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Amul – digital marketing


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Amul – digital marketing

  1. 1. AMUL – Digital Marketing Presented by : ABHISHEK KUMAR
  2. 2. Marketing Mix : • Product • Price • Place • Promotion • People • Processes • Physical Evidence  One sided communication to customer controlled communication  Online & mobile is the key medium  Target audience is not restricted to any geographical location  Style of communication has changed – crisp and direct
  3. 3. 4P’S • Product : The product is a perishable goods i.e. ice cream • Price : The price is at par with all competitors including exclusive tokens and vouchers for online customers. • Place :  Personal interfaces  Electronic – TV & Radio  Social Media  Mobile & Telecommunication  Search Engine & Internet
  4. 4. 4P’S • Promotion : Factors to be considered in terms of a digital launch are : a) Visibility b) Ease of access for prospects. c) Advertisements in digital space d) Occupancy of search engines via paid ads and keywords. e) Cross marketing via other food chains and associates. f) Online branding & token releases g) Mobile & Email marketing h) Press releases for online links by strong advertisement channels
  5. 5. Difference between Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing • It is cost effective in nature. • It develops brand on global scale. • Helps engage qualified and targeted costumer. • Developments are easily measurable online. • Can connect to many costumers at one go. • Gives an efficient feedback mechanism. • Apt for reaching out to certain group of consumers E.g : Electronic gadgets costumers are more prone online.
  6. 6. THANK YOU