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Do you know how to get back links


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Do you know how to get back links

  1. 1. Do you know how to get back links? (Links pointing to your webpage) 100% people involved in internet marketing, will answer Yes! I know how to do this; I have been doing this and I am very successful and so many things.
  2. 2. Ok; once you know how to get a link to your website or for your client's website why still you are not ranking? (If link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization)
  3. 3. Again, answer is ready; we have just started the link building process. We are into a very competitive market. We are still in process; you will see results very soon. Old service provider did everything wrong, I am in fact making it right. Such answers are very common.
  4. 4. First of all, you must accept that no one is 100% aware of this changing world unless he is dedicated and continually updating his knowledge. How one can be so sure of knowing all acceptable techniques, methods for link building.
  5. 5. There is always something new everyday, every hour. Our world never sleeps; someone is working somewhere, is not it? You must keep your eyes open 24/7, is it possible? NO, not possible!
  6. 6. We need a group of people, a team that is going to work together. How many companies have got a team for doing research on internet marketing, forget about individuals. I think very few companies give value to SEO research team and they have that.
  7. 7. If someone is offering you SEO package for $100 / year, how he will be able to deliver? Think yourself, don't you think, that is a promise for nothing. Take it this way, as you can easily pay hundred bucks, you are simply ready to loose it.
  8. 8. Never go for such lucrative looking offers, it is not real. It is simply not possible to run entire SEO campaign for 1 whole year for $100. (I checked an ad on Google offering such service)
  9. 9. Our main topic is link building. Link building process should be and has to be different for each website. For example a keyword " SEO Service Providers" need some number of back links, (keep in mind that, only back links will not bring your website on top) in same way, for some other keyword like "online Indian clothing" needs different amount and type of back links, for these 2 keywords we should have different strategy for link building. We can not have, or say, we can not build a process and repeat that for both.
  10. 10. Links for "SEO service providers" should be from websites or web pages talking about SEO services, websites talking about internet marketing, pages and articles on topic or very similar topic should link to the website, that is natural, don't you think?
  11. 11. How a website talking about educational topic like mathematics will refer to a SEO company? Take an example, there is a link on college article page, that page should be teaching about SEO or else that is forced artificial link, and good news is that our search engine Google is smart enough to sight the difference. (It majors relevance of a back link pointing to your website)
  12. 12. Experts advise to write unique and original content with good information and this content will bring you inbound links, but at this age that is not enough, we have to do something more to make sure that people know about our original content, another thing you should make sure that your content is known to Google first. (An article published on your website, should be cached first) Yes, that is more important, or else you will create a good informative website with lots of original content and bear the pain of having duplicate content. Some so-called smart people might take and publish them on own website, and if that page gets cached first, becomes the original – a simple logic you can think about it latter.
  13. 13. How you will make sure that your original content gets priority on Google or on any other search engine?
  14. 14. You should not do link building in abnormal way. If you are trying to get link from an article directory that should be done only if you feel that, the article is unique and helpful information about the topic. There should not be a repetitive approach. You should write your content targeting your readers. Take this example; I am writing this article for Indian people, for Indian audience, I am targeting people from India; hence my language should be well understandable to them or else what is use of this information. Indian people will not understand slang (jargon) used by an American. Indian people understand simple English language (80% of urban population understands and can convey message in English language), English language used in India is simplified version of English, people in India learn, English language and as a result, language is grammatically correct but, word power is not that strong. All I wanted to explain that, targeted readers should be in mind while creating content. It should not be only for search engines.
  15. 15. Another easy and successful technique: offer something useful and free. Even though people do not have time, they can participate in a survey offering holiday tickets. Think! can you give 5 minutes of your time if you have a chance of winning holiday ticket to United Kingdom? I can give those 5 minutes even for a Goa trip chance. (Goa is a very popular tourist destination in India, just in case you do not know)
  16. 16. You can use social networking websites in a very positive way; they offer you another platform to communicate. Make sure you are not over using it. You should not do spamming.
