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Channel service outputs- bosh


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bosh invented for life

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Channel service outputs- bosh

  1. 1. CHANNEL SERVICE OUTPUTS Presented By : Abhishek kumar
  2. 2. What are Channel Service Outputs ? • Channel systems perform duties that reduce end user’s search, waiting time, storage and other costs. These benefits are called the service outputs of the channel. • There are six sections of service outputs : Bulk Breaking Spatial Convenience Waiting or Delivery time Product variety Customer Service Information Provision
  3. 3. Bulk Breaking & BOSCH • Bulk Breaking refers to the end user’s ability to buy their desired number of units of a product or service even though they may be originally produced in large numbers.  BOSCH allows the sale of single piece of equipment to buying large quantities at a single go, but it is product based. Purchases can be made online, through dealers or at service stations in any numbers.
  4. 4. Spatial Convenience & BOSCH • It is provided by market decentralization of wholesale and retail outlets, thus reducing transportation requirements and search costs. BOSCH dealers are present pan India. Online portals available
  5. 5. Waiting/Delivery Time & BOSCH • It is the time period that the end user must wait between the ordering & receiving goods or post sale service.  BOSCH provides limited waiting time in terms of procuring goods and services due to these reasons 1. Presence of many authorized dealers across India. 2. Dedicated stores according to availability of product. 3. Availability of many service stations. 4. Delivery time may vary according to the product demanded.
  6. 6. Product Variety & BOSCH • Product variety describes generically different classes of goods making up the product offering i.e. the breadth of product lines and the assortment or depth of products offered under each product category.  BOSCH provides a variety of products both in the industrial as well as the domestic side both in terms of breadth and depth right away from tools to household appliances.
  7. 7. Customer Service Information Provision & BOSCH • Customer Service refers to all aspects of easing the shopping and purchase process for end users. • Information Provision refers to education of end users about product attributes or usage capabilities.  BOSCH can be connected for information, complains & suggestions via telephone, e-mail, social media, fax. Products information can also be attained from the nearest dealer or registered sales associates which can be located online.
  8. 8. THANK YOU