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India local

  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665INDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERVol.:2 Issue:48 Monday, 27th May to 2nd June 2013Page .......2Top billing for skillPage .......3Doctors in dock for giving anaesthesia,causing deathPage .......8Uddhav wants Mahalaxmi Racecoursegarden to be named after BalThackerayInsideINDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERVisit u at Email-indialocal9@gmail.comRAINS2-WEEKAWAYMUMBAI: Even as the rains are expected to hit the city around June 6,only 30% of the desilting work at Mithi rivers crucial 17.8km stretch and50% desilting of all major nullahs has been completed in the name of thecitys monsoon-preparedness. Corporators monitoring the desilting work areskeptical whether the civic body will meet its June 6 deadline.According to the storm water drain (SWD) department data, a total of328km and 7.4 lakh cubic metre silt should be removed. Till date, though,desilting of only 160km of nullahs is complete and 3.9 lakh cubic metre silthas been removed. The BMC should complete 70% desilting before mon-soon, 20% during the season and 10% after the rains. "How does one esti-mate how much silt has been removed? If you visit major nullahs, you willsee that no desilting work has been done. There is no logic in calculatingpercentage. It needs urgent attention and I request the mayor to hold anurgent meeting tomorrow. There will be floods, at least in my ward inMankhurd," said Rais Shaikh, corporator and Samajwadi Party leader.BJP corporator Manoj Kotak added the question of completing 50%desilting work of major nullahs does not arise as the BMC started its workCIVIC BODY YETTO TIE UPMONSOON WORKSCIVIC BODY YETTO TIE UPMONSOON WORKSlate. "Ive observed the quantum of silt to be removed in my area in Mulund.Only floating material and a part of the nullahs silt has been removed. Weare keeping an eye on the work and we will tell the officials to complete itby around June 5. They can meet the deadline only if they pick up pace."L S Vhatkar, chief engineer, storm water drains, said, "We starteddesilting at the Mithi on May 10 and 30% of the work is complete. We aimto complete it by June 10." The BMC also plans to install dustbins alongnullahs around 400 spots in the city. "We noticed one metre width of silt andgarbage in nullahs where slums co-existed." The cleaning of nullahs is de-layed despite the use of a robotic multi-purpose excavator and the recentlyprocured recycling jetting machines. "The robot removed 2km silt fromMithi and 1.5km silt from Dharavi nullah. The recycling jetting machineremoves 80 cubic metre (eight trucks) of silt every day. It can go to 30-footdepth and in an eight-hour shift, clean up to 10 manholes and drains up to200 metres in length. This is useful as labourers cant enter five-foot drainchambers. So far, 100km drains and chambers have been desilted in theisland city."CIVIC BODY YETTO TIE UPMONSOON WORKSCIVIC BODY YETTO TIE UPMONSOON WORKS
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune2013EditorialThe BJP seems to have transformed fromthe principal Opposition party to the party ofperennial protest. For weeks now, as it heldup Parliament, its grouse was that the UPAgovernment was not showing railway ministerPawan Kumar Bansal and law ministerAshwani Kumar the door. It has done so now,though somewhat belatedly. Now, the BJPhas upped the ante and wants nothing lessthan the prime ministers resignation, to addto the long list of people whose departurefrom government it has sought in the past. Itnow says it will launch a jail bharo andolanacross the country, something which wouldbe more in keeping with the mercurialTrinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjeethan the main Opposition party.Unkind though this may be, many mightthink that these theatrics are a ploy to coverup for the fact that the BJP does not haveany real agenda of its own or indeed any ideasto counter the governments schemes whichit does not approve of. It also plans to usethe andolan to explain to the people why itdid not let Parliament function. It should notbe too surprised if it finds that itsexplanations have few takers. The BJPleadership