Interrobang?! General quiz prelims by IIM Indore quiz club


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Inhouse Quiz held in August 2011

Interrobang?! General quiz prelims by IIM Indore quiz club

  1. 1. IIM Indore Quiz Club Presents Interrobang?! A quiz on anythingRules: and everything!1. Teams of up to 3 members2. Bring a pen.3. No prior registration Details: required. Date - 27th Aug By Abhishek Upadhya Anup Jha Rameen Khan Abhishek Pai Abhimanyu Malhotra
  2. 2. RULES Teams of up to 3 members. Use of mobile phones, and any other Internet connectivity devices during the duration of this quiz, is strictly discouraged, at risk of disqualification. So is collaborative efforts with people not belonging to your team.  Top 6 teams qualify for the finals. Write your names and team names on the answer sheet. Starred questions will be used to arbitrate ties (more stars win): no. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30. Mentioned on the slides. Please mark them on the answer sheet. Quizmasters’ decisions are final.
  3. 3. QUESTIONS – CITATION DISCLAIMER Most questions are ours. Some are not. Those that are not - have been ( to the best of our knowledge), reproduced with permission. Prominent sources include KQA quizzes ( Thejaswi Udupa, Kaustubha, Navin) and RV Quizcorp quizzes ( Sneha, Soda et al ). These questions have been used for the purposes of an inhouse quiz only. In case your question has figured in our quiz, we sincerely thank you for your help. We definitely loved the idea/framing/funda behind it.
  4. 4. 1. Sometimes a person is humorously said to sufferfrom RAS syndrome. Usage commentators considerthem as poor style and an error to be avoided inwriting, though they are common in speech. The termRAS syndrome is itself intentionally „R and thus is anexample of self-referential humour.Eg. ATM Machine, PIN number, HIV VirusWhat is RAS Syndrome?
  5. 5.  Answers Follow
  6. 6. 1. Redundant Acronym Syndrome
  7. 7. 2. Identify the significance of the map that follows inthe next slide.• Legend: Top colour is the highest value, bottom isthe lowest.• Look at the timeline, and the colours of certaincountries.
  8. 8.  Answers Follow
  9. 9. 2. Recently revised standard & poors credit ratings...If you see, USA has been downgraded from AAA toAA+
  10. 10. 3. The rediscovered recipe includes extract of cocaleaves, caffeine, plenty of sugar (it specifies 30unidentified units thought to be pounds), lime juice,vanilla and caramel. Into that syrup, the all-important______ flavourings are added: alcohol and six oils –orange, lemon, nutmeg, coriander, neroli andcinnamon.Recipe for what? What has been blanked out?
  11. 11.  Answers Follow
  12. 12. 3. Coke‟s secret formula. Merchandise 7x flavourings
  13. 13. 4. Bollywood popculture When W was contacted to comment on a recentwidespread rumour, she said, “I am NOT yet ready tomake a wedding album; I am busy making dirtypictures at the moment."W? This is a tribute to which yesteryear heartthrob?
  14. 14.  Answers Follow
  15. 15. 4. W - Vidya Balan.Her new film „Dirty Pictures‟ is atribute to Silk Smitha 
  16. 16. 5*.Give funda for these series of images. What ishappening?
  17. 17.  Answers Follow
  18. 18. 5*.Aus vs NZ first T20, McGrath got a red card forattempting to bowl underarm.Remembering Trevor Chappell‟s 1981 infamousunderam bowling incident.
  19. 19. 6.D.Udaya Kumar pursued his doctoral studies atIDC,IIT Bombay(2010). Udaya received hismaster’s degree, M.Des in VisualCommunication from IDC, IIT Bombay(2003)and bachelor’s degree in architecture, B.Archfrom the School of Architecture andPlanning(SAP) at Anna University,Chennai(2001).His areas of interest include graphic design,typography, type design and design researchwith special focus on Tamil typography.What is his claim to fame ?
  20. 20.  Answers Follow
  21. 21. 6.
  22. 22. 7. The book “Wide Angle – Candid moments frommy playing days” is a coffee table book illustrating theauthor‟s passions of photography and wildlife.Chapters include Formative days, the big league,land of isles, African adventure, wildlife passion etc.Who wrote this book?Clue: The question has been selectively underlined foremphasis.
