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About Pet Santa ( - raising funds for animal welfare NGOs in India, and about common stray issues and how you can help.

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Pet Santa vF

  1. 1. What is Pet Santa? • Aim: Fund Raising for NGOs • Vision: Create an easily scalable and replicable model for raising funds. Implement it. • NOT (Read: less) about ground work for animal welfare
  2. 2. How can I help Pet Santa? • Write • @ Merchandising • Events • Awareness Campaigns • Art Auction • > Ideas
  3. 3. How can I help an animal? • Take a Pledge (#PSpledge) - do your tiny bit today, everyday • Feed a stray, pet a stray • Get a stray sterilised, for free (at SPCA, we have the $$) • Run a donation drive – collect newspapers, blankets & give to an NGO (we can tell you who)
  4. 4. Benefits of Sterilisation Behavioural • Decreased Aggression • Decreased Roaming • Increased Concentration • Fewer unwanted animals • Effective long term reduction of stray population Medical • No testicular / ovarian tumours • Reduced rabies, contagious diseases • Fewer advanced medical conditions – Hernias, Perianal tumours, prostrate problems
  5. 5. Can a Neutered Male have Sex? • Your neutered dog can still have sex - if he wants. Most likely he won’t want to. With the lower testosterone levels he won’t have a red hot libido. • So it’s basically safe sex – no chances of kids. 
  6. 6. Typical Stray Diseases - Mange Two types of mange: • Sarcoptic – Contagious • Demodectic / Red Mange – not Contagious – Both treatable If I see a stray with mange, what do I do? • If you’re comfortable with the dog, take it to a vet or give it home remedies. • Simple home remedies – applying honey/olive oil on the affected areas consistently 2 days a week for 4 weeks, will work. – Or adding raw apple cider vinegar to a bowl of rice and broth works – feed them everyday for 2 whole weeks or until the skin clears up • If you’re not comfortable and think it might be contagious, inform the SPCA / volunteers
  7. 7. Demodectic Before Treatment
  8. 8. Demodectic After Treatment
  9. 9. Sarcoptic
  10. 10. Typical Stray Diseases - Rabies • A virus that animals may receive from bites from infected animals or wild animals. Contagious to humans via animals saliva contact. • How do you spot an animal with rabies? Behavioural changes - restlessness or apprehension, aggression. Constantly lick, bite and chew where they were bitten. Hypersensitive to touch, light and sound. Eat unusual things and hide in dark places. Foaming at the mouth. Disorientation, incoordination and staggering. Loss of appetite, weakness, seizures and sudden death. • How do I help an animal with rabies? You can’t. It’s a fatal disease. For animals AND humans. It’d be kinder to euthanize an animal if they show advanced signs of rabies as they constantly live in pain. • How do I help avoid? Call the SPCA / Round up animals in your area, take them to the SPCA – talk to PetSanta
  11. 11. Rashi – Volunteer Management Anuradha – Art, Sponsors Aditi – Social, IDA Coordination Vinit – Events Michelle – Content Manager YOU! Anubha – Website Dev
  12. 12. @ThePetSanta +91 - 9769003072