owes it to the people to ensurethat the party functions in a constructivemanner even when it acts as a check on thegovernment. The UPA has time and again saidthat it would like the BJP and its allies todebate contentious issues in Parliament. Butthe latter has taken the easy way out andblocked the functioning of the House.The BJP may think that by tripping up thegovernment, it will win accolades from thepeople. It could not be more off the mark.They have been voted to Parliament to makepolicies and laws, not to be a burden on theexchequer and indulge in street cornerpolitics. There is no doubt that thegovernment has erred on many counts. Butby wasting taxpayers money by creating apolicy gridlock, the Opposition is doing agreat disservice to the people who have votedfor it. By constantly indulging in the politicsof obstruction, the Opposition is highlightingits poverty of ideas and imagination. It shouldput aside its counterproductive histrionics andcome up with a proper counter to thegovernments policies, if it can. By behavingin the manner it is doing now, it is allowingthe government to get away with a lot morethan it should. The Opposition is thegovernment-in-waiting. But at the rate it isgoing now, it looks like it will be waiting for amighty long time before it gets anywhere nearthe corridors of power.Giving India anegative chargeMAOISTS DANCED ONSEEING SALWA JUDUMFOUNDER, THEN KILLED HIMAnti-Maoist Salwa Judum movement’sfounder Mahendra Karma was the prime targetof the insurgents when they attacked the Con-gress convoy in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar regionduringSaturday’sambushandtherebelsdancedbefore they riddled him with bullets, a survivorsaid yesterday.Reassuring: PMManmohanSinghandSoniaGandhi meet an injured person at the RamaKrishnaCareHospital,Raipur,yesterday.Anex-gratia relief of Rs 5 lakh was announced for thefamilies of the dead and Rs 50,000 for the Asthe insurgents went about shooting two to fourbullets into the occupants of the vehicles afterthey ambushed the convoy at Darbha Ghati, 35-km from Sukma, they started dancing whenKarma identified himself and then sprayed himwith bullets, said the shaken survivorAs Karmafell,theinsurgentsstabbedhisheadwithabayo-net. Similarly, the insurgents inquired aboutLeader of Opposition Nand Kumar Patel andhissonDinesh,andafterfindingthem,tookthemhostage about 100 metres into the woods be-foreshootingbothofthemdead.Theinsurgents,it was learnt, made all the gunmen of the leaderslie on the ground and shot them in their legs oneby one and asked them to run away after takingaway their weapons. The toll in the attack byMaoist insurgents on the Congress convoy isclose to 30, an official said yesterday. Initial re-ports based on body count on Saturday nightsaid that at least 16 people were killed and 25others were injured when the Maoists carriedout the daring ambush.While a list of the dead and injured has beencollected from various hospitals, search opera-tions continue to find out if there are more bod-ies lying in the forested area, or if people havebeen taken hostage by the insurgents, a policeofficial in the know of the combing operationssaid.PMManmohanSinghyesterdayassertedthatthe Maoist attack on Congress leaders inChhattisgarh will not weaken resolve to combatextremism as he and party chief Sonia Gandhimet the injured and families of the dead, whichincludedtwoseniorleaders.Boththeprimemin-ister and the Congress chief visited the hospitalhere where the injured have been admitted, andinteractedwithmembersofvictimsfamilies.They also attended a condolence meeting atthe party office in the Congress Bhawan hereand spoke to party workers. Speaking at themeet, the prime minister said that such incidentswillnotweakenthecountry’sresolvetofightvio-lence with firmness. “We have to be more deter-mined in fighting Naxal (Maoist) extremism.Theselivesshouldnotgoinvain.Wewillpursuetheperpetratorsofthiscrimewithurgency,andIcanassurethenationthatthegovernmentiscom-mitted to bringing them to justice,” he said.“Those who commit such dastardly crimesare working against the interests of peace anddevelopment in the area,” he added. The PMannounced an ex-gratia relief of Rs 5 lakh fromthePrimeMinister’sNationalReliefFundtothefamiliesofthosewhohavelosttheirlivesandRs50,000 to those injured.