  23. 23.  Answers Follow
  24. 24. 7.
  25. 25. 8.X is a game of probability. The American versionhas a success probability of 1/38 for a bet thatis placed on 1 field.The European version has a success probabilityof 1/37. However another "variant” of this gameensures a much higher “success rate” with theprobability of it being 1/6.Give me the game and the variant. (1 point each) An epic scene from Sholay is a clue 
  26. 26.  Answers Follow
  27. 27. 8. Roulette. Russian Roulette. “Teeno Bach Gaye”scene.
  28. 28. 8.
  29. 29. 9. Which enterprise/online store?It is a Bangalore-based online retail store andhas been repeatedly referred to as “India’sanswer to _______.”Two IIT Delhi graduates - Binny Bansal andSachin Bansal, started this enterprise in 2007.“We noticed that most online e-commerceplayers in India didn’t get even the basics right.Our customers can trust us. We provide themsatisfaction and unmatched usability”, saysBinny.
  30. 30.  Answers Follow
  31. 31. 9.
  32. 32. 10*.This chaps thoughts on the dating scene in SocialNetworking sites, and why they would not be interestingfor investors.Paraphrased :" With a dating site, there are two possibilities. The usergets a date, and stops visiting our site. Or the user doesntget a date, gets disappointed, and stops visiting our site.Either way the user-engagement stops."" But with X, were assured that the user will continue touse our site, even after receiving initial benefits, since ithas a valid use for many years, and will remaining asvaluable background information about the person".X?
  33. 33.  Answers Follow
  34. 34. 10*.Reid Hoffman talking about LinkedIn
  35. 35.  Whose ad is this? [ we‟ve blanked out only the11. square ]
  36. 36.  Answers Follow
  37. 37. WWF, World Wildlife Federation‟s ad.11. Based on the MGM logo with the lion.
  38. 38. 12. Sitter ! What did he invent?
  39. 39.  Answers Follow
  40. 40. 12. Post-It Notes‟ co-creator – Arthur Fry
  41. 41. 13. What does this xkcd comic strip talk about? Or ,Fill in the blanks 
  42. 42.  Answers Follow
  43. 43. 13. Roadrunner.
  44. 44. 14. What is the subject matter of the Indian comic stripshown in the next slide?
  45. 45.  Answers Follow
  46. 46. 14. Savita Bhabhi.
  47. 47. 15*.Ok, slightly shady question. Excuse in advanceIn the first week of February 2009, Nisha Susan,a journalist working for Tehelka magazinestarted a Facebook group in protest tosomething that happened in the state. Whathappened over the next week became anunprecedented movement, one of the mosteffective nonviolent movements in contemporaryIndia. “Let’s give them some Love” one messagesaid. What was this campaign?
  48. 48.  Answers Follow
  49. 49. 15*.The Pink Chaddi Campaign.
  50. 50. 16. It‟s been said that X was named after a room at CERN (if youread about Tim Berners-Lee, you‟ll know that that‟s where theweb began) where the original web servers were located.However, Tom S. tells us: “Having visited CERN myself, I can tell you that Room X is noton the fourth floor – the CERN office numbering system doesn‟twork like that – the first digit usually refers to the *building*number (ie. building 4), and the second two to the office number.But, strangely, there is no room “__″ in building “4″, the officesstart at “410″ and work upwards – don‟t ask me why. Sorry to disappoint you all, but there is no Room X in CERN –it simply doesn‟t exist, and certainly hasn‟t been preserved as“the place where the web began”. In fact, there *is* a displayabout this, including a model of the first NeXT server, but thewhole “Room X″ thing is just a myth.” X?
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  52. 52. 16.Room 404.404 is a HTTP error to indicate that a page couldnot be found
  53. 53. 17. Leonardo Pisa published a book Liber Abaci (Bookof calculation) in 1202. Part of the book wasdedicated to Understanding Indian numerals, but partof it was a textbook of word problems and solutions. One of the problems, rephrased a bit, was “Howmany pairs of rabbits can be produced in a year froma single pair if each pair produces a new pair everymonth, each new pair reproduces starting at the ageof one month, and rabbits never die”. What did thisquestion give rise to?
