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Children CAN Turn the World Upside Down


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How CRY America Supported Sathee to empower children in Jharkhand

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Children CAN Turn the World Upside Down

  1. CHILDRENthe can turn WORLD UPSIDE DOWN Anita Marande Bal Sarpanch*, Godda district, Jharkhand *Chief of the children’s parliament
  2. A little support CAN CHANGE MANY A LIVES
  3. Project Partner CRY AMERICA partners SATHEE Society for Advancement in Tribes, Health, Education, Environment
  4. Objective To Ensure the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS of Women and Children by empowering communities and engaging children in the process of change
  5. Wo r k Area 4 Districts of JHARKHAND Sahibgaj Godda Dhumka Pakaur
  6. Situation of the Children RAMPANT tion 4 6% of the popula Lowest m eans of verty l ives below the po employm ent and line livelihoo d LACK OF EDUCATION 50% Children Have no 80% student drop out due inaccessible s to Education schools
  7. Situation of the Children FIGHT FOR SANITATION AND SHELTER 25% village rs did ce s s not have ac 84% famil king ies have Displacements, to safe drin no access s water to recurring drought toilets and continuous migration THE LABOR OF CHILDHOOD 22% children in 44% chil working dren 32% childr en 43 ca se s o f the workforce as suffered child tr affickin house he l ps sexual abuse reporte g d
  8. PERMANENT CHANGE We Believe CAN BE ACHIEVED ONLY THROUGH THE That… Participation and Leadership of Children
  10. …through the * PARLIAMENT ofCHILDREN Agriculture Minister Minister for Sports *Bal Sansad
  11. …by seeking
  12. …through the CHARIOT ofCHILD RIGHTS
  13. …that created CHILD leaders Through these forums, children sought answers to questions like: • Why is our teacher so irregular? • Why can’t girls attend school? • Why do some of my friends work at the coal mine instead of coming to school?
  14. What we did and WHAT THAT DID How CRY America helped SATHEE work with these children groups and communities to create pressure groups and bring about change
  15. of Expansion * r o BA L Sansad t of • 500 such Sansads have been formed across men Jharkhand th e Parlia Children • 18 Sessions have been held at various levels: village, district and state *Parliament of Children
  16. An Awakened Community has A voice In Decision making Involving and • Campaigns seeking schools closer to habitations and Empowering reopening of non-functional schools the Community • Simplification legal documents to ensure accountability to seek their and transparency Rights • Ensuring a voice for the community in the decision making process
  17. alth Ensuring He • 10 sessions on Health, Nutrition and Hygiene conducted to n And Nutritio combat preventable diseases • 4 Public Health Centers, 14 sub-centers, 3 referral centers and 17 ICDS centers have been activated • 100% registration of births • 55 Public Distribution Centers activated with regular food supply
  18. ood A secure livelih • Conversion of 200 acres into cultivable land For the tribals • Introduced traditional methods of farming s Directly benefit • Created grain and seed banks in more than 75 the children villages • Initiated collective farming across 50 villages • Ensured emergency loans in 40 villages to combat food shortages during lean period
  19. g Self-sustainin tion Community ac • Advocating social audits and public hearings with local ability government bodies For account nment Of the gover • Campaigning for alternative irrigation and scientific knowledge of agriculture methods
  20. ory Free, Compuls ation • 19 Primary Government Schools, 6 Residential Schools d uc And Quality E • 100% enrolment in primary schools across 98 villages ensured and 76% enrolment of Girls in Schools • 80% Cut in dropout rate • 100% Physically Challenged children enrolled
  21. es, In 96% of villag en Children have be or r emoved from Lab le d force and enrol in schools
  22. Children Groups mentum now have the mo • A Children’s magazine published on a with To forge ahead quarterly basis en t Their own movem • 10 Bal Mela’s (Children’s Gatherings) organized to facilitate interaction and For rights networking among children from different areas
  23. nity Now A Commu s of Leaders keep • Equal and adequate participation of women ensured in of The process 176 Gram Sabhas (Village Councils) change alive • 500 local and traditional sef-governance bodies formed • Several Regional Level Alliances formed: Damin Adhikar Morcha, Damin Mahila Adhikar Morcha, Bal Adhikar Morcha
  24. How does CRY AMERICA support these groups? FINANCIAL Assistance and Management NETWORKING with CRY partners TRAINING and empowering community leaders ACCOUNTABILITY and impact audits SKILL-BUILDING among teachers, health workers… MANAGEMENTPlanning, Implementation, Evaluation
  25. Do you want to EMPOWER CHILDREN TO STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS? Visit to support our campaign for Child Rights