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune201340% OF MUMBAI SUICIDES DUE TOFAMILYISSUES, ILLNESSES SECONDFouroutofevery10suicidesinMumbaifrom2007to2011wereduetofamilyproblems,ac-cordingtodatafromtheNational CrimeRecords Bureau(NCRB). Similarly,36%ofsuicidesacrossthestateduringthesameperiodwereduetofam-ilyproblems.Thetrendwas nationwide, withdomestic issues beingthe main cause of sui-cidesinhigh-incidencecities like Bangalore,ChennaiandDelhi,andstates likeTamil NaduandWestBengal.Illnesswasthenextmajorreason,account-ingfornearly30%ofthesuicidesinMumbaiand27% in Maharashtra.Similarly, in cities likeBangaloreChennaiandDelhi, and states likeTamil Nadu, AndhraPradesh, West Bengaland Karnataka, illnesswas a major cause ofsuicides. In fact, inKarnataka and AP itoutweighed familyproblems.While the male-fe-maledividewasntsig-nificant in overall sui-cidesinMumbai(3,306by men compared to2,350bywomen),inthestateovertwo-thirdsofsuicides were by men(52,830 as comparedto 24,770).There were 2,259suicides due to familyproblems in Mumbai,with1,152bymenand1,107 by women. An-other 134 suicides inMumbai were due todowry issues, with allthesedeathsinvolvingwomen. InMaharashtra, 28,202suicides were due tofamily problems, with17,076 by men and11,126bywomen.An-other 1,265 suicideswere due to dowry is-sues, with 11 of theminvolvingmen.Psychiatrists say awiderangeofproblemshavetheirrepercussionsathome--likefinancialproblems,difficultiesinrelationships, longworkinghours,shrink-ing social support andskyrocketing prices."Thepaceoflifeiscaus-ingadisconnectandiso-lation, leading to de-pression and suicide.Thedisconnectionsyn-dromecouldbeworsethanHIV.Lackofemo-tional contact leads todistress,depressionandsuicide.Familycontacttime has also shrunk,"said psychiatrist DrHarish Shetty. Shettyaddedthatsocialchaoshasincreasedstressanddepressionwithinfami-lies.Shetty said the agefortheonsetofdepres-sion has come down,withevenkidssufferingfrom the syndrome."ThethreeSs,asinthethree schools phe-nomena, is largely re-sponsible--school,tu-itions and studies athome. Severe anxietyas a result of examstress or poor marks isalso a major cause.Lackofplayandrelax-ationhascausedapres-sure cooker for kids,"hesaid.Suicidal peoplehopeforanalternative,butcantseeone.Thatswhy it is imperative tohelpthem,saiddeputycommissionerofpolice(Zone V) DhananjayKulkarni.Dealingwithsuicidal people is noteasy, but not impos-sible, said state direc-tor general of policeSanjeev Dayal. Sui-cidaltendenciesshouldbe recognized andtackled with effectivestrategiesandinterven-tions,hesaid.Other major rea-sons for suicides inMumbaiincludework-relatedreasons(unem-ployment,careerprob-lems and bankruptcy),drug or alcohol addic-tion and love affairs.While a majority ofwork-related and drugor alcohol suicides areby men, women ac-countformoresuicidesdue to exam pressure,cancelled marriagesandnothavingchildren.The illnesses thatcause depression andlead to suicide includeAIDS, cancer and pa-ralysis. Mental healthissues and prolongedillnessalsocauseprob-lems.Vindu asked Meiyappan to lure popular player into fixing ringSources from theMumbaiCrimeBranchhave revealed thatChennai Super KingsCEO GurunathMeiyappan and small-time actor Vindu DaraSingh both admitted tobeinghandingloveinabettingracketduringIPLVI - in fact, Vindu hadaskedMeiyappantousehis clout and induct aprominentMumbaiIndi-ansplayerintothering,sohecouldbringmoreathletes into the nexus.Handinglove:(Above)Chennai Super KingsCEO GurunathMeiyappan and actorVindu Dara Singh (be-low)admittedtobettingwhentheywerebroughtfacetofaceduringinter-rogations. Pics/BipinKokate BothMeiyappan and Vinduadmittedtobettingwhentheywerebroughtfacetofaceduringinterroga-tions. Meiyappan re-vealedthathisattemptsatmakingthequickbuckculminatedinlossesofRs1crore,aftersmallprof-itsinhisearlybettingex-periences encouragedhim.