Hi, I am krishna


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Shri Krishna , Lord Krishna, decided to come down to earth today, 2011, and see whether people are following his teachings or not.
To his utter surprise he feels lots of things missing, and becomes Sad.
But the ever happy Krishna, decides to share his wisdom once again, for 2011.

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Hi, I am krishna

  1. 1. Hi, I am Krishna
  2. 2. Krishna on 2011Shri Krishna came to Earth, and choose India yet again to view how hisBirthday is celebrated in the world. A small story from a Corporate View Point.
  3. 3. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA Krishna is happy as he saw that every one was filled with happiness about his birthday. People were celebrating, kept fastKrishna on 2011 ( Although he could not figure out why one remains empty stomach On his birthday whole day. May be, the idea was before his birth people were unhappy and were terrified with Kansa, although the whole world was never ruled by Kansa) Anyway, the Krishna continues to travel across country, and was filled With awe as so much effort was put in to celebrate his birthday. Suddenly he thought why not read into the minds of people. Obviously he is God, and can read everything. So he went ahead and dwelled into the thoughts. “ Bhagwaan, Today I want this, this year bestow me with this”. Hey Lord Krishna, I want that House, see I am keeping fast” Lord Krishna, bless me with your love and also bless my family.
  4. 4. WISDOM FROM KRISHNAKrishna on 2011
  5. 5. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA Krishna realized that everyone was seeking something, wanted something From him. Krishna felt bad, that no one was trying to give food to the hungry, Even if someone was, the objective was of Branding.Krishna on 2011 Krishna felt bad, for he turned back time, and saw last year, in which after his birthday was over, people changed abruptly, no one remembered his real teachings. The people recalled (remembered) about Krishna the following key aspects - “Raas Leela” ( 90%) - Bhagwat Geeta ( 70%) - Natkhat Makhan Chor (70%) - Flute and Cows (80%) - The Peacock Feather (70%) - Mahabharat (80%) - The other keywords included were Gopia, music, pandavas and kauravas, Parvat, Kans, Snake ( Sheshnaag), Raadha, Meera, Surdas, Abhimanyu, Arjun, Bhishma, etc.
  6. 6. Krishna Felt something missing, as the teachings he gave for the world, Very few remembered. So he decided to share his Teaching Once again, as applicable in 2011Krishna on 2011
  7. 7. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA 5 secrets of Krishna’s , www.fifthangle.comKrishna in 2011 NUMBER 5 DISCIPLINE DEVOTION & KRISHNA Krishna taught us to be disciplined and devoted. He showed the path of Wholeness. What is this Wholeness? Wholeness can be both one-dimensional and multidimensional. A painter can be complete as a painter, but it does not mean that he is also complete as a scientist. A scientist can be whole as a scientist, but that does not make him whole as a musician. So there is a one- dimensional completeness. I say Mahavira, Buddha and Jesus were complete in a particular dimension. But Krishna was complete in a multidimensional way. Krishna reaches the same goal from many, many directions, and that is significant. The significant thing about Krishna is that unlike Mahavira and Buddha, he does not deny life, he is not life-negative. There is an unavoidable element of negation in the lives of Mahavira and Buddha which is completely absent in Krishna’s life. There is not a trace of negativity in this man with the flute. Mahavira attains through renunciation of life; Krishna attains through total acceptance of it. But let no one think that Mahavira is incomplete. All one can say is that while his wholeness is one-dimensional, Krishna’s wholeness is multidimensional.Learning: Try to achieve Wholeness through many dimension. Don’t limit yourself to onedimension in life, be complete in many ways.
  8. 8. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA 5 secrets of Krishna’s , www.fifthangle.comKrishna in 2011 NUMBER 4 CHOOSE THE FLUTE OR PERISH Krishna is absolutely the opposite type of individual, and his flute as a symbol is just the opposite of the cross. There is no sense in putting a flute on a grave; it needs throbbing lips and supple fingers to play it. It needs a singing and dancing heart, a soul brimming with joy and bliss to hold it. And I think it is time man makes a clear choice between the cross of Jesus and the flute of Krishna. Krishna plays the flute for the love of it. Nobody has forced it on him; he has chosen it for himself. Learning: Accept the Flute, and Play it. There is no shame in playing the flute, and accepting the happiness, for you deserve it. Do your work, for the love of it, celebrate Janmashtmi for the Love of it.
