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SAP ERP Overview for Laymen


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SAP ERP Overview for Laymen

  1. 1. +SAP ERP OverviewAbhinava Pratap SinghSAP Business SuiteIncture Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. +Not in Scope Hands On Exposure to SAP System Technical Details of the Modules Listing of Transaction Codes Granular Details of Specific ModulesThese out-of-scope items can be covered in an additional training.Contact Training Coordinators to request for any additionalsession, specifying the needs and expectations
  3. 3. +Ground Rules All questions are welcome at any point of time No question is stupid, the answers may be The presenter has a right to be ignorant of areas beyond thescope specified
  4. 4. +What is SAP ERP?Different Exposure, Different Views
  5. 5. +SAP (Sab Aadmi Pareshaan!)~ different views Layman - A Software Product used by Large Enterprises Employees of SAP Customers- A very complex IT system Long Implementation times Finance Department - That has a good Payroll processingcapability Programmers - Programming in ABAP Young Professionals (Users) – Pathetic User Experience thatthe oldies are not getting rid of … and many more
  6. 6. +What SAP is … SAP is an Enterprise Software Firm which was founded in June1972 as Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung ("SystemAnalysis and Program Development"). The acronym was laterchanged to stand for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in derDatenverarbeitung ("Systems, Applications and Products inData Processing"). The key products from SAP are SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SRM,SAP IS-RET, SAP IS-AFS etc. You can see an elaborate list here. SAP R/3 and now SAP ECC have been the world’s leadingSoftware Products in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) R/3 =Real Time 3-Tier ; ECC = Enterprise Central Component
  7. 7. +Enterprise Resource PlanningERP is a packaged businesssoftware system that processestransactions on a single softwareplatform and a single database.
  8. 8. +The EnterpriseThe Enterprise ProcessesBuy RawMaterialsProduceSellProductsCustomersSuppliersManage Human ResourcesManage Finances
  9. 9. +The EnterpriseThe Departments of the EnterpriseBuy RawMaterialsProduceSellProductsCustomersSuppliersManage Human ResourcesManage FinancesProcurement&WarehousingPlanning &ProductionSales &DistributionHumanResourcesFinance andControlling
  10. 10. +The EnterpriseThe Departments of the EnterpriseBuy RawMaterialsProduceSellProductsCustomersSuppliersManage Human ResourcesManage FinancesProcurement&WarehousingPlanning &ProductionSales &DistributionHumanResourcesFinance andControllingMM PP SDHRFICO
  11. 11. +Modular Structure of ERP ERP has modules catering to the business processes ofseveral departments in an Enterprise.ERP Module Key Processes DepartmentsMaterialManagementProcurement, Warehousing,Vendor ManagementPurchasing,WarehouseSales &DistributionSales, Distribution, CustomerManagementSales, CustomerEngagementProductionPlanningProduction, ResourceOptimization, ForecastingManufacturing,PlanningFinance &ControllingPayroll, Invoice Verification,Claims, Treasury, PaymentsFinance,ControllingHuman CapitalManagementPersonnel Administration, Leaveand Time ManagementHumanResources
  12. 12. +The EnterpriseAfter the Advent of the WebBuy RawMaterialsProduceSellProductsCustomersSuppliersManage Human ResourcesManage FinancesProcurement ProductionSales &DistributionHumanResourcesFinance andControllingSRM CRMSCMHCMFSCM
  13. 13. SAP Business Suite Modules
  14. 14. What you spent your time for?Nowyouareable toexplainSAP and ERPModules of SAP ERPOrganizational Structure of anEnterpriseModules of SAP ERP aligned withdepartmentsNew Age extensions to ERP
  15. 15. Thank You for your Attention