mega Seed ProjectLead Scientist : Dr J A Patel, Plant BreederLAUNCHED ANUBHAV SEEDS since 2008 in marketCereals:Wheat, GW496; Rice, Gurjari (GR11);Maize, GM3etc.. (4846 q/y)Pulses: Green gram, GG2,Chickpea, Guj 1,Pigeon pea,BDN2, GT 100 etc (300 q/y)Fodder: Anand Rajka, Sorgham (fodder), Oat (598 q/y)Vegetables- Chilly, Brinjal, Okra and Cowpea (97.5 q/y)Cash crops: Cotton, Tobacco, Banana (243 q/y)Horticultural plants, grafts, seedlings (1.38 L nos.)
  13. 13. Tissue culture…
  14. 14. Tissue culture in Date Palm• Market 7 lac plants/yr• Unique protocol• Market Price of plants:Pre hardened: Rs. 1200Primary hardened:Rs. 1700Secondary hardened:Rs. 2000Cost of tech tran.: Rs. 40 lInvestment: Rs. 75 lTissue culture of Banana, 16 Papaya, Stevia, Jatropha
  15. 15. Probiotics for dairy products…. DAIRY STARTER CULTURES, PROBIOTICS AND PROBIOTIC LASSI. •Streptococcus thermophilus MD2 •Streptococcus thermophilus MD8 •Lactobacilus acidophilus V3 •Lactobacilus acidophilus V4
  16. 16. Under the Niche area of excellence on synbiotics,formulations for synbiotic dahi and other products in the formof raita blended with cucumber, tomato, banana and sapotaare being developed.Technology for manufacture of “Probiotic Lassi”has been developed and sold to Malabar RegionalCooperative Federation, MILMA, Calicut, Kerala with thehelp of SASNET-Fermented Foods.
  17. 17. Pro-biotic Lactic Cultures for Dairy• Cost of tech transfer: Rs. 1 lac+ royalty on net sales.• Investments: Varies• Patent: In process• Technology available for Probiotic Lassi• Cultures available for other products• Sudha Calci Probiotic Food tech licensed to Patna Dairy 19
  18. 18. Continuous Basundi making machine…
  19. 19. Continuous basundi making machine• Cost of tech transfer: Rs. 5 lacs• Cost of machine: Rs. 15 lacs• Shelf life (Basundi): 15 days (frozen )• Demand: Hotels, Retail outlets, Sweet shops, marriages, festivals and other functions 21
  20. 20. Twin Cylinder Scrapped Surface Heat Exchanger• Used for making Indigenous Milk Products (Basundi, Kulfi mix, Kheer, Khoa, Peda, Thabdi, Burfi, Gajar Halwa, Dudhi Halwa etc.) can be manufactured using the same single machine.• Also provided with skid mounted plate heat exchanger to preheat milk before feeding to the SSHE.• Cost of machine=Rs. 15 l• Tech fee=Rs. 5 l 22
  21. 21. Protocol Development and commercial launch of Dairy Products 2011 Launching of Kulfi Launching of Halwasan 23 Cont. Launching of Sandesh
  22. 22. Dietetic Frozen Desserts• Low calorie, low fat dessert• Best for diabetics and heart patients• High calcium content• Cost of tech transfer: Rs. 5 l• Investment: 15 l (plant)• Area: 700 sq. ft. (min.) 24
  23. 23. Area specific mineral mixtures for live stock..
  24. 24. Protocol Development and commercial launch of Animal Mineral Mixture 15/08/2011 Launching of Area Specific Mineral Mixture Plant & Product 26
  25. 25. Area specific mineral mixtures for livestock• Area: 1000 sq. ft.• Capacity: one tonne/day• Cost of tech transfer: Rs. 2 lac + royalty• Unit output cost: Rs. 40 /kg sale price Rs. 60 to 65• Few players: Cooperatives and private 27
  26. 26. Other technologies• Multi Utility Elevator Platform• Aonla Shredding cum stone extracting machine• Tomato/lime seed extractor 28
  27. 27. Success Stories from AAU Liquid Biofertilizer Technology1. Commercialized Liquid Bio-fertilizer Technology to Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals (GSFC) Limited, Vadodara2. Commercialized to Liquid Bio-fertilizer Technology Kemrock Agritech, Vadodara3. Commercialized to Liquid to Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited, Ahmedabad
  28. 28. • Provided Consultancy Services to Marshall Breeders, Nasik for the establishment of World Class Animal Biotech Research Centre. The centre got DSIR certification.• Provided consultancy services to Shree Nijanand Dairy farm for paneer making from cow milk. The entrepreneur is now getting 20% paneer recovery over 12 % with this improved process.
  29. 29. Tech transfer conditions• Technology will be licensed on non exclusive basis.• The client has to use the phrase “ a technology by AAU, Anand” on the product packing.• Training of technocrats (one to two) company technicians/scientists for the production process at AAU for 15 to 20 days.• Environment and other safety certifications are to be acquired by company from government for production. Any kind of tax liability will be the responsibility of client.• This agreement will be subject to revision, renewal and / or cancellation by mutual written consent of both the parties only.• The legal matter if any will be resolved under Anand District Jurisdictions only. 31
  30. 30. Steps in tech transfer• Application for technology licensing on the prescribed format.• Non Disclosure Agreement /Confidential Disclosure Agreement• Demonstration(Lab/ plant visit at AAU)• Terms of reference• MoU for tech transfer and payments• Commercialization• Monitoring and watch• Graduation-if required• Impact assessment 32
  31. 31. Future Business Opportunity Identification in Agriculture• Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering• Food Processing• Agri inputs• Agri exports• Agri supply chains• Support services –product testing, certification, lab services etc• Animal Health and Dairy• Consultancy etc
  32. 32. Everything else can melt but not AgricultureGrab the opportunity before any one else does Finance Retail Procurement Services Insurance Banking 34
  33. 33. Rajababu V. Vyas , Research Scientist:(O) 02692-260211,225813,14 Fax: 02692-260211, 261076 Email:,