Final Fully integrated presentation for JSPL SSD products


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Contact - Mr. Abhinav Garg
Manager - Sales & Marketing Eastern Region
(Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka)
Structural Steel Division (SSD)

Jindal Steel & Power Limited,
#102, 1st Floor, Cyber Heights (Behind NTR Trust Bhavan)
Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034

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Final Fully integrated presentation for JSPL SSD products

  1. 1. JSPL Structural Steel Division (SSD)Facilities, Capabilities & Products
  2. 2. SSD Key Strengths One of the largest installed capacities in the country. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Easy availability of steel. Proximity to the market. Good quality & on-time supplies. Lowest cost producer & total solution provider.
  3. 3. Plant Details: Installed Plant Covered Plants Manpower Capacity area area* (Nos.) (MT/Anm.) (Acr.) (Sq. Mts)Punjipatra 120,000 180 60,000 1,800(Raigarh)Angul 60,000 50 32,000 1,000(Odisa)Total 180,000 92,000 2,800
  4. 4. PLANT FACILITIES Punjipatra (Raigarh)4
  6. 6. Shot blasting & Painting Line:MAKE : VOORTMAN , NetherlandPlate Width: 2500 mm, H-Beam 1000mmX300mm
  7. 7. CNC Plasma Plate Cutting M/C: Make: Messer, Germany Plate Width: 6500 mm, Thk: 80 mm
  8. 8. Plate butt welding Line Make: Corimpex, Italy Thk.: 63 mm Width:3000mm* Under Installation
  9. 9. Beam Welding Lines:Make: Corimpex, ItalyBeam Ht.: 3000 mm, Flange Thk: 63 mm Star Beam
  10. 10. Drilling & Sawing Line Make: Ficep, Italy Beam Size: 2000X600mm Wt.: 500 Kg/Mtr
  11. 11. Drilled Beam
  12. 12. Drilling & Oxy-fuel cutting & coping LineMake: Ficep, ItalyBeam Size: 2500X800mm Wt.: 700 Kg/Mtr
  13. 13. Heavy Duty Plate Processing LinesMake: Ficep, ItalyPlate Size: 3000 mm Thk.: 125 mm 13
  14. 14. Shot blasting line-1 Make: Wheelabrator, Germany* Under Installation Entrance Dim.: Width 3100 mm height: 1700 mm
  15. 15. Process Support equipments Beam Straightening Machine Plate Straightener Face Milling M/c. Edge Milling M/c.
  16. 16. Fabrication in progress
  17. 17. Painted Finished Products
  18. 18. Speed Floor Machine At the heart of the system is a roll-formed, galvanised (Z275) high tensile (350MPa) steel joist. The joist is manufactured in a roll- former in a single integrated operation. Punched, pressed, pre-cambered and cut to length at a fast production rate. Joist Roll Forming Line LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER
  19. 19. JSPL facilities – automatic shaping centre19
  20. 20. JSPL Facilities20
  21. 21. JSPL facilities21
  22. 22. JSPL facilities22
  23. 23. JSPL facilities23
  24. 24. Weld mesh plant24
  25. 25. Weld mesh plant25
  26. 26. Weld mesh plant26
  27. 27. Welded mesh machine Machine specifications Speed of production Up to 120 strokes/ min Width 1200-3200 mm Length 2000-6000 mm Long. Step 50-200 mm Cross step 50-250 mm Long. overhang 50-200 mm Cross overhang 25-150 mm27
  28. 28. Quality Systems
  29. 29. Quality Inspection Flow Raw Material & Consumables START • Visual Inspection • Review of T.C. & Co-relation of Heat Number • Dimension Inspection Raw Material Inspection Cutting: Flange, Web, Stiffeners & Gussets • Punching of ID-number Cutting • Review of Cutting Log Book inspection • Punching of Heat No. & Co-relation with MTC • Dimension inspection at Messers, Tipo & Pug Not OK Cutting OK In process/Fit-up I-Beam Welding, Fit-up & Drilling Inspection • Corimpex Saw • Ficept Drilling & Sawing Not OK • Edge Preparation OK • Fitment of Child part • Orientation A • Beam Dimension
  30. 30. Quality Inspection Flow A Welding: SMAW, GMAW & FCAW • Review of Electrode heating Log Book Welding • Pre-Heating • WPS Inspection • Welder Qualification Not OK • Welding size & Continuity • NDT OK • PWHT Final inspection Final Inspection: Dimension, Blasting & Painting • Final Dimension as per drawing Not OK • Reviewing of Blasting & painting Log Book • Surface profile at Shot Blasting line OK • Stencilling SAP • Review of Paint batch number & Co-relation with Clearance MTC • Painting quality, Adhesion Test & DFT Not OK OK END
