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Business incubation opportunities through BPD/agri incubator


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Business incubators play a vital role in supporting ventures by providing a host of services. This exclusive session for entrepreneurs will detail successful incubatee case studies, how incubators accelerate growth of the venture and how it can help in nurturing innovations.

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Business incubation opportunities through BPD/agri incubator

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2.  To stimulate technology development and transfer between ZTM-BPD and entrepreneurs for commercialization of technologies To act as a catalyst in conversion of Technology naive original innovative research ideas Commercialization into commercial ventures Technology refinement, up-scaling, Business promoting public private partnerships Incubation and start-up companies for technology Entrepreneurship Intellectual Development Property led venture creation. Management
  3. 3. Business • To develop business policy and planning for commercialization of technologies Development • Building strong research partnerships with industry in and outside India.Entrepreneurship • Creating entrepreneurial abilities. • Technology transfer to resource constrained farmers development • Technology transfer to small and medium enterprises • Promote international collaborative initiatives that will leverage the strength of the NARS and Private Enterprise resourcesBusiness Interface • Encourage researchers, commercial partners and technology disseminators through appropriate revenue sharing and reward mechanisms. • Technology transfer to large commercial enterprises through structured licensing Technology and sponsored research programs to ensure technology-led venture creation. • Augmenting capital investment and infrastructure through public – privatecommercialization partnerships (PPPs) for sustainable enterprise development and economic growth. • Undertake international, national, regional and local communication Networking and outreach efforts
  4. 4. • Technology profiling1. • Technology selection and assessment • Market analysis2. • Need assessment/competitor analysis • Segmentation3. • Targeting • Positioning4. • Customer database preparation • Communication of our technologies and services at every possible platform5. • Networking with all the stakeholders in value chain6. • Implementation/licensing
  5. 5. Technology Commercialization so far….Technologies Commercialized to Date of Technol Royalty Service commercializ ogy fees rate tax ation (Rs)PPR vaccine M/s Hester Biosciences March 08, 23 3.5% 10.3% Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad 2011 LakhsGoat Pox M/s Hester Biosciences March 08, 11 3.5% 10.3%Vaccine Pvt. Ltd , Ahmedabad 2011 LakhsArea Specific M/s Margadrashak June 27, 2011 5 Lakhs 3.5% 10.3%Mineral CommunityMixture Development and Consulting Services Ltd, Lucknow
  6. 6. Technologies Commercialized Date Technology Royalty to fees (Rs) rateUrea M/s Margadrashak June 27, 2011 2 Lakhs 3.5%Molasses CommunityMineral Development andblock Consulting Services Ltd, LucknowFunctional M/s Anshika Pvt. June 29, 2010 Lumpsum of Rs. 20,000/-Chicken Ltd, BareillyNuggetsPPR M/s Intervet, August25, 2011 Lumpsum of Rs. 500,000/-Hybridoma Pune
  7. 7. Commercialization of PPR and Goat Pox vaccine to “ M/s Hester Biosciences Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad” MoU signed between IVRI Izatnagar and Hester Biosciences, Ahmadabad for commercialization of technologies of PPR and Goat Pox Vaccine on March 08, 2011
  8. 8. Commercialization of ASMM and UMMBMoU signed between IVRI and M/s Margdarshak Social Projects and Consulting Pvt.Ltd., Lucknow for commercialization of technologies of Urea Molasses Mineral Block and Area Specific Mineral Mixture on 27th June, 2011
  9. 9. Technology Commercialization of “Functional Chicken Nuggets”First technology commercialized by ZTM-BPD Unit (ICAR North Zone II)Commercialized to M/s AnshikaEnterprises, Bareilly at Rs. 20,000/- on June20, 2010
  10. 10. Contract Research of Rs 1.71 Crwith M/s Pfizer Animal Health, Pune Business Opportunity Workshop (8th July,2010) followed by ICAR- Industry Meet Lead generation like Pfizer Animal Health Contract research with Pfizer on FMD Vaccine in December , 2010 (Rs 1.71 Cr)
  11. 11. Consultancy Project with CARD for establishment of Frozen Semen bank MoU signed between CARD and IVRI, Izatnagar for consultancy Service regarding establishment of Frozen semen bank in eastern UP.
