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Gp2 lufthansa ppt


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Gp2 lufthansa ppt

  1. 1. By:Abhishek Singh (1508)Dipika bajajNeelesh Srivastva (1540)Rahul Shukla (1550)Love Preet
  2. 2.  Lufthansasregistered office and corporate headquarters is located in Deutz, Cologne, along with its main operations base Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) and its primary traffic hub is at Frankfurt Airport in the Frankfurt am Main with a second hub at the Munich Airport. Lufthansa is known as a founding member of Star Alliance, it is the worlds largest airline alliance, which was formed in the year 1997.
  3. 3.  The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is an international industry trade group of airlines headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where the International Civil Aviation Organization is also headquartered. The executive offices are at the Geneva Airport in Switzerland
  4. 4.  ATAs mission is to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry. IATA represents some 240 airlines comprising 84% of scheduled international air traffic.[1] The Director General and Chief Executive Officer is Tony Tyler. Currently, IATA is present in over 150 countries covered through 101 offices around the globe. IATA was formed on 19 April 1945, in Havana, Cuba.
  5. 5. . At its founding, IATA had 57 members from 31 nations, mostly in Europe and North America. Today it has about 240 members from more than 140 nations in every part of the world. The main aim of IATA is to provide safe and secure transportation to its passengers.
  6. 6.  IATA consists of the Office of the Director General and Chief Executive Officer, Tony Tyler: Human Capital Guido Gianasso Environment Paul Steele Communications Anthony Concil Chief Economist Brian Pearce Legal Services Gary Doernhoefer Audit Services Frank Di Stefano plus five major divisions: Corporate Services Ayaz Hussain Industry Distribution and Financial Services Aleks Popovich Marketing and Commercial Services Mark Hubble Member and Government Relations & Corporate Secretary Thomas Windmuller Safety, Operations and Infrastructure
  7. 7.  Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH is a company owned by the airline Lufthansa, that trains Lufthansa pilots The training locations are Bremen, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich in Germany, Vienna in Austria, Zurich in Switzerland and a facility in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The company has about 500 employees[1] and has been in business or around 50 years. The Lufthansa Group employs 117,000 people worldwide of 146 nationalities. In 2010, over 90 million passengers flew with Lufthansa (not including Germanwings and Brussels Airlines).
  8. 8.  Lufthansa built up a worldwide partner network, offering coordinated connections, common frequent-flyer programmes and code sharing All airlines remain independent and keep their own corporate identity. Lufthansa partners around the world are: Air Malta, Malta Cirrus Airlines, Germany Air Dolomiti, Italy Luxair, Luxembourg Qatar Airways, Qatar Air China, China Jat Airways, Serbia Air India, India Aegean Airlines, Greece Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia
  9. 9.  Company slogan Theres no better way to fly Revenue €27.324 billion (2010)[3] Profit €1.1 billion (2010) Founded in 6 junvery 1953
  10. 10.  Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a globally operating aviation group with around 400 companies and subsidiaries. It is active in five business segments. Passenger Transportation is the Group’s core business activity.
  11. 11.  Fifth Largest airline in Europe in terms of overall passengers carried Luft (the German word for "air"), and Hansa (after Hanseatic League, the powerful medieval trading group) Lufthansa services around 410 destinations.
  12. 12.  Lufthansa Passenger Airlines belong to the world’s foremost airlines. On international routes it carry more passengers than any other IATA operator. In the 2007 summer timetable Lufthansa and its regional partners offered a comprehensive network of flights to 185 cities. Lufthansa is a founding member of the world’s leading air transport network Star Alliance and maintains partnerships with other airline .Via this network 841 cities in 157 countries are served.
  13. 13.  Need to make Lufthansa staff  Trained While Mobile  Up-to-date about  Schedules  Weather events  Other facts Increase  Productivity  Efficiency  Return on Investment Introducing new technology Decrease  Cost-capital cost and overall cost  Time to train pilots from time to time  Training centers
  14. 14. For training pilots • Centers at maximum sites • Printed material available at various airports about new updatesOn planes • Effective and sensitive in-build weather analyzer, • Online services , • Easy availability of customers information.
  15. 15.  Tokeep 3,500 highly mobile airline pilots trained  On the latest technology  Procedures  Plugged into the corporate infrastructure Informed about  Schedules,  Weather events, and  Other facts Also, First to introduce  Accomplish this while controlling costs.
  16. 16. Paper logbooksHard copy work cardsEngineering data from isolated sourcesMaintenance requires familiarity with access requirements
  17. 17.  Notebook required with features  Key software application used by the pilots  Weight less than 2 kg(4.4 pounds)  Screen 12inches diagonally  Screen bright and easy to read in cockpit light  5 hrs long battery life Notebook handled by pilots  Good performance  Power back up sufficient  3.5 pounds weight  Pentium III Intel Processor operating at 600 MHz with 128MB of RAM and a 20GB hard drive
  18. 18.  Parent category for  mobile telephony  mobile computing  portable electronic devices  systems  Networks e-Commerce The electronic exchange of value (goods, services, information, money) m-Commerce The ability to interact with your customers, employees and suppliers at the point of need - anywhere, anytime through handheld mobile devices
  19. 19.  ROI will increase To yield more productivity and improve efficiency Cost control Need to help the company to be more competitive Need to improve infrastructure
  20. 20.  Complaint handling Low cost and more service Easy access to information required Proper schedule of flights Easy and comfortable journey
  21. 21. Need to solve problems fasterNeed to be able to connect anytime anywhereEasy access to dataStrong information system-right time, right information
  22. 22.  Access current data electronically Can Work anywhere Convenient Time saving Cost control Class room training ended
  23. 23. Challenges are particular to Lufthansa’s situation, many are shared by other globalorganizations also, like  Provide a mobile workforce with equipment that fits their needs  Capital to invest  New employees have to be recruited with computer skills  Not suitable for employees who are not adaptable to new technologies and may take time to be accustomed to it.  Provide adequate support to mobile operations while keeping a tight control on cost and being able to justify the investment.  Example could include: This problem may be faced by some transportation companies and shipping companies while implementing mobile computing in their system.
  24. 24. Examples could include: Increased, all-around, communication within  Organization  Personal relationships (family, friends, etc). Especially important for a highly mobile workforce such as airline pilots. Remote access to  Corporate applications Important as more of the employee’s interaction is self-managed (payroll systems, expense reports, etc.) The Communication & effectiveness of its service representatives in addressing the customers’ needs, benefits business in several areas, such as Sales & Marketing, Customer Service and Operations.
  25. 25.  Flight information  Online timetable  Arrival and departure  Timetable to download  Information via SMS  Lufthansa Mobile Services In-flight access internet to customers via FlyNet project Improve Customer relationship Low ticket prices Providing data to support new initiatives, to solve issues
  26. 26. Steps taken to manage the risk: Ensured that technical specifications for the equipment were acceptable to both pilots and the union Increased the chances of use by providing convenient alternatives to traditional tasks (such as carrying manuals and technical documents around). Standardized on a unique hardware and software platform to reduce support and upgrade costs. Before mass implementation feedback has been taken in phases to understand the feasibility. Pilots may not be efficient to work on notebooks so for this initial training is given accordingly.
  27. 27. Mobile technology Improves business processes Improves return on investments Reduce cost and time Customer and employee satisfaction So every business organization will be benefitted by implementing Mobile technology as Lufthansa.