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Environmental Problems and Solutions


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what are the causes of environmental problems and its solutions

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Environmental Problems and Solutions

  1. 1. Environmental Problems and Solutions
  2. 2. Environmental Pollution and Its Effects
  3. 3. Air pollution
  4. 4. Water pollution
  5. 5. • In many rural areas one can still find people bathing and cooking in the same water, making it incredibly filthy. • In addition to these, thermal pollution and the depletion of dissolved oxygen aggravate the already worsened condition of the water bodies. • Water pollution can also indirectly occur as an offshoot of soil pollution – through surface runoff and leaching to groundwater.
  6. 6. Noise pollution
  7. 7. Noise pollution • Noise pollution, soil pollution and light pollution too are the damaging the environment at an alarming rate. • Noise pollution include aircraft noise, noise of cars, buses, and trucks, vehicle horns, loudspeakers.
  8. 8. • Industry noise, as well as high-intensity sonar effects which are extremely harmful for the environment. • Maximum noise pollution occurs due to one of modern science’s best discoveries – the motor vehicle, which is responsible for about ninety percent of all unwanted noise worldwide.
  9. 9. Soil pollution
  10. 10. Soil pollution • Soil pollution, which can also be called soil contamination, is a result of acid rain, polluted water, fertilizers etc., which leads to bad crops. • Soil contamination occurs when chemicals are released by spill or underground storage tank leakage which releases heavy contaminants into the soil. • These may include hydrocarbons, heavy metals, MTBE, herbicides, pesticides and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  11. 11. Light Pollution
  12. 12. Industrial Pollution
  13. 13. Industrial Pollution • Small pressure groups should be formed to influence industries to install filters, electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, etc., to control atmospheric pollution. • Education is the most important solution
  14. 14. • Plan campaigns in schools and colleges on simple issues such as the ill-effects of smoking. • substitutes for domestic fuel consumption such as smokeless chulhas, etc. • Mobilize your immediate locality to protest against local polluting industries.
  15. 15. Health Effects of Pollution
  16. 16. The solution
  17. 17. Group solution
  18. 18. Environmental Protection
  19. 19. Environmental Protection • It is now time to join hands across the globe to protect and preserve our environment. • Thereby safeguard human health along with the natural environment: air, water, and land. We need to preserve our wetlands, our rainforests, our farmlands and arctic zones. • And we need to save the endangered species.
  20. 20. Greenhouse Effect
  21. 21. Greenhouse Effect • The Greenhouse effect is the rise in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. • Due to certain gases like, methane, water vapour, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide, which trap the energy and heat from the sun.
  22. 22. • Without these gasses, the heat would escape reducing the temperature of the atmosphere. • These gases are commonly known as Greenhouse gases, because they help to maintain the Earth’s average temperature. • Simply put, it is a natural process which make the Earth’s atmosphere just right for life forms to flourish.
  23. 23. Greenhouse Gases
  24. 24. Greenhouse Gases • Carbon dioxide () is one of the greenhouse gases. It consists of one carbon atom with an oxygen atom bonded to each side. • When its atoms are bonded tightly together, the carbon dioxide molecule can absorb infrared radiation and the molecule starts to vibrate.
  25. 25. Try combining driving with alternative modes of transportation • Carpool. • Walk or ride a bicycle. • Shop by phone or mail. • Ride public transit. • Telecommute.
  26. 26. Driving smart keeps pollution at a minimum • Accelerate gradually. • Use cruise control on the highway. • Obey the speed limit. • Combine your errands into one trip. • Keep your car tuned and support the smog check program. • Don't top off at the gas pumps. • Replace your car's air filter. • Keep your tires properly inflated.
  27. 27. Global Warming
  28. 28. Global Warming On The Rise • Global warming is rapid increase in the temperature of earth's atmosphere and oceans in the past few years. • The negative effects of Global warming are heat waves, unusual warm weather, ocean warming, rise in sea level, and coastal flooding, warming of
  29. 29. • Arctic and Antarctic zones, changes in the pattern and amount of precipitation. • Species extinction and melting of the glaciers which have proven to be extremely dangerous.
  30. 30. Saving the Environment • Saving the environment is not an issue anymore. • It is a survival truth. Individuals, organizations and governments need to come together. • And join hands to protect what is left of our planet so that the future is not wiped out before it’s time for curtain call.
  31. 31. Saving the Environment