  9. 9. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA 5 secrets of Krishna’s , www.fifthangle.comKrishna in 2011 NUMBER 3 DON’T IMITATE, JUST BE YOURSELF Krishna is unique, and so are his friends and people around. He never tries to be someone, neither tries to be not like someone. He has no idols, no singular way, but everything is so multidimensional. Firstly, Krishna declares himself to be the best among all things – of all the seasons he is the spring, of all the cows he is the kamdhenu, of all the elephants he is the eirawat. On the surface it seems to us to be an egoistic declaration, because we are so much involved with our egos that everything we see appears egoistic. But if we go deep into it we will know what a great message is enshrined in Krishna’s declaration. When he says that he is the eirawat among the elephants, he means to say every elephant is destined to be an eirawat, and if one fails to be eirawat he fails to actualize his best and highest potential. It is not that an elephant who does not become the eirawat is not a Krishna, he too is a Krishna, but a backward Krishna; he has failed to be the eirawat which is his potential.Learning: Reach for the highest in you, you are born to be the best, its only when you do not tryenough and compromise for the less is when you begin to remain a backward krishna.
  10. 10. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA 5 secrets of Krishna’s , www.fifthangle.comKrishna in 2011 NUMBER 2 FOLLOW NO ONE BUT YOURSELF A soul is not at all dependent on time, No awakened person takes birth in a time which he may call his time; on the contrary, he molds time in his own way. Time follows him; he does not follow time. But we always think Krishna was born to respond to the needs of the times, because the times were bad, because the times were terrible. But this kind of thinking is basically wrong: it means that even a man like Krishna comes as a link in the chain of cause and effect. It is as if a flower blooms by the wayside and a passerby thinks it has bloomed for his sake and that its fragrance is meant for him. But flowers bloom even in secluded places where humans never go. Flowers bloom for the sheet joy of blooming; they don’t bloom with the purpose of pleasing others. If someone happens to partake of their fragrance, it is quite a different matter. People like Krishna take birth out of their own joy and bliss and for the love of it; they don’t do so for the sake of others. It is different if others partake of his fragranceLearning: Don’t act for the sake of others, do not sell yourself, your dreams, for they are yours,completely, unique. You need to respect this uniqueness in you, and follow your ownself and notanyone else.
  11. 11. WISDOM FROM KRISHNA 5 secrets of Krishna’s , www.fifthangle.com NUMBER 1Krishna in 2011 HE ALONE WINS WHO DOES NOT WANT TO WIN Your very desire to win is going to turn into your defeat. It is the craving for success that ultimately turns into failure. Your excessive desire to live lands you in the grave. Your obsession for health is bound to turn into sickness. Life is very strange. Here we miss the very thing that we crave for and cling to, and we find what we don’t seek. If one does not seek anything, it means he does not lack it, he already has it. In Japan there is an art of fighting which is called judo. The main rule of judo says: never attack; one who attacks will court defeat. Because it is believed that much energy is spent in attacking, it is always good that I provoke my opponent to attack me and I remain at ease, relaxed. I should do nothing on my part except provoke the contestant to attack me. While I should incite his anger, his hostility, I should take every care to keep my own peace in spite of my opponent’s provocations. And another rule of judo says that I should not resist at all if my opponent attacks me, strikes me. On the contrary, my body should remain in such a relaxed state that it wholly takes in and absorbs the attack. It is strange, but true. Krishna does not want to win is his secret. He takes everything – even an enemy’s attack – as a play, and he responds to it with utter playfulness. On the other hand, his attacker is tense and anxious, anxious to win, anxious for his life; he is divided and broken, and so he is bound to lose before KrishnaLearning: Never loose your peacefulness, for that is one thing no one can take away until yougive away yourself. Its something no one can rob you off.
  12. 12. Krishna Gave these 5 Secrets and suddenly he heard Hey Krishna!!!!!! Come Let’s go, Its time to Cut the Cake, And the Krishna Smiled.
  13. 13. The Presentation is made from the teachings and learnings from various books and authors OSHO Devdutt Srila Prabhupada AC Bhaktivedanta
  14. 14. This presentation is crafted by Abhinna Suresh Khare For www.fifthangle.com If you like the presentationkindly like the Fifth Angle page of Facebook by clicking icon