  12. 12. Entrepreneurship Development Entrepreneurship Development Internal External Potential entrepreneurs in Scientists Students livestock, agriculture and fisheries
  13. 13. Name Area of interestMr. Manujendra Singh, Pilibhit Commercial Dairy farming and processing unitMr. Brijesh Mishra, Deoria Dairy FarmingMr. Lalit Sharma, Bareilly Commercial Goat farmingMr. Sumit Saraswat, Bareilly Commercial Dairy farming and processing unitSociety for technology & Animal Husbandrydevelopment(NGO),ShimlaMr. Mansoor Azam, Bareilly Value added meat productsMr. Mohd. Farhan, Badaun Commercial Goat farmingDr. Laxmikant, Faizabad Commercial Goat farming & Quail farmingMr. Gurbhag Singh , Pilibhit Turmeric processing plant, agricultural technologies of IISRMr. Aslam Javed , Bareilly Commercial Goat farming
  14. 14. Name Area of interestM/s Rakesh Pharmaceuticals, Contract Research for clinicalAhmedabad validation of herbal galactogogueM/s Vinayak Ingredients, Animal nutrition technologiesMumbaiM/s Margdarshak Nutritional technologies, agricultureCommunity Development technologies, value added meat andand Consulting Services Ltd, milk productsLucknowM/s Sainath Avian Specialties Quail farmingHyderabadM/s Guru Soya Foods Pvt. Soya products for animal nutritionLtd. ,Bareilly
  15. 15. Support provided to Incubatees Technical support along with financial support of Rs. 10 Lakh has been mobilized to Mr. Manujendra Singh Mobilization of fund worth Rs. 1.25 crore from investors forum on March 9 ,2011to M/s Payas Dairy is under process Mobilization of fund worth Rs. 50.00 lakhs from investors forum on March 9 ,2011to Mr. Gurbhag Singh for Turmeric farming is under process Capacity Building programme of incubates Mr. Lalit Sharma, Mr. Farhan and Dr. Laxmikant on Commercial Goat farming has been provided at our member institute in the zone i.e. CIRG, Makdoom. Capacity building programme on Quail farming was facilitated to Mr. Rupesh and Mr. Narayan Rao from Hyderabad
  16. 16. Business Incubation“ First Veterinary Business Incubator in the world” 1. Animal Nutrition 2. Animal reproduction 3. Medicine 4. Vermi Biotechnology 5. Livestock Products Technology 6. Animal Biotechnology Division 7. Bacteriology & Microbiology 8. Veterinary Public health 9. Biological products 10. ATIC 11. Livestock Production management 12. Referral veterinary Polyclinic 13. IVRI Campus Bangalore 14. IVRI Campus Mukteshwar
  17. 17. Incubator Laboratories establishment
  18. 18. Ist Functional VBIL at IVRI Facilitated capacity building programme and demonstration of thepreparation of various meat products to MSc ( Food Technology) students of University of Allahabad through the business incubator laboratory at Livestock Products Technology Division, IVRI
  19. 19. Development in Intellectual Property Management Non credit course on “Intellectual Property and Technology Management”(IPTM-401) Fortnight information bulletin on Intellectual Property Rights and named it asIntellectual Property Awareness Campaign Regular updating of IP database of ICAR NZ II with the help of Patent OfficeInformation Retrieval System Total patent application filed = 54 Total Copyright applications = 7 Design filed during 2011-12 =4
  20. 20. Revenue generated so far…Incubation membership fees Corporate houses – Rs1.25000 lakh ( 5 Corporate Houses) Entrepreneurs- Rs 0.37000 lakh (10 Entrepreneurs)Technology transfer- Rs 37.50200 lakhs (PPR and Goat Pox vaccine) Rs 7.72100 lakh (ASMM+UMMB) Rs 0.20000 lakh(Chicken Nuggets) Rs 5.00000 lakh (PPR hybridoma)VBIL- Rs 0.40000 lakhEDW and trainings- Rs 0.13346 lakhContract research - Rs 171.00000 lakhs (FMD Vaccine)TOTAL Rs.223.52646 lakhs