  31. 31. Quality Control Systems Quality Team Quality System Facilities TWI, UK - CSWIP Certified Engineers.  NABL approved lab for Mechanical & Chemical Testing. CWI certified Engineers by BHEL - WRI, Trichy.  Post Weld Heat Treatment for Stress relieving. IIW certified for surface Preparation & Painting.  In-house facility for all NDT i.e. Radiography, ultrasonic, Magnetic ASNT NDT level-II Engineers Particle test & Penetrant tests Dedicated team for…  Post surface preparation method for - Welding Inspection to confirming the controlling of dust & soluble salt codel requirements as well customer contamination needs. - Non Destructive Examination.  Mini whether station to control Painting - Trial assembly inspection. systems - Surface Preparation & Paintings - Documentations
  32. 32. JSPL SSD’s Products• Rail/road Over Bridge ROB Girders• Heavy & Complex Structures• Light building structures• Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs)• Light Gauge Structures (LGS) Buildings• Speedfloor system (slab casting alternate)• RBCT (ready build customized TMT bars)• Welded Wire Mesh (5mm, 6mm, 8mm etc.)
  33. 33. Railway Bridge Girders
  34. 34. JSPl-Patratu Plant,Railway Siding Bridge Girder (18.3 Mtr)
  35. 35. Girders ready for shipment
  36. 36. Road Over Bridge (ROB) by JSPL-SSD: The R.O.B. girder launching was done successfully on 29-04-12 in Record Time of 1:20 Hrs. in Indian Railways History
  37. 37. ROB at Raigarh:
  38. 38. Kelo River Bridge Girders at Raigarh 41
  40. 40. Linear Assembly of Columns
  41. 41. 3 & 4 Mtr Beams for Power Plants
  42. 42. Heavy Columns
  43. 43. Jindal Power - Tamnar46
  45. 45. Hostel Buildings - Raigarh48
  46. 46. Residential Building49
  47. 47. Auditorium50
  48. 48. JPL-Tamnar Office Building51
  49. 49. Office Buildings52 Under construction
  50. 50. OP-Jindal Institute of Technology RAIGARH 53
  51. 51. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEBs)
  52. 52. JSPL- Plate Mill RAIGARH 55
  53. 53. Structures Fabrication Plant RAIGARH 56
  54. 54. LGS Plant RAIGARH 57
  55. 55. Beam Welding Plant RAIGARH 58
  56. 56. Light Gauge Structures (LGS) Buildings
  57. 57. G+3 Residential Building RAIGARH 60
  58. 58. Hostel Building Expansion with LGSRAIGARH 61
  59. 59. Jindal Speed flooring System (JSFS)
  60. 60. About Speed Floor  A unique and innovative suspended concrete flooring system.  Composite Roll-formed steel joist with an in-situ concrete topping. Joist  Material efficient and cost effective concrete flooring. Shoe LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER
  61. 61. Shoes & Lock-bars: ShoesLock bars LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER 64
  62. 62. Concrete Slab Casting: LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER 65
  63. 63. Finished Slab : NO PROPS LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER 66
  64. 64. Speed Floor ApplicationsThe Speed floor composite flooring system is suitablefor use in all types of construction including : Steel frames structures RCC frame buildings Poured insitu or precast concrete frames Light gauge steel frames Conventional Structural brick wall constructions etc LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER
  65. 65. Multi level Car parks The lightweight Speed floor joists and structural steel resulted in minimal foundations in the 10 storey car park Completed in 16 weeks This 220,000 ft2 car park with lightweight steel structure also accommodates three helicopter pads on the top floor. LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER
  66. 66. Commercial Buildings 7 storey building constructed using structural steel frame with Speed-floor suspended concrete flooring system. The ground floor retail complex exposing Speed floor joists The store’s services, such as electrical cabling, have been accommodated through the exposed joists. LIGHTER | FASTER | EASIER
  67. 67. Ready build customizedThermo Mechanically Treatedbars ( cut & bent TMT bars) - RBCT
  68. 68. EMERGING TRENDS IN CONSTRUCTION PRACTICES IN INDIA• Non-availability of cheap manual labor employed at site for cutting, bending, tying and Fixing of Re- Ready to use cut bars. & bent Rebars• Lack of Space at project sites. take lead in shaping the• Increased awareness about speed, Indian Construction quality & safety of Construction. market• Cost pressures on Construction Co.’s : Find ways & means to reduce pilferage and wastage at site Faster, Easier, Lighter
  69. 69. REBAR PROCESSING SOLUTIONS TMT COILS STRAIGHT LENGTH Cutting toStraightening required length Bending to required Shapes Mesh Assembly Coupler
  70. 70. PRODUCTS Shear line Poly Bender Single Bender Radial Bender Manual Bender73
  72. 72. This Solution will bring a cascading improvement in the way project is executed 1. Reliability of Steel supplies 2. Improvement in Quality Customer 3. Timeliness : Compress project schedules 4. Improvement in Quality of construction Customers to focus on their core job – CONSTRUCTION 75
  73. 73. Advantages of Processed Rebar solutions Project design Materials Construction Construction Companys margins procurement Manager Minimize waste Get Steel price Insure qualified High level quality Uncertain Assess steel quotation. bar benders. control consumption consumption Cut and Bend Plan adequate is necessary. and yields until (5 a 7%), Service equipment Production completion yields (40 a 60 price quotation. plan space for capacity is of work. Traditional hh/t). Purchase planning storage limited by labor System at least and processing and 5 weeks ahead of (120 m2). equipment requirement. availability. Ensure yields and waste within budget. Prepare Cut and Price quotation of Program Possibility to Knowledge of Bend steel deliveries accelerate processedJSPL Processed Blueprints. and service. according to or slow down the steel real costRebar solution concreting pace of from the Bar forming program. construction by very first day. Shape making simplyStirrup making reprogramming deliveries. 76
  74. 74. Advantages of Processed Rebar solutions• Lower production costs: The Cut and Bend process, traditionally performed at the construction site, requires between 40 - 60 man hour/t, around 60 % of steel value. By using processed Rebars, the cost of processing decreases by approximately 30 % of steel value, depending on the type of construction and diameters mix. Moreover, lower indirect costs are obtained through shorter construction time.• Zero waste: There is usually a certain amount of waste generated, which varies around 5 to10 % (a mean value of 7% can be estimated). With the processed Rebars, customer pays for the theoretical blueprint weight only, and saves on waste, processing or freight.77
  75. 75. Advantages of Processed Rebar solutions• Lower financial cost: Normally the bars are kept in storage for three weeks before using them. Add to this one week for procurement and one additional week for processing at the construction site, Total lead time is 5 weeks. On the other hand, when buying processed Rebars, lead time is considerably shorter as the time required for the delivery of material at construction site is lesser, (5 weeks later than when buying the bars at the plant and bending at construction site.)• Elimination of storage: Material is ordered when needed and partial deliveries are programmed according to the concreting schedule. This results in lower financial cost, since the material gets to construction site ready to be assembled. Lesser space is also needed at the site, since no storage space is required for bars (60 m2), nor for the78 cut and bend process (120m2).
