New Age Applications with Kendo UI


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How do you built a new age application that considers mobile and web as first class citizens? In this presentation we learn about Kendo UI - a framework from Telerik to

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  • Call JavaScript method from within your app: browser.InvokeScript("my_cool_method", "parameter1", "parameter2", "parameterN"); Get notified by an event in the app, on a call from code: Browser.ScriptNotify
  • Forrester recommends a Web approach for developers and enterprises. In today's environment, it is more likely that development studios will find talented coders that are well-versed in Web technology while the run-of-the-mill coder is not specifically an expert on the variety of languages it takes to create and app for the four major platforms. From Web apps, Forrester recommends moving to a hybrid approach. While native apps are often more visually attractive and have powerful device access APIs, the cost to develop across platforms may be prohibitive.
  • New Age Applications with Kendo UI

    1. 1. New Age Applications w/HTML 5 & Kendo UI@abhishekkant @KendoUI
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. Agenda• New Age Applications• Getting Started with Kendo UI• Hybrid Mobile Applications
    4. 4. New Age Applications Single HTML CSS 3 JS Page 5 AppOne Structure One Style One Code
    5. 5. Capabilities Rich Content Drawing & Graphics Offline Storage Cache Manifest Locations Websocket Webworkers
    6. 6. And…Introducing Kendo UI
    7. 7. Kendo UI Kendo UI Kendo UI Web DataViz MobileKendo Framework Elements
    8. 8. Kendo Framework Elements• Kendo Datasource • Binding to local & remote data, with full support for CRUD & data operations •Kendo Validation • Cross-browser, rule-based validation for HTML forms •Kendo UI Globalisation • Localize Kendo UI widgets to specific culture formats (number format, date format, etc) •Kendo UI Templates •Kendo UI MVVM •Kendo UI Drag and Drop
    9. 9. Kendo UI WebIntroducing Kendo UI
    10. 10. Kendo UI DataVizHTML5-based data visualizationsSVG + VML for broad browser supportAvailable charts: – Pie – Line – Bar/Column – Scatter Point/Line
    11. 11. Kendo UI MobileMobile-specific UI widgets that automatically adapt to the look-and-feelof the host device1. iPhone2. Android3. BlackBerry
    12. 12. Choice: The App Continuum Games Utilities Consumer Info Apps Enterprise Apps
    13. 13. Using Kendo UI1. Configure page to use Kendo UI Scripts & Styles2. Define basic HTML3. Initialize with JavaScript4. Use rich API to configure behavior, handle events 1. Attribute Based 2. JavaScript Based
    14. 14. Questions @KendoUI
    15. 15. Mobile Development Choices
    16. 16. Databinding with Kendo UI
    17. 17. The Winning Equation HTML Device Mobile 5 Shell App
    18. 18. The Technology HTML 5 Responsive Design WebBrowser within Native Applications Relevant MetaTags Touch & Swipe Dealing with Offline Device Capability