The 4Ps of Anna hazare movement winning article mr abhimanyu sukhwal


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The 4Ps of Anna hazare movement winning article Mr Abhimanyu Sukhwal

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The 4Ps of Anna hazare movement winning article mr abhimanyu sukhwal

  1. 1. The 4Ps of Anna hazare’s “India against corruption”Nobody would have ever imagined that a tenacious soldier1 would turn into an anti-corruptioncrusade channelizing teeming masses onto the streets. Where a company identifies an unmet needand introduces a product to satisfy the same, in the same way , we visualize ‘Team Anna’ as anorganization which aimed at the objective of eradication of corruption from the country byIntroducing the ‘Jan lokpal bill’.ProductThe entire movement had a mix of a product and a service (a movement aimed at removal ofcorruption against ). These included:  Product was a stronger anti-corruption Lokpal (ombudsman) bill in the Indian Parliament giving greater power & independence to lokpal and lokayuktas  Service included the main movement & activities like fast upto deathPriceThe price would be something spent by customer in return for obtaining the product which in thiscase constituted :  Voluntary donations  Time and energy  Political, Legal and Social risks involved with participation in movementPlaceThe movement was conducted on a Pan India basis introduced in a non-phased, parallely timedformat in a Hub and spoke model with central presence in New Delhi. Various representatives of themovement across country undertook campagining on a regional basis.PromotionsThe campaign “India against corruption” was a skillfully executed Integrated marketing campaign1 (Biography of Anna Hazare, 2011)
  2. 2. Positioning  Team Anna’s challenging the govt. version of the lokpal bill, refusal to interact with lower level politicians positioned the entire movement as one of the biggest nationalist movement after struggle for independence  The large scale of the movement & promotions, Taglines like “Indias second freedom struggle” further reinforced itBrand“Team Anna” was a challenger brand to established names in Indian political domain. It skilfullyexecuted most of the 8 credos of effectively doing more with less2. Brand elements included :  Gandhian topis with “I am anna hazare” written (credible supports)  Anna hazare as the Brand mascot  Logo of campaign was the India against corruption logo in tricolor colors and attention seeking red and blackThe campaign made use of various vehicles of advertisement &promotions like websites34, social media (Facebook & twitter),telephonic IVR & missed call service, customized games &personal selling was also undertaken in addition to mass mediaadvertising. The entire campaign having a high Socialnetworking potential was shaped as a perfect candidate forviral marketing. Involvement of amongst celebrities and leadingnationalists further strengthened it. It was tactically executed tothe right social hubs, market mavens and the existing environment of masses suffering fromcorruption directly or indirectly formed the perfect recipe for a huge viral success.2 (Morgan, 2009)3 (About India against corruption)4 (About Anna hazare)
  3. 3. Modern marketing at its bestThe campaign spread like wildfire by efficiently influencing the Lunatic fringe 5 ( Visionaries & radicalslike Baba ramdev, Kiran bedi, Arvind Kejriwal ) which efficiently passed the buzz to alphas ( NGO’s,activists, publics, PR). The bees (message spreaders, superconnectors) seamlessely spread themessage to the mainstream which even touched the laggards (those not pinched by corruption /benefitted from it) strong enough to shake the big shots in the political domain. ‘Team Anna’ playeda perfect role in re-lightening the fire to influence the Herd6It’s quite immature to conclude if the entire movement will make a difference to the problem ofcorruption in our country. However, there is no denying the fact that the nation just witnessed oneof the most effective marketers in disguise - ‘Kisan Baburao Hazare’ who demonstrated the 7 stagesof Marketing Judo7 with unprecedented perfection.5 (Marian Salzman, 2003)6 (earls, 2007)7 (John Barnes, 2002)