  76. 76. Advantages of Processed Rebar solutions• Simple, safe and operational: Since the whole cut and bend process is limited to ordering the material according to blueprints, handling of 12 m bars is eliminated, and neatness is improved, thus decreasing the risk of accidents as well as the eternal problem of bar thefts.• Greater response capacity and delivery flexibility: You can speed-up the pace of your construction to comply with certification deadlines, or slow it down -e.g. in case of rain- simply by programming delivery dates with our Rebar processing plants at Patratu/ Nalwa. You can also decrease the construction time of the Reinforced Concrete structure.79
  77. 77. Jindals Welded Wire Mesh (JWWM)
  78. 78. Welded mesh -• The longitudinal and transverse reinforcement bars are welded into concrete wire mesh. The concrete meshes have a more dense spacing of the steel bar. Concrete wire mesh is also named welded steel fabric.• Application: concrete wire mesh is used for coal mine tunnel network protection or reinforcement, concrete pavement, bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, housing floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pipes and so on.• Advantages: concrete wire mesh for a new, efficient and high-quality steel reinforced concrete structures can be reinforced to reduce the installation of a large number of working hours, less than banding employment nearly approached net 50% - 70%. Concrete wire mesh can help to prevent the emergence of concrete cracks and development, roads, floors, Floor welding network configuration can reduce the surface of concrete about 75 percent split. 81
  79. 79. JSPL Facilities – welded wire mesh Practical Advantage of Weld Mesh: Greater ability to work to achieve increased output with exact steel areas and spacing. Simplified drawings with easy checking without errors. For Site Supervisors: Simple design enables the placement and checking of steel. Avoid wastage and scrap. For Contractors: Faster work and finish the task within deadline. Reduced steel scrap generation. Easy to read drawings and cross checking. Achieve greater accuracy with less manpower.82
  80. 80. Welded mesh - advantages– Concrete Reinforcement Advantages of Welded Wire Fabric Higher characteristic Design Strength WWF with Fe500 grade results in savings in steel area or steel weight required to the tune of 13.55% vis-a-vis HYSD bars of Fe415 grade– Vastly Superior Bonding Behavior As against the peripheral surface area which is responsible for bonding to concrete in the case of individual bars, the right mechanical interconnections by means of welds to cross wires are primarily responsible for stress transfer from concrete to steel and vice-versa in the case of WWF. Each of the rigid welds capable of resisting up to 210 N/mm2 ensure quick and complete stress transfer within 2 welded joints from the critical section.– Better and Economic Crack Resistance with Thinner Wires and Closer Spacing WWF usage affords the possibility of using thinner wires at closer spacing. This serves most effectively in countering the non-load phenomena or strain induced stresses due to Shrinkage and Temperature changes. The close spacing of thinner wires and the two way behavior of WWF minimizes the crack widths and preserves structural integrity of the slab.– Savings of Labor, Time and Binding Wire The most obvious and clinching advantage in the use of WWF is the immediate and positive savings in labor and time. It is complete freedom from all the mundane filters jobs. There is no cutting of bars, no marking and 83 spacing them out, and above all no laborious tying of binding wires
  81. 81. Welded mesh - advantages– The only feasible and Essential Reinforcement for ground slabs WWF usage provides the only practical and easy solution for reinforcing slabs on ground. A plain concrete slab under construction of sub-soil erosion or movements or due to temperature changes coupled with heavy traffic loading will develop cracks which collapse concrete of the surface. The tendency to use extra high strength concrete or extra thickness of concrete to minimize cracking does not solve any problems since the strains induced by the drying shrinkage or temperature contraction do not appreciably change with thickness. Cost of a WWF reinforced slab is also more or less similar to that of a slightly thicker unreinforced slab. Usage of WWF serves to control cracking and crack width in both directions. It ensures that even if a crack develops the cracked faces are held together and the aggregate interlock is maintained.– Flexibility of Handling and Placing The usage of thinner wire lends the fabric as extremely flexible in handling. Coupled with the availability in long lengths in roll form, WWF provides the ideal and convenient solution for all kinds of repair work by Re-plastering or Guniting. The same aspect makes WWF indispensable in thin elements such as Precast partitions, shelves, fins, ferro-cements or ferrocate products such as ferrocate water tanks etc. WWF is the only solution for the thin and tough spine of thin and efficient structural elements such as folded plate roofs, folded plate precast roof girders or hyperbolic paraboloid shells 84
  82. 82. Welded mesh - advantages 85
  83. 83. Few Key Customers 86
  84. 84. JSPL Structural Steel Division: Can Offer to Customers:  Steel Bridge Girders.  Platform & foot-over bridges  Workshops  Commercial Buildings  Cut & bent TMT bars  Welded wire mesh  Committed to serve all customer needs.
  85. 85. Contact UsIn this presentation we have endeavored to show you the many benefitsof the Speedfloor suspended concrete flooring system.For additional information please contact Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. atbelow address: -Contact Person: - Abhinav GargDesignation: - Dy. Manager , Marketing & SalesEmail: abhinav.garg@jspl.comPh: +91 99 4926 5577#102, 1st Floor, Cyber Heights (behind NTR Trust Bhavan)Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034 Faster, Easier, Lighter
  86. 86. Thank You