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Tata Nano: Erasing A Negative Perspective (Advertising)

• Tata Nano (Automobile Manufacturer) Marketing Mistakes
• Negative Perception - Fall in Sales
• Corrective Marketing & Promotion Plan
• Indentifying Target Audience
• 2 Advertisement Screenplays
• 2 Print Advertisements

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Tata Nano: Erasing A Negative Perspective (Advertising)

  1. 1. Presented byAbhizar Bootwala - 105Sameera Bootwala - 106Joseph Nadar - 148 © Abhizar Bootwala
  2. 2. The Nightmare Nano Sales June-Nov 2010 Tata Nano On fire June 7704 July 9000 August 8103September 5520 October 3065November 509 © Abhizar Bootwala
  3. 3. Why Did This Happen? Is it the car? • Spacious and comfortable • Drives smoothly • Easy to park & fuel efficient Is it the manufacturer? • Tata is the most reputed corporate house in India • Excellent track record of customer satisfaction & trust • India’s largest automaker in terms of turnover Is it the competition? • There is no four-wheeler in that price range which can compete with the Nano • The Tata Nano is in a league of its own © Abhizar Bootwala
  4. 4. ResearchSurvey was done via questionnaire method to find out 2 key aspects.1. Dealers perception of Tata Nano2. Car Owners perception of Tata NanoBoth samples were briefed about the current scenario of Tata Nano and were asked to express the views regarding the same. © Abhizar Bootwala
  5. 5. Key FindingsPositioning & Lack of financing Waiting period and Safety Issues Perception options unavailability of spare parts Banks unwilling to Lack of Six Nano cars have lend to most low- long waiting period attractiveness been gutted so far income customers in various parts of on concerns of the country default Unavailability of spare Middle class parts due to shifting of not interested Tata Motors has vendors from Dealers claim 9 out of recalled cars to add Pantnagar to Sanand every 10 prospective safety devices to customer are also Glamour and prevent the vehicles shopping for a loan hype of the from catching fire People still think the Nano gone Nano is sold through the down booking process, which This is playing on Rate of interest makes them believe the minds of charged for Nano there will be a long Cheap image prospective loans is almost waiting period associated with customers double the rate on the car other car loans © Abhizar Bootwala
  6. 6. Communication ObjectivePosition the brand to make it moreappealing to the middle class. This would also have an Impact on the lower classes in terms of desirability Present the Nano as utility car both for working professionals as well as families Highlight ease of drive in the city & Eco- friendly nature of the car © Abhizar Bootwala
  7. 7. Target Audience Working Professionals Nuclear families • Steady source of income • The family of today Profile & • Commuting daily to work Profile & • Working Parents Behavior • Tired of ever increasing Behavior • 1-2 Kids & Frequent outings traffic & fuel prices with family Level of • Very high Level of • Medium - High • Updated with latestawareness & trends awareness & • Educated knowledge • Well educated knowledge • Sharing Information Preferred Preferred • Television • Televisionmethods for • Internet methods for • Newspapers & Magazines receiving • Newspapers & magazines receiving • Internetinformation information © Abhizar Bootwala
  8. 8. Media Mix Print: NewspapersTelevision & Radio & Magazines Mix Online: Social Public Relations & Media & Blogs Outdoor Hoardings © Abhizar Bootwala
  9. 9. TV Commercial - IScene 1 – Boss’s Typical Morning routineBoss gets ready for He looks at the fuel He fills expensive fuel He gets stuck in traffic office meter - empty He shows his He is angry in office Suddenly he looks at a frustration on the road calm & cool employee © Abhizar Bootwala
  10. 10. TV Commercial - IScene 2 - He starts to think the reasonsBootwala employee is so calm and cool © Abhizar why this
  11. 11. TV Commercial - IScene 3 – Employee’s Typical Morning routineEmployee gets Sees his Nano Fuel Full He’s Feeling ready in parking good already He Zips Enjoying the Happy in office through traffic drive © Abhizar Bootwala
  12. 12. TV Commercial - I Final Scene © Abhizar Bootwala
  13. 13. TV Commercial - IIScene 1 Family of 4 Get in their Drop kids to Nano school He drops his He goes to wife to work work © Abhizar Bootwala
  14. 14. TV Commercial - IIScene 2 Children are Wife is sad at Even the sad in school work Husband is sad Everyone’s Suddenly the eyeing the clock smiles are back © Abhizar Bootwala
  15. 15. TV Commercial - IIScene 3 As the Nano is back They go to the Go shopping to pick them up beach Go for a movie Sun is setting & its time to go home © Abhizar Bootwala
  16. 16. TV Commercial - IIScene 4 And the Smiles fade Just as they reach Change of plans as away home they take a U Turn And everyone cheers As the drive into the sunset in their beloved Tata Nano © Abhizar Bootwala
  17. 17. TV Commercial - IIFinal Scene © Abhizar Bootwala
  18. 18. Print & Hoarding Ad Concept- IOffers the best mileage in the 4 wheeler segment in Indian Conditions © Abhizar Bootwala
  19. 19. Print & Hoarding Ad Concept- II © Abhizar Bootwala
  20. 20. Sales Promotion Offer First Time Ever “Bike Do Aur Car Lo” 4 wheels in exchange for 2 That’s right bring your old 2 wheeler and take home a brand new Tata Nano An exchange offer like never beforeWe will exchange your 2 wheeler and slash the price of it on your new Tata Nano. © Abhizar Bootwala
  21. 21. Media Plan BengaluruAhmedabad Mumbai Pune Delhi © Abhizar Bootwala
  22. 22. Television Hindi Entertainment English Entertainment Movie Channels Movie Channels Hindi English Channels & Lifestyle channels• Discovery Channel • Discovery Channel • Star Gold • Star Movies• Travel & Living • Travel & Living • Zee Cinema • HBO• AXN • AXN • Filmy • Pix• Star World • Star World • Set Max • Z Studio• Z Café • Z Café Hindi News English News Channels Channels • Aaj Tak • Times Now • Star News • Cnn Ibn • Zee News • Head lines Today • India TV • CNBC © Abhizar Bootwala
  23. 23. Print Times Of India Hindustan Times Newspapers The Hindu DNAPrint Ads Dainik Bhaskar Autocar Magazines Overdrive Car India © Abhizar Bootwala
  24. 24. Hoarding LocationsCommercial DistrictsHighwaysPicnic & Family Recreation SpotsBus StopsRailway Stations © Abhizar Bootwala
  25. 25. Online• Direct Marketing © Abhizar Bootwala
  26. 26. Expected Results Change the Want them to know Want them to feelperception of the that Tata Nano is the Classy, Safe & ProudTarget Audience car for both work and of the Tata Nanoabout Tata Nano pleasure Action: Drop everything and book a Tata Nano © Abhizar Bootwala
  27. 27. Thank You © Abhizar Bootwala