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Operations Support Features


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Operations Support Features

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Operations Support Features

  1. 1. Key Functions Track an Order across the various systems and gather Real-Time data on its status across the order lifecycle Challenges ▪ To track an order across systems it needs configuring/customizations to capture current status of the order. With dependency on customization, the tracking is not real-time and is a cumbersome process ▪ To gather critical data and reports on the order status, a lot of complex software/tools are deployed and as its not an integral part of the BSS/OSS ecosystem, reports management becomes cumbersome. Core Capability  Order Tracking • • • • • Track Real-time Order Statuses cutting across systems Pinpoint the exact location of an Erred Order Search for specified orders, order to cash & order to provisioning Manage fallouts Get details for completed and failed orders  Order Throughput • Check the throughput from origin till the end or at each stage of Order Lifecycle • SLA binding
  2. 2. Key Functions Manage initiation, reporting of rating processes through a single window interface Challenges ▪ ▪ ▪ To manage a rating process there is a dependency on the know-how of the rating system and there is a high chance of human errors while initiating, resolving and killing a process owing to technical complexities within a rating system There is a dependency on managing volume and obtaining meaningful data on the performance of rating processes. Audit trails and alarms ensure smooth functioning and compliances Core Capability  Rating Process Initiation • Initiate various rating processes • Monitor on-going processes; Generate alarms and create audit trails  Rating Throughput • Check throughput of each rating process • Automatically Record relevant performance matrices of the processes • Auto-Generate Reports and Set/define Alarm Trigger conditions
  3. 3. Key Functions Automating and Managing billing process initiation, known error resolution and scheduling from a single interface. Challenges ▪ Initiating and scheduling of billing process is a highly complex function and requires frequent scaling of resources with changes in volume. This makes it challenging to manage resources and handle large volumes ▪ Ensuring accurate Billing ‘each time–every time’; Obtaining meaningful data on performance & reducing revenue loss. Core Capability  One Touch Billing • Schedule & automate initiation of the entire billing process from a single interface • Easily scalable to accommodate volume surges • Real-time status of bill-run  Invoice Formatter • Quick and easy customisation of bill formats • Ease of maintaining multiple formats according to various configurable parameters
  4. 4. Key Functions   Database Health Check :- Monitoring and reviewing performance & configuration of Databases Unix/Linux System Health Check :- Monitoring vital stats of the Unix/Linux Systems and raising alarms/notification if performance parameters reach critical levels Challenges ▪ In a generic environment, real-time alerts and performance monitoring is not possible and due to lack of this data it become difficult to analyze and initiate preventive measures ▪ Absence of historic data limits proactive analysis of the systems Core Capability  Database Health Check • Perform reviews for DB performance & configuration  Unix/Linux Health Check • Monitor vital stats of the Hardware & OS
  5. 5. Key Functions   Report Generation: Based on a specific business requirement generate custom reports with deemed data sets Log Analyzer: Extract, Store and Automate analysis of Logs Challenges ▪ In a typical billing environment, there is a dependency on scheduling report generation procedures ▪ Analysis of logs is a tedious and routine task for RCA resulting in a time-loss of highly skilled resources Core Capability  Report Generation • Generate custom reports in accordance with generic or specific business needs  Log Analyzer • Automate Log Analysis and extract/store relevant details in the Database