December general awareness


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December general awareness

  1. 1. 1- Recently in which country held largest air force drill involving 100 fighterplanes?Ans:- China2- Which Indian state conducted Bali Yatra to see Rs.100 crore business?Ans :- Orissa3:- Who became the youngest cricketer to score 7000 runs for the most testcenturies?Ans:- England cricket captain Alastair Cook4:- Ajmal Kasab got hanged in the jail of which city?Ans:- Pune5:- Who has been appointed As the Adviser to Finance Minister of India?Ans:-Parthasarathi Shome6:-Who has been appointed as Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra?Ans;- Ajit Pawar7:-India ranked (.......) in 2012 Corruption Perception Index released byTransparency Int.?Ans:- 94th8:- What is the full name of ORMAS ?Ans:- Orissa Rural Development and Marketing Society9:- Who won Lal Bahadur Shastri hockey tournament against Bharat Petroleum ?Ans :- Air India10 :-Which state government decided to issue Golden Cards to Industrialists ?Ans:- Uttar Pradesh
  2. 2. 11: With whom -the Reserve Bank of India signed a three year Bilateral SwapArrangement (BSA) ?Ans : Bank of JapanFor moe see