  21. 21. Technology Business Query Amount (in Rs.) 2( Brilliant Bio Pharma Ltd. ,Hyderabad & rucella abortus cotton strain-19 vaccine 50,00,000.00 Vivimed Labs Ltd., Hyderabad ) 2(Brilliant Bio Pharma Ltd. ,Hyderabad & MSD Animal rucella Melitensis vaccine 1,00,000.00 Health , Pune)ive attenuated homologous peste des petits 2(Brilliant Bio Pharma Ltd. ,Hyderabad & Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals ,Bangalore) 46,00,000.00uminants (PPR) vaccine 3(Brilliant Bio Pharma Ltd. ,Hyderabad , MSD Animal ero cell based Sheep Pox vaccine Health ,Pune & Institute of Animal Health & Veterinary 30,00,000.00 Biologicals ,Bangalore) lassical swine fever virus cell culture 3(Brilliant Bio Pharma Ltd. ,Hyderabad , MSD Animal Health , Pune & Indian Immunological Ltd. Hyderabad) 60,00,000.00 accine 4(MSD Animal Health , Pune , Indian Immunological Ltd. Hyderabad, Vivimed Labs Ltd., Hyderabad & ero cell based Goat Pox vaccine 44,00,000.00 Institute of Animal Health & Veterinary Biologicals ,Bangalore)Multiple emulsion HS vaccine 1(Vivimed Labs Ltd., Hyderabad ) 10,00,000.00 ecombinant antigen (VP7 protein) based 1(Vivimed Labs Ltd., Hyderabad )ndirect ELISA blue tongue antibody 3,00,000.00 etection kit
  22. 22. The Revenue facilitation through ZTM-BPD Unit will be approximately more than Rs. 5 crores (presently generated Rs.Self Sustainability 2.23 Cr + Rs.2.44 Cr through 8 technology transfer & Rs.0.48 Cr through 4 Contract Research Projects are in pipeline). If 20-25% of the Revenue facilitation through ZTM-BPD Unit , which will be approximately more than Rs.1crores, may be allocated to the Unit as a source of funding for next financial year, the Unit will self sustain itself in due course of time.
  23. 23. Technology Commercialization is done for 15 years and thisTechnology Commercialization transfer has three steps:  MoU signing  SOP & Know-how transfer  Royalty realization from Commercial production up to 15 years Support for Constant follow-up by Independent Unit for royalty generated through Commercial production up to 15 years by Commercialized technology is very much required.
  24. 24.  5 Corporate Organization as Life Members are associated with ZTM-BPD unit  Further 5 Multi National Companies are interested as Life Members with theEntrepreneurship Unit. Development  The liaison maintained with 10 Corporate Members cant be discontinued abruptly “untapped potential of entrepreneurship development and technology commercialization is available at the Research Institute which requires constant follow-up & association.” Business Incubation Business Incubation concept itself requires optimum time-frame of 3-6 years for development, As Unit was established in 2009, this concept was in its conceptual stage for 2 years. Now it will definitely require another 2 years for its nurturing, growth and fulfillment of the objectives.
  25. 25.  Technologies commercialized : 6 ( + 8 in final stage) Registered Member :10 Annual & 5 Life time Corporate members (5 more Corporate membership in process) Contract Research: 1 Contract Research signed with Pfizer on FMD vaccine (4 projects of Rs 48 lakhs in pipeline ) Revenue Generated: Rs 223.52 lakhs (appx.Rs 244.00 lakhs are in pipeline) Intellectual Property Management: Year Patent Copyright Design 2011-12 11 5 4 2010-11 18 2 - 2009-10 25 - - Entrepreneurship development : ◦ Direct :15 ◦ Indirect :164