  17. 17. You are allowed to experiment traditional marketing ways to attract people, ask them to visit you and link you. Not clear? Let me explain you by an example:
  18. 18. Create and offer web services that are very useful to end users, ask other web developers, website owner to use it for free. Now you should know, what is "web services"?
  19. 19. Web services in general are type of API (Application Programming Interface) accessible via http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request and executable on remote server in response to user request. We can categorize web services in two groups:
  20. 20. Big Web Services and
  21. 21. RESTful Web Services.
  22. 22. (Representational State Transfer was introduced and defined in 2000)
  23. 23. "Big Web Services" use Extensible Markup Language (XML) messages that follow the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
  24. 24. RESTful Web Services use HTTP or similar protocols by constraining the interface to a set of well-known, standard operations (like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE for HTTP).
  25. 25. Now if you need an idea, what you can offer to public?
  26. 26. Time to go for paid SEO consultant , and we are here for you, we can create web services and can host them for you. Let me tell you, we use web services knowingly or unknowingly daily through websites offering Flight Ticket Booking, Weather Forecast, RSS Reader, Real Time Market Data, Barcode Generator and other such services.
  27. 27. Let's move to another very useful method to bring incoming links.
  28. 28. Offer trail products:
  29. 29. We are taking case of a popular company offering web based word document to PDF converter for free but they ask you to keep a link, similarly you can offer your own products for trail, in exchange you get a link pointing to your website.
  30. 30. Apart from these conceptual advices on website marketing on internet, you can check these quick methods generally used and sometimes over used by search engine optimizers.
  31. 31. Submission to web directories: This is a time taking process and can get you back links but these back links does not carry much weight except few reputed web directories.
  32. 32. You can hire manual directory submitters for increasing low power back links. This method can be helpful if your website is just launched and you are starving for Google boots.
  33. 33. Article writing and submission: Everyone is using this method, you should not be left alone, but you can create better articles. Good articles have fair amount of chance to be picked by others, results in extra traffic and back links. You should avoid writing off topic. Never copy content, especially from your competitor's website, it will harm you in big way, I guarantee for that.
  34. 34. Press Release: Most exploited method; I find that people write small articles, about 300 to 600 words, give a keyword reach title and submit to some popular free press release websites. These news stories (actually you should only publish news) appear in Google's first page for a short period and bring quick visitors to your website. These back links had some power to boost your ranking, now they do not. If you are able to get links from old and reputed news websites, you still have a chance.
  35. 35. Link exchange with similar websites: I do not recommend this method. Do you want your customer to come to your website and clink on a link page that lists all your competitors? Google knows how you are trying to influence search results. Now technology is better, more processing power is available for less money, they are utilizing money, technology, logical power and processing power to filter these cheap attempts to change search results.
  36. 36. Social Media Optimization: This has become another branch of internet marketing . You can use this to promote your website; this will help you in bringing targeted visitors, directly from social networking websites.
  37. 37. Forum membership: Become member in popular forum similar to your industry. Keep attractive signature to bring additional visitors, in long run these back links will help you.
  38. 38. Commenting a Blog: Looks contemptible but can give you some extra attention; all depends on individuals' ethics and ability to grab attention. If someone is allowing you to give a link to own website, after your expert comment, you should welcome this. Make sure you are offering expert comments.
  39. 39. Holding Contests: You can create a contest in a bid to attract links from bloggers, you can determine your keywords. You should know how many links are enough.
  40. 40. Advertising on websites: You can manually select websites and advertise on them, place text ads. This is not Google adwords.
  41. 41. Offer RSS feed: You should offer your website content through RSS feeds.
  42. 42. Become a part of open source project: You can become a contributing member in an active open source project. Offer your expertise or pay someone to do this for you.
  43. 43. Aid organization membership: If you can afford, you should become member of charitable organizations. Offer a part of your profit to charitable organization.
  44. 44. Believe it or not there are many other good methods, you have to do brainstorming, and find the best way. I know few techniques apart form these. I will be writing about them very soon. Keep an eye for the next article of this series "Link Building Methods for Internet Marketing - SEO "