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BCG matrix analysis of SONY corporation, 2015.
BCG matrix meaning, SOny products and product line

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  1. 1. PRESENTED To: Prof. Raj Mahari PRESENTED BY Abhishek Shandilya 14MBA1358 Nancy Sindhwani 14MBA1366 Vikas Chandel 14MBA1376
  2. 2. Background SONY Corporation Founded: May 7, 1946 Founder : Akio Morita Present CEO: Kazuo Hirai Head quarter: Tokyo, Japan The name ‘SONY’ is based on the Latin word Sonus, which means ‘sound’.
  3. 3. Creativity is our essence. We take chances. We exceed expectations. We help dreamers’ dream. VISION
  4. 4. At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfillsyour curiosity. Creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do, is to move you emotionally. BE MOVED MISSION
  5. 5.  Digit camera  LED TVs  DVD Player  PlayStations  Smart Phones  Projectors  Memory Media  Music Player  VAIO Computer  Walkman  CD players  Portable media  Tablets 5
  6. 6.  BCG Growth share matrix developed by Boston consulting group of USA and popularly known as BCG Matrix takes a two dimensional views. I. Industry growth rate. II.Relative market share.
  7. 7. 8
  8. 8.  Stars are the unit with a high market share in a fast growing industry.  Star represent the best profits and growth opportunities in the organizations.  Generates high revenues and also requires huge cash for sustaining the STAR position.  Product is in growth stage.
  9. 9.  They are the business with low growth rate and high market share.  Generating cash more than its requirement which can be used by other units.  Product in maturity Stage.
  10. 10.  Question Marks are the units with low market share in a fast growing industry.  They required large amount of cash to grow their market share. for e.g.: Promotional expenses.  These can be Stars or Dogs
  11. 11.  Dogs often have little future and are big cash drainer on the company.  Generating cash just to BREAK-EVEN. It is a self sustaining unit.  They do not generate any profit for the overall business and hence can be sold off and hired off.  Product is in decline stage, with no chance of revival.  Product may be Repositioned or killed.
  12. 12.  Playstations  LED TVs  Vaio Laptops 14
  13. 13.  Smart Phones (XPERIA)  Projectors  Memory Media 15
  14. 14.  Smart watches  Smart tennis sensor  Rolly 16 ?????
  15. 15.  Walkman  CD players  Robots 17
  16. 16. BE MOVED