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A shady plot PPT


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It is a very good ppt...
It is from the chapter A shady plot of literature reader (english textbook) of class 10th.
I also made another PPT on a shady plot check it here

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A shady plot PPT

  1. 1. Introduction story. It does ‘A Shady Plot’ by Elsie brown is a comic ghost not depict the element of horror like other ghost stories. Rather it is an amusing story about an author John Hallock. His supernatural stories about ghosts are quite popular with the public. He is asked to write another such story for a magazine. When he is thinking hard about the plot of the story, a ghost Helen appeared. She told him that the ghosts were on strike because too many people use Ouija Boards. John’s wife Lavinia buys an Ouija board and arranges an Ouija board party with her friends. There is created misunderstanding when on the Ouija board ‘traitor’ for John is written by the Helen. In the end Lavinia sees Helen, who is a ghost. Her misunderstanding is removed.
  2. 2. About the Author Elsie Brown was born on January 2, 1870. She died in Oklahoma on November 11, 1965. She is buried at Fort Coffee Cemetery in Spiro, Oklahoma.
  3. 3. Characters The characters of The Shady Plot are :- (1) John Hallock (Narrator) (2) Lavinia Hallock (John's wife) (3) Jenkins (John’s Boss) (4) Helen (Lady Ghost), (5) Laura Hinkle (Lavinia's Friend) & (6) Gladolia (Maid)
  4. 4. Summary of the chapter It is a story of an ordinary man who is an accountant. The writer is urged by his Boss to write a new ghost story for his magazine. When he begins to write, a ghost, Helen, appeared and tells him that she was also an author in her life and she and her fellow ghosts was the one who gave ideas to writers. Helen says she would help him in providing ideas if he should make his friends and relatives stop using the Ouija board. Then John's wife (lavinia) enters the room and announces that she has brought a Ouija board party. John was very shocked to see this, and one day when he was coming from office he found that his wife was conducting Ouija board party. Everyone was in pair. Only one girl was left alone. So John was asked to accompany her.
  5. 5. John hesitates but he continues, but as the play begins the word refers john as ‘traitor’, everyone assumes the John had a secret relationship with a ghost (Helen). And next day, when john gets up he couldn’t find his wife, she had left a note that she is going to her grandmother 's house and rest of the things will be discussed by lawyer. After sometime the ghost reappears and tells john that his wife must get rid of the Ouija board. As he is trying to argue with the ghost, that she was responsible of all that happened. Then john’s wife comes in, john thought his wife would faint if she sees the ghost, But nothing so happened in fact she had a wide smile on seeing her. Lavinia understand everything by ghost. Then ghost departed, Lavinia promises to get rid of the Ouija and decides not to leave home. And hence john is provided by the idea of writing a story hence the condition is also satisfied and everyone is happy.
  6. 6. Theme of the Chapter The story is about a man who starts getting cocky about his ability to bring forth ghost stories at his will and how he copes with the situation when he realises that he gets (the unwilling) help from a real ghost. the ghost demands a favour from him which he is unable to fulfill. The ghost then plays havoc with his married life leading to various comic situations.this leads to abig dispute with his wife.
  7. 7. QUESTIONS FROM THE TEXT 1. Why did Jenkins insist Hallock to write ghost stories? Jenkins was a the owner of a magazine and he published ghost stories written by John, especially because he believed that John’s ghosts are more real and gave the real terror to the reader. 2. Why was the Writer’s Inspiration Bureau organized? How does this bureau function? Writer’s Inspiration Bureau was an organization formed by some of the ghosts in the other world to provide inspiration for the struggling writers. As a rule, the bureau members scouted writers who went without ideas to write and send one of their members to help the writer to write a story.
  8. 8. 3. Does the narrator like writing ghost stories ? Support your answer with evidence from the story. Ans: The narrator does not especially like or dislike writing ghost stories . It is more a necessity for him to come up with good stories whenever Jenkins demands them . He says that the stories seemed to specialize in him . He had been able to produce good ghost stories under pressure in the past and was cocky and overconfident regarding his ability.
  9. 9. 5. How does the narrator describe Helen ? ANS : Helen seemed to materialize out of thin air . She was long and angular in structure . She was wearing a big bone rimmed spectacle and had fishy eyes . Her hair was tied in a tight wad at the back of her head . She had an angry expression on her face . She was wearing a stiff white shirt waist and a plaid skirt. 6.