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Slides from my session "Learning force.com the mobile way" in Jaipur Salesforce meetup. These slides talk about the post pc era, mobiles, salesforce mobile offering + strategy and developers path to come upto speed on both force.com and mobile #mobiledeveloperweek

Thanks to following people for sharing their creative work on slideshare, few slides and ideas in this presentation are inspired from the same.
1. @Yibu : http://www.slideshare.net/yiibu/its-about-people-not-devices
2. Developerforce team: Pat Patterson and Sandeep Bhanot

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Learning salesforce-mobile-way

  1. 1. Mobile Developer WeekLearning Force.com the Mobile way !Abhinav GuptaSolution Architect@abhinavguptasSalesforce Mobile Developer Week
  2. 2. Who I am ? Force.com MVP | Evangelist | Architect Blogger (tgerm.com) Open Source Committer Apex/Visualforce Java Web tech. #superexcited about Mobile AppsSalesforce Mobile Developer Week@abhinavguptas
  3. 3. Agenda Target audience Post PC era, a Mobile revolution, are we in ? Salesforce & Mobile story. Developer’s view and learning path.Salesforce Mobile Developer Week
  4. 4. Target Audience Developers | Freshers | Students Force.com Java Web MobileSalesforce Mobile Developer Week
  5. 5. Mobile Revolution !Salesforce Mobile Developer WeekPhoto Source: http://www.siliconprairiesocial.com/schaumburg-firm-educates-promise-perils-mobile-revolution/
  6. 6. Long back…Salesforce Mobile Developer Week© http://www.slideshare.net/yiibu/its-about-people-not-devices
  7. 7. Now..Salesforce Mobile Developer WeekWe put a bird into pigs !© http://www.slideshare.net/yiibu/its-about-people-not-devices
  8. 8. How many Apples ?Salesforce Mobile Developer Week100m iPads sold !250m iPhones sold !
  9. 9. How many Androids?Salesforce Mobile Developer WeekDoubt, if even Google can keep the count 
  10. 10. In Jun’2010We’ve reached the beginning of the post-PC era !Salesforce Mobile Developer Week
  11. 11. 2012 biggest drop in PC History !Salesforce Mobile Developer Week14 % drop in PC Sales Last yearSource: IDC (http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS24065413)
  12. 12. Internet traffic(Desktop vs Mobile)Salesforce Mobile Developer WeekIts India’s internet traffic trend !!Source: http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_vs_desktop-IN-monthly-200812-201303
  13. 13. Customers ?Salesforce Mobile Developer Week© http://www.slideshare.net/yiibu/its-about-people-not-devices
  14. 14. More devices and customers !Salesforce Mobile Developer Week© http://www.slideshare.net/yiibu/its-about-people-not-devices
  15. 15. Salesforce mobile offeringsSalesforce Mobile Developer WeekSuite of downloadable appsfor accessing Salesforcedata from a mobile deviceMobile AppExchange fordiscovering purpose-builtapps or vertical solutions byindustryCustom mobile appsdesigned and built byyou or an ISV partnerQuality solutions and tools for both customers & developers !
  16. 16. Salesforce mobile strategy fordevelopers!Salesforce Mobile Developer Week Developer Productivity Fast ramp up Deep functionality Use languages and frameworks devs. know and love Pluggable set of Mobile Services Focus on the app, not the plumbing Secure, reliable and scalable Enterprise grade
  17. 17. Mobile from Developer’s ViewpointSalesforce Mobile Developer WeekDevelopers, Clap, Developers, Clap.. – loved it !
  18. 18. Learning from Universities Java C and C++ HTML CSS JavaScriptSalesforce Mobile Developer Week
  19. 19. Learning from Universities Java C and C++ HTML CSS JavaScriptSalesforce Mobile Developer WeekOr might be much more, if you’re … !
  20. 20. Learning from workplace Salesforce, most of us are  Java / JEE C / C++ C#, ASP.NET HTML CSS JavascriptIf you’re not a mobile developer !Salesforce Mobile Developer Week
  21. 21. Salesforce Mobile Dev. OptionsSalesforce Mobile Developer Week
  22. 22. HTML 5Salesforce Mobile Developer Week Best, if want to leverage your web skills, like: HTML CSS JavaScript With least learning curve Hassle free development using Salesforce MobilePacks.Easiest path for mobile app dev. for most developers !
  23. 23. HTML 5 : Mobile PacksSalesforce Mobile Developer Week Jumpstart web & hybrid mobile development Focus on modern JavaScript frameworks Simplify Salesforce data access Deploy on the Force.com platform or elsewhere (e.g.Heroku) JavaScript based Awesome “Getting started” guides Open-source
  24. 24. HTML 5 : Current Mobile PacksSalesforce Mobile Developer Week 3 options
  25. 25. HTML 5 : Mobile Packs (Quick Look)Salesforce Mobile Developer Week Your one stop for all Salesforce mobile developmentpointers: http://www2.developerforce.com/mobile Lets take a quick look.
  26. 26. Native/Hybrid Mobile app developmentSalesforce Mobile Developer WeekYour Skill Native or Hybrid optionJava Android, BlackberryC / C++ iOS (iPhone/iPad).NET 1. Windows Phone2. Write C# code in Xamarin(MonoTouch) for generatingnative Android, iOS, Mac and Windows AppsHTML, CSS,Javascript1. Appcelerator: Create native iOS, Android, hybrid, & mobileweb apps using JavaScript2. PhoneGap: Generate hybrid apps for all platforms usingHTML, CSS and Javascript
  27. 27. Salesforce Mobile SDKSalesforce Mobile Developer Week Build Native apps (iOS and Android) Build Hybrid apps (Phone Gap) Does heavy lifting for best developer productivity, like: Oauth & Token management. API Wrappers for easy invocation of platform REST and other APIs. Secure offline storage via data encryption (SmartStore) in both Native and Hybrid Apps Push notifications (coming soon)http://developer.force.com/mobileSDKOAuth2Secure authentication and refresh tokenmanagementAPI WrappersInteract with Salesforce REST APIs withpopular mobile platform languagesApp ContainerEmbed HTML5 apps inside a container toaccess powerful native device functionalitySecure Offline DatabaseStore business data on a device withenterprise-class securityPush NotificationsDispatch real-time alerts directly to mobiledevices
  28. 28. Which approach is best ?Salesforce Mobile Developer Week
  29. 29. Mobile Developer Challenge !!!IdeaBuild Appwith ModernFrameworksConnectCustomer &Business DataYour connected app, andchances to win $10,000”Learn more: http://bit.ly/mobilechallenge2013
  30. 30. Q & AIf we end it soon, lunch is next item on agenda 
  31. 31. Resources Key one: Mobile SDK & Packs: www2.developerforce.com/mobile Mobile Dev. Challenge: bit.ly/mobilechallenge2013 Others: Xamrin : http://xamarin.com/ Appcelerator : http://www.appcelerator.com Phonegap: http://phonegap.com/