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Quality Circles


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Quality Circle is basically a volunteer group composed of workers who did the work under the leadership of their own leaders.
This presentation is for people studying total quality management subject during engineering.

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Quality Circles

  1. 1. Quality Circle at Indian companies Abhishek Jindal 101303006
  2. 2. Quality-What it stands for? Q: Quest for Excellence U: Understanding Customer Needs A: Action to achieve customer Appreciation L: Leadership Determination to be leader I: Involving all people T: Team Spirit Y: Yard strict measure progress
  3. 3. Quality Circle- A way to Quality Improvement
  4. 4. Quality Circle • A quality circle is a volunteer group composed of workers , who do the similar work, usually under the leadership of their own supervisor . • They meet to identify and solve work-related problems and present their solutions to management and implement the solutions themselves in order to improve the performance of the organization. • It is a way of capturing the creative and innovative ideas lies within the workforce.
  5. 5. Concept of Quality Circle • The concept of the quality circle is primarily based upon recognition of the worker as a human being,as someone who willingly works on his job, his wisdom, intelligence, attitude and feelings. • It is based on the human resource management considered as one of the key factors in the improvement of product quality and productivity.
  6. 6. Objectives of Quality circle • Change in Attitude- From “I don’t care” to “I do care”. • Self Development- Bring out “Hidden Potential” of people in company. • Development of Team spirit- “I could not do but we can do it”. • Improved organisational Culture- Positive working environment.
  7. 7. Process of Quality Circle
  8. 8. PDCA(Deming Circle)
  9. 9. Quality circles at BHEL (Bharat heavy electricals limited) • BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in energy related or Infrastructure sector.
  10. 10. • BHEL offers around 180 products and provides system and services to meet the needs of core sectors like power, transmission, industries etc..
  11. 11. • Hyderabad unit of BHEL was initiator of incorporating the concept of Quality circles with 5 QC in that unit. • This concept was first sold to the company’s top level executives, but later it was felt that this movement will not gain momentum without the support of middle level management.
  12. 12. The managers of BHEL realised that QC didn’t only focus on improving quality but also the following :- • Improving human relations • Improving productivity • Improving participative culture • Improving communication • Promoting leadership development
  13. 13. Results • By the end of 1998 there were more than 1700 QCs. • In 2005, BHEL notched up its highest turnover of Rs 105.2 million crossing Rs 100 million mark for 1st time. • QCs contributed to about savings of Rs 20 million !!
  14. 14. Hyderabad BHEL plant was adjudged the “Best Organisation in promoting Quality Circles” by QCFI Chapter Convention.
  15. 15. Quality circles at SMCEL (SM creative electronics limited) Company is currently engaged in the following major activities •Manufacturing and marketing of all important constituents of DC Power Plants
  16. 16. •Telecom and networking division is organised to support varying needs of Telecom operator and enterprises through supply,installation and maintainence. •Strategic Electronic Division (SED) is another important division which, along with its Power Technology Group (PTG) is specially organised to cater to strategic needs like defense,satellitle applications, nuclear power plants etc..
  17. 17. Results after implementing QCs • After implementing QCs the saving-cost ratio was found to be between 5:1 and 10:1, which indicates very good performance of this company. • QCs have tripled since inception of program. • The percentage of employees who attend the introductory presentation actually end up joining the QC programme is 70%.
  18. 18. Quality circles at BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited) •World’s seventh largest Telecommunication Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India. • It has become one of the largest public sector unit in India.
  19. 19. • The branch has only two circles, with an average of around 35 members each. Also, a circular calling for volunteers was good enough to generate interest among the employees as many participated in the programme. • The absenteeism and grievances were reduced. • Though QCs were less but there were high no. of employees per circle .
  20. 20. Results • The saving cost ratio was in between 5:1 to 10:1 which is high inspite of less no. of proposals being accepted. • Though no. of circles were less but the suggestions that were accepted were very effective and caused significant cost reduction.
  21. 21. Other Prominent Organizations
  22. 22. Advantages of Quality Circles • It makes full use of workers potential. • It provides the workers autonomy and sense of achievement. • It ensures greater participation and involvement of workers in day to day functioning of his department. • It helps in finding solutions to several problems
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