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Air cargo


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air cargo trasport

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Air cargo

  1. 1. A i r C a r g o Logistics BY: ABHISHEK SINGH RUSHIL PURANIK
  2. 2. introduction Logistics  “Management of the flow and service between point of origin and point of use for satisfying the requirements of customer/businesses.” Air Cargo “using aircrafts and ware housing service for the transport of good quickly from point of origin to point of consumption for satisfying the requirements of customer.” Approximate size of the industry- 8.6bn in 2011 0.2% of the total logistics business.
  3. 3. Air cargo - logistics  Advantages  faster delivery of information.  Tighter control over cargo – less chances of theft and damage  Perishables goods can be transported to longer distance.  Air-freight insurance premium charges are lesser. However, it’s the most costly form of freight service and airlines do not accept goods mentioned in IATA’S Dangerous Goods Regulation(GDR) like explosives, Certain chemicals,etc.