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TigerCloud is a high performance, scalable, value packed solution that provides a converged infrastructure for virtual desktops, virtual servers and iSCSI storage. The cloud automation engine offers easy creation and management. TigerCloud also offers business continuity with physical to virtual(P2V) migration, replication and automatic data snapshotting.

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Tiger Cloud Details

  1. 1. Zenith Infotech -Abhishek Padukone Relationship Manager
  2. 2. Agenda1 About Zenith Infotech2 IT as a Service & Cloud Computing3 TigerCloud Overview4 TigerCloud Benefits5 Questions and Answers
  3. 3. About Zenith InfotechChoosing the Right Partnership Founded in the US in 2003  Zenith Partner’s Enjoy: Over 5000 Partners  Excellent Margins Channel Focused  Innovative Product Offerings US and Mumbai based Support  Dedicated Account Management Teams
  4. 4. Opportunity Knocks• Cloud Computing is a wave you can ride • A variety of IT-related services • Enterprise-level features at monthly prices • Reduced user investment• With Zenith: Information Technology-as-a-Service • Utility computing model (pay as you go) • Move CAPEX $ to OPEX $ • Scale up easily
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Sectors Public Clouds - Raise Questions • Ownership and location of data? • Physical security? • Reliant on the Internet? Private Cloud – Have Answers • Equipment/data at client site • Security under your control • You determine network dependencyImprove client retention by providing entire infrastructure
  6. 6. Private Cloud Benefitswith TigerCloud IT Service Provider Customer• Scalable System Architecture • Predictable IT Expenditure• Built-in Business Continuity • Forget hardware lifecycles• Increase Client Retention • Local Support• Built-in alerting and reporting – Less Interruption to Business
  7. 7. What is TigerCloud?• Scalable Architecture • Node-based Infrastructure• For a Private Cloud • You provide IT-as-a-Service• Virtual Workloads • Virtual Servers and Virtual Desktops• Enterprise Features for the SMB • High availability • Integrated business continuity • Disaster recovery • Network Storage• Centralized Management
  8. 8. Virtual Machines• Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisor• Hot P2V Migration Capabilities• Operating Systems • Windows • Linux• VM Templates• Clone VMs and Disks
  9. 9. Workloads• Virtual Machines • Processing done on CPU/Memory • Dedicated Hardware: P Nodes – Purchase from Zenith – Use your own• Scalable Capacity • Pooled across multiple devices – High availability & Redundancy • Specialized Hardware: SCC Nodes• High Performance through Tiered Caching • System & File caching
  10. 10. Business Continuity• Copy on Write Model • Real-time block level mirroring• Snapshots every 15 minutes• Retention Policy by VM/Volume • Retain data up to 3 years• Snapshots can be used for: • File restoration • Rolling back volumes, entire VMs • Creating new VMs
  11. 11. High Speed iSCSI Storage• State-of-the-art iSCSI SAN functionality.• Deployed for primary and/or secondary storage• Easy to Deploy • Wizard based setup• Scalable • 4TB can easily scale to 40TB• Intelligent caching • Provides high, sustainable throughput for provisioned storage
  12. 12. Cloud Management Center • Single Pane of Glass • Centralized Administration • Web-based Interface • Quick provisioning of virtual systems • Removes complexity of… • SAN configuration • RAID management • LUN management and mapping • Hypervisor management • Administrative Tasks • Network Configurations • Monitoring / Alerting
  13. 13. Evaluation Options• 14 Day Test Drive • Access a pre-configured system in our datacenter • Quickly get a feel for what TigerCloud can do for you • Risk Free• Test Virtual Machine creation and management• Observe the robust business continuity features• Experience the speed and efficiency • 14 Day Test Drive Requirements • Have knowledge of general virtualization process • Know how to perform various types of remote access • Know what a VPN is and how to attach (we will give specifics on our setup) • Have a good understanding of IPV4 and subnetting • Windows Server Experience • Windows 7 Experience • Minimum of 8 hours of time over a 14 day period• 30 Day Onsite Evaluation also available• Ordering Portal: https://order.ssocom.net/
  14. 14. Thanks for your AttentionIf you are interested in knowing more:• Existing Zenith partners should contact their account team• If you are not a Zenith partner, visit our website to find out about becoming one: http://www.zenithinfotech.com/en/Resellers.aspx Or drop an email to abhishek.padukone@zenithinfotech.com