  54. 54.  Answers Follow
  55. 55. 17.The Fibonacci series. Leonardo Pisa was Fibonacci‟sreal name.
  56. 56. 18. This terms has its origins in prison lingo of the1800s. During the American civil war prisons used tohave lines marking a boundary. Prisoners werewarned that prison guards watching the boundarywould shoot dead anyone who would cross. Whatdreaded term?
  57. 57.  Answers Follow
  58. 58. 18 Deadline 
  59. 59. 19. This fish has a particularly romantic common-name.Stare at its pretty face, and identify the same.
  60. 60.  Answers Follow
  61. 61. 19 Kissing Gouramis / Kissing Fish / Kissers
  62. 62. 20*.Mandatory Indore QuestionX (15 May 1923 – 29 July 2003) is the screen name of anIndian movie comedian, who acted in over 300 movies. Hewas born as Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi in Indore, theson of a mill worker.While issuing tickets as a B.E.S.T. bus conductor,Badruddin used to entertain passengers aboard withsome antics.These antics caught the attention of actor and script-writer Balraj Sahni, and he introduced Badruddin to GuruDutt as a candidate for the role of a comedian.Badruddins screen test consisted of acting as a drunk,and he did it so well that Guru Dutt gave him the screenname, “X", after the famous Scotch whisky brand.X?
  63. 63.  Answers Follow
  64. 64. 20*.Johnny Walker. Audience Question. Id the chick
  65. 65. 21. In his native Northern Ireland, the admiration forhim is summed up by the local saying:  Maradona Good  Pele Better  ______ _______?
  66. 66.  Answers Follow
  67. 67. 21. George Best
  68. 68. 22. This is Pink Floyd‟s song “ Keep Talking” playing.Which famous scientist‟s words can you hear in thebeginning? “ For millions of years mankind lived just like theanimalsThen something happened which unleashed thepower of our imagination.We learned to talk “
  69. 69.  Answers Follow
  70. 70. 22. Stephen Hawking
  71. 71. 23. Edward Teach was born in Bristol in 1688. He setup his practice at Ocracoke, North Carolina in 1717.He was soon acknowledged to be among the fiercest_______ of the time, notorious for his cruelty andgreat physical strength. He was said to have aterrifying appearance with an above average heightand a long beard, tied in thick clumps of blackribbons. He generally wore a holster over his shoulderscarrying three braces of pistols and swinging hiscutlass by the side. His reign of terror finally came toan end in 1718 at the hands of Lieutenant RobertMaynard. Give me the more famous name of Edward Teach
  72. 72.  Answers Follow
  73. 73. 23. BLACKBEARD, widely regarded as the fiercestpirate of all time
  74. 74. 24. Whose childhood image?
  75. 75.  Answers Follow
  76. 76. 24. Rahul Dravid, standing beside a Wall 
  77. 77. 25*. Collaboration by whom and on which work, isdepicted in this fan art shown below?
  78. 78.  Answers Follow
  79. 79. 25*Neil Gaiman, and Terry Pratchett – Good Omens
  80. 80. MINIMALIST POSTER ROUND Question no.26 to 30 are Minimalist posters. These are fan drawn / photoshopped images of popular Hollywood Movies. Some key characteristics ( often only one) of the movie is depicted here. Guess the name for a point each. 30th question is starred.
  81. 81. EXAMPLE.
  82. 82.  Answers Follow
  83. 83. EXAMPLE. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  84. 84. 26.
  85. 85.  Answers Follow
  86. 86. 26. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  87. 87. 27.
  88. 88.  Answers Follow
  89. 89. 27. Reservoir Dogs
  90. 90. 28.
  91. 91.  Answers Follow
  92. 92. 28. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ninja Turtles was considered for points. Mutant Ninjas was not 
  93. 93. 29. Click on the button.
  94. 94.  Answers Follow
  95. 95. 29. Blood Diamond
  96. 96. 30*.
  97. 97.  Answers Follow
  98. 98. 30*. Coffee & Cigarettes
  99. 99. THANK YOU!Please stay back for the Finals.