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Tools and analyses in google adwords


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Tools and analyses in google adwords

  1. 1. Tools & AnalysesOnAd wordsBYAbhishek Kumar RajoriaSenior Analyst (BST)
  2. 2. A tool that lists the changes youve made to your accountduring the past two years. See details about changes likewhen you paused your campaign, who added a keyword,and the amounts of your previous budgets.You can view all changes for a particular time period, filterthe results by the type of change (such as budgetadjustments or keyword edits), or see changes for aparticular campaign or ad group.The My Change History tool shows each change within atimeline, mapped to your account data (like impressions,clicks, conversions, clickthrough rate, and cost). Compareyour changes with the timeline of performance data tohelp know which changes may have contributed tochanges in your performance.If youve given other people access to your account usingtheir own login, you can also use the tool to see who madecertain changes.My Change History
  3. 3. Maximum cost-per-click (CPC) adjustments made bythe Budget OptimizerAd approval or disapprovalPassword changes (for security reasons)Your change history doesnt track thefollowing:
  4. 4. A conversion may be a purchase, but it can also be acall from a mobile phone, a visitor submitting hercontact information for an insurance quote, or aprospective buyer downloading a white paper aboutyour companys software capabilities. Or maybe its arequest for more information, or views of a page thatfeatures your new product. Its up to you!ConversionWhat is Conversion ?
  5. 5. Number of conversions and cost-per-conversion: You can assignmonetary values to your conversions when setting up tracking to getdetailed revenue information in your reports. Reviewing your totalnumber of conversions and the value of these conversions can help youdecide if you should increase your budget or make changes to your adgroups to attract more targeted visitors.Conversion rate: This helps you track how many clicks lead to valuableactions like a sale or signup. The conversion rate listed in your account isthe number of conversions divided by the number of ad clicks.Conversions are only counted on Google and our Google Networkpartners.Keyword conversion data: Conversion Tracking shows you whathappens after a customer clicks on your ad -- whether he purchased yourproduct or signed up for your newsletter. By knowing this, youll alsoknow which keywords are best at encouraging customers to take thoseactions. Then you can improve your keyword list based on your findings,and make smarter investments in your best keywords.Conversion Information You CanMeasure
  6. 6. With the Keyword Tool, you can build a keyword listthat can help you reach your advertising goals. Forexample, maybe youd like to drive traffic to yourwebsite and increase awareness of your product. Youcan use the Keyword Tool to identify keyword ideaswith high search volume and then build a keyword listwith those ideas.Keyword Tool
  7. 7. Create new ad groups: Get keyword ideas grouped into themes,which can save you the time of manually grouping closely relatedkeywords into different ad groups.Start broad and then get specific: Use the Keyword Tool toexperiment with broad keywords, and then you can try morespecific keywords.Identify negative keywords: When you search for keyword ideas,you might see keywords that dont really apply to your business.You can add these terms to your ad group as negativekeywords to prevent your ad from showing when people searchfor them.Find keywords and ad groups based on your site content: Youcan enter the URL of your website, or any site related to yourbusiness. Then, our system will scan your pages and give yourelevant keyword and ad group ideas.Specify a language and location: You can refine your keyword andad group results for a particular location and language.Benefits of using the Keyword Tool
  8. 8. A tool that estimates how well a particular keyword couldperform.The Traffic Estimator provides traffic and cost estimatesfor new keywords before you add them to your campaignand also for keywords that youve already added.When you enter a keyword into the Traffic Estimator, youllsee estimates for your keyword, including searchvolume, average cost-per-click (CPC) prices, cost perday, and average position.Use this tool to help predict how certain keywords mightperform with your targeting options, bids, and othersettings.Traffic Estimator
  9. 9. A tool in your account that can help you find websitesand other placements where you might like your adto appear.Use this tool to find placements in the DisplayNetwork that are relevant to your ads. Forexample, you can find related video placements onYouTube, browse websites within a specific categoryor about a specific topic, or see if a specific placementon a specific webpage is available in the network.If you find specific sites or other placements that youlike, you can add them as managed placements tohelp your ads appear there.Placement Tool
  10. 10. What it isThe Contextual Targeting Tool automatically buildskeyword lists that can be used to show your ads onrelevant webpages across the Google DisplayNetwork. Tightly-themed keyword lists are the basisof effective contextual targeting, and with theContextual Targeting Tool, you dont have to buildthem manually. In minutes, you can build dozens,even hundreds, of keyword lists, scaling yourcampaign performance while ensuring accuratetargeting for your ads.Contextual Targeting
  11. 11. Why youd use itWhether youre using text or display ad formats onthe Display Network, the Contextual Targeting Toolgets you more clicks and conversions for yourcampaigns and helps you do it more quickly. This toollets you build hundreds of ad groups in minutes andinstantly scale your campaign performance whileensuring accurate targeting and control over yourcampaign.Contextual Targeting
  12. 12. A tool in your account that helps identify why your admight not be appearing. The tool also shows a preview of aGoogle search result page for a specific term, helping yousee which ads are appearing for your keyword.Use this tool to check the status of your ad for a particularkeyword. Once you enter a search term and other criterialike your language and location, the tool will tell youwhether your ad is eligible to appear in that situation.If you want to see how your ad appears in context, itsbetter to use this tool than to do a search on Google. Youllsee the exact same results as a Google search but wontharm your performance by accumulating ad impressionsevery time you look for your ad.Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool