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I3 Carbon Presentation


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I3 Carbon Presentation

  1. 1. DENVER NEW YORK NEW DELHI<br />Without limiting the provisions of any confidentiality agreement that may have been previously executed and delivered to i3Carbon, LLC and in favor of such company by any person who may have received and/or reviewed this document, all persons by accepting the invitation to receive and/ or review this document and/or the information therein hereby agree that this document and the material in this document is the exclusive proper ty of i3Carbon, LLC and fur ther that this<br />document and all information therein is confidential and that such persons and/or person shall not disclose to third par ties this document or the information therein unless expressly authorized in writing by i3Carbon, LLC or except as otherwise required by law and all persons further agree that the material and information in this document shall be exclusively used for the benefit of i3Carbon, LLC<br />
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. OUR SHARED VISION <br />THE FUTURE OF INDIA LOOKS BRIGHT. <br /><ul><li>Our vision is to improve human health, empower people, raise productivity, and elevate the standard of living for everyone in India.
  5. 5. We can and will do all of these things at the same time by providing people with more electric power.
  6. 6. Today, India’s $1.3 trillion economy is growing dynamically. To keep growing, India needs more electricity.
  7. 7. As i3 Carbon helps provide all people in India with consistent electric power through coal, the benefits will be numerous and wide-ranging. </li></li></ul><li>i3 Carbon is here to support India. We will help meet India’s energy needs in a way that will yield maximum value for the whole society.<br />i3 Carbon will facilitate the delivery of coal imports to India in a way that saves money through long-term planning -- while being innovative, fast, flex-ible, and logistically sound. <br />By thinking forward for decades and starting from scratch, i3 Carbon will achieve things that no other energy company is in a position to achieve. <br />
  8. 8. OUR OBJECTIVES <br />WE HAVE FOUR. <br />The i3 Carbon consortium has four business objectives. <br />i3 Carbon will deliver from the rock face to the burner head in India 50 million tons of coal annually from 2014 ( Fifty million tons is the average amount of coal that the U.S. exported each year from 2004 to 2006 )<br />i3 Carbon will assist companies in India with operational technologies, including clean coal technologies. <br />i3 Carbon will do all of this while minimizing environmental impacts and even while having some positive impacts on the environment. <br />Through the use of innovative solutions throughout the supply chain, i3 Carbon will do all this with radically improved logistics. <br />
  9. 9. THE OPPORTUNITY <br />ONCE IN A LIFETIME. <br />The i3 Carbon consortium offers substantial opportunities for business partners, for property and resource owners, and for investors. <br /><ul><li>In our view, globally, the pressure for electric power will provide a long-term continuing opportunity for global providers of coal – and for i3 Carbon.
  10. 10. We agree with the analysts who project that surging demand for coal is creating a positive 40-year trend line for the sale of coal.
  11. 11. i3 Carbon already has option agreements for and is in negotiation regarding a substantial number of properties with determined coal reserves. These negotiations will continue and expand.
  12. 12. i3 Carbon plans l go public on the New York Stock Exchange, and will do so by mid-2011. </li></ul>Up-to-date information regarding i3 Carbon assets and resources is available upon request. <br />
  13. 13. OUR STRENGTHS<br />i3 Carbon consortium has three key strengths — three strengths that forge a unique synergy at i3 Carbon.<br /><ul><li>LONG TERM PLANNING
  14. 14. We envision, think, and plan 50 years and beyond into the future. And this alone makes it easier for our partners to plan
  15. 15. INNOVATION
  16. 16. By starting from scratch, we are not locked into previous platforms, systems, or processes.
  17. 17. We will be flexible as we use the most advanced engineering for mining, building, and transportation — trucking, rail, and marine.
  19. 19. i3 Carbon’s partners can rely on i3 to integrate all aspects of mining, delivery, and financial management into a totally reliable system. No energy company will be more operationally and logistically sound than i3 Carbon. </li></li></ul><li>OUR CAPABILITIES <br />WE HAVE THE TALENT TO MAKE THIS WORK.<br /><ul><li>Executive leadership
  20. 20. Financial and acquisitions management
  21. 21. Operational management
  22. 22. Project development and management
  23. 23. Assessing
  24. 24. Scoping
  25. 25. Planning
  26. 26. Costing
  27. 27. Scheduling
  28. 28. Mine design, engineering, and construction
  29. 29. Mine shaft, tunnel, and chamber construction and maintenance
  30. 30. Mine electrical and mechanical development
  31. 31. Safety management
  32. 32. Environmental management
  33. 33. Evaluation
  34. 34. Permitting
  35. 35. Monitoring
  36. 36. Reclamation
  37. 37. Rehabilitation
  38. 38. Hydrology and hazardous materials </li></li></ul><li>THE TEAM<br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS<br /><ul><li>Patric Galvin, Chief Executive Officer
  39. 39. Dr. M.P. Narayanan, former Chairman Coal India, Ltd.
  40. 40. Robert Hanfling, former Undersecretary of Energy, US DOE
  41. 41. Faisal Syed, Entrepreneur
  42. 42. BabuLal Jain, Board of Advisors, Senior Advisor to the United Nations on alliances and partnerships.</li></ul>SENIOR MANAGEMENT<br /><ul><li>Patric Galvin, Chief Executive Officer
  43. 43. Jack Bonaquisto, Chief Operating officer
  44. 44. Conrad Schillingburg, Chief Financial officer
  45. 45. Billy Ward, Chief Acquisitions Officer
  46. 46. Chris Galvin, Director of Marketing, Business Development & PR
  47. 47. David Sunshine, Vice President, Business Development
  48. 48. Chris A. Sargunam, Director of Operations, India
  49. 49. Paul Lewis, Legal Counsel</li></li></ul><li>JOIN US <br />“It’s more than possible, it’s inevitable.” <br />- Pat Galvin, CEO, i3 Carbon<br />WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. YOU CAN HELP.<br /><ul><li>At i3 Carbon we are thinking and planning for the long-term — for decades of stable business activity
  50. 50. We are innovative, fast, and flexible; in our systems, platforms, technology, processes, and thinking, we are a forward-looking, leading-edge company. And we will always have world-class logistics.
  51. 51. We invite you to join us. Opening up new opportunity for the people of India is an end in itself. It also creates good business opportunities.
  52. 52. i3 Carbon’s plan is financially viable. The i3 Carbon consortium offers substantial opportunities for business partners, for property and resource owners, and for investors.
  53. 53. We invite you to join with us by investing in, selling assets or resources to, or partnering with i3 Carbon.
  54. 54. If interested in investing in i3 Carbon, in partnering with us, or in selling resources to i3 Carbon, we’d like to sit down with you and discuss your ideas. </li></li></ul><li>We welcome your interest. Thank you<br />For More Information contact<br />Chris A Sargunam<br />Director Operations, India<br /><br />+91-9717999848<br />