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Digital media plan_theme_amusement_park


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A brief digital media / marketing plan for amusement theme parks & attractions.

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Digital media plan_theme_amusement_park

  1. 1. Digital Media Plan SEO | SMO | SEM | Brief Digital Media & Marketing Plan for Theme Parks & Amusement Parks
  2. 2. • Toincrease engagement of social media activities to reward and stimulate the existing/current online community and fans • Elevate the park’s online presence via partner promotions, collaborations with other major websites and exploring mobile initiatives • Toroll‐out with highly engaging social media campaigns during the low‐peak periods (weekends & pre & post school holidays) • Execute promotional activities during this period via discounts, personalized offers & contests. • Tosustain momentum and awareness via online media buys (banner ads, partner sites etc.) during the peak periods Digital Media Objectives
  3. 3. Digital Marketing Assets • SEO strategy • Widgets • E‐newsletters • Mobile ticketing • Youtube – dedicated .tv channel • Tripadvisor – encourage positive customer comment • Self‐guides tours (mobile web and native apps)
  4. 4. Digital Marketing Assets • Database Marketing and Cross Promotion • Loyalty Program and Customer Relationships • Engaged Visitors (Exciting and Fun Interactive Experiences) • Update (Live Social Media Wall) • Social Media Monitoring, Marketing and Measurement • Centralised Content Management
  5. 5. One of Park’s Biggest Assets Your Attraction Tickets!
  6. 6. • Facebook – Connect and converse ‐ Apps to drive marketing campaigns, events and programs ‐ Leveraging guests social media usage for marketing – Facebook check-in status update at park & reviews • Twitter – Communicate ‐ Utilize this tool of real‐time communication to drive “special” time‐sensitive sales ‐ Drive and reward our followers on twitter with free/discounted tickets during off-season • Website – Online ticket bookings, utilizing blog for media coverage & storytelling • Email and E‐newsletter – Contact ‐ Campaign specific offers Key Focuses
  7. 7. Mobile Ticketing • Supports info search and purchase convenience • Tap into growing consumer trend of search and transaction on mobile devices • Assists way‐finding of parks
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization Strategies • Leverage public relations and offsite content to boost your web presence. • Use Paid search ads + search engine optimization (SEO) to own more of the search engine results page. • Optimize website for local semantic markup • For blog & website, focus on creating useful, relevant content that uses long-tail and geo-modified keywords(keyword + location) and publish it on a regular basis. • Should be entirely mobile responsive website • Business Submission on local directories like: Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp,
  9. 9. Search Engine Marketing Strategies • Geo-Targeting by city name or radius for nearby areas • Make Contact Information Prevalent with Location and Call Extensions
  10. 10. Search Engine Marketing • Create Call-Only Campaigns for B2B targeted keywords
  11. 11. Advanced Strategies • A virtual 3-D tour of park on website • Making families visit park frequently is a major challenge. Offering personalized offer will encourage them. • Social media efforts in conjunction with PR initiatives to maximize executions, as well as engages audiences on Trip Advisor and Twitter. • multi-day tickets to enable guests to come back
  12. 12. An Example of Social Media Campaign Using Park Asset 4 tickets: $120 In return: • Facebook posting on station with 30,000+ likes • On Air Exposure • Website Exposure • 941 Comments • 206 Likes Ticket Giveaway
  13. 13. Want a detailed plan for Theme Park? Get in Touch: Abhishek Tripathi, Email: Facebook: Twitter Handle: raj2abhi