“Ourmainaimistofind out if any playerswerepartoftheirbettingcircle, and to take ourinvestigationsfrombet-tingtowardsfixing,”saidapoliceofficerfromtheinvestigation team.MeiyappanwouldroutehisinvestmentsthroughVindu,whooperatedasabookieusingthenameJack. “Vindu had theclear aim of gettingclosertoplayersthroughMeiyappanwhohadac-cess to them, and thenuse them in the fixingracket.Wearetryingtofigure out if any playerwasactuallyintouchwiththemandiftheyindulgedinfixing,”saidtheofficer.VinduwasawarethattheMumbaiIndiansplayerthathewantedtoinductintotheringwouldn’tbeable to turn down a re-questfromMeiyappan.The police saidMeiyappan, who wasacquainted withVindusince IPL-V, won hisbets in the first fivematchesofIPL-VI,butlater started losingmoney. But it was al-readytoolate.Hestartedmaking heavy invest-ments, and lost Rs onecrore. The police alsoraidedMeiyappan’sresi-dence in Chennai lastmorning. “Our four-memberteamvisitedhishouseandsearchedthepremises. They haveseizedsomephonesusedby Meiyappan, as wellas some documents,”saidtheofficer.Accordingtothepo-lice,Vinduhastakenthenamesofseveralactorswhoheclaimsmadein-vestmentsthroughhim.However,thelistisex-tremely long, and thecopsfearthatmakingin-dividualcallstoeachofthosementionedwillleadthem on a wild-goosechase. Asad Rauf, thetaintedPakistaniumpirewho was allegedly intouch with bothMeiyappanandVindu,reportedly visited thelatter’shomeinMumbaion May 14.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune2013Nawazuddin Siddiqui is not new to Cannes.Afterall, he has been there and done that last year as well.Full of enthusiasm of a first-timer, speaking fromCannes, the actor can’t contain his excitement at hav-ing three of his films getting screened at the FrenchRiviera this year. “To be up there with the world’sbest is a high in itself,” says the actor, whoswears by his new black suit that he packedfor the event. An excerpt:Tell us about your Cannes expe-rience this year?Very good. Three of my films,Bombay Talkies, Monsoon Shootoutand The Lunchbox are being show-cased here. What more can an actorask for? The Lunchbox has won theCritics Week Viewers ChoiceAward andMonsoon Shootout also got a good recep-tion. It means a lot for the entire team.You brought in your 39th birthdayat Cannes. How did you party?Till date, I have never had a birthdayparty. The midnight screening of my filmMonsoon Shootout took place at theGrand Lumiere hall, Palais Cannes onMay 18 and we left the hall post 12 am.Around 1 am, a lady came up to me andrequested for a photograph. We clickeda picture together and she told me thatit was her birthday today (May 19). Iwished her saying that co-incidentallyit was my birthday too. My film’s teamand others around heard it and thensang Happy Birthday right there. Itwas a very nice feeling.Did you spend time decidingon your wardrobe for the event?I directly rushed to Cannes fromKolkata where I was busy shootingfor Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s upcom-ing film. I did not find any time to paymuch attention to my clothes. My blacksuit saved the day as it suits most occasions.In any case, it was a new one and I just packedit for Cannes so my problem was solved. I takefive minutes to get ready, a bath included. However,A long vacation will have to wait: KareenaI don’t think anything has changed. If you are in love and you are happy, then that’s all that matters. We havebeen very busy of late, so finding time is bit of an issue. Our idea of couple time includes catching a film together,a quiet dinner or an impromptu vacation.At the moment we are both tied up with our respective shoots so no plans as yet. Whenever we do plan to goanywhere, it will be someplace with cool weather. Both of us love Europe and the mountains. But I guess a longvacation will have to wait. Currently I am shooting in Bhopal and its 43 degrees here! But I ensure I keep myselfhydrated at all times, as it’s the best way to beat the heat!NICOLE KIDMANIS HOT:NAWAZUDDINTannishtha(Chatterjee)and Nimrat(Kaur) do take a lot of time. Even if you gave them fourhours to get dressed, they would find it not enough. (Laughsout loud)You also sported a conspicuous moustache...(Laughs) It was not a conscious decision on my part tosport a moustache. It is a part of my look in Buddhadeb’sfilm. I resume shooting immediately after getting back toIndia. It would have taken a week for me to re-grow it if Ihad shaved it off. I did not wish to waste time and hencewent with it.Which actress did you think looked the best on thered carpet?I found Nicole Kidman hot. I have always found her beau-tiful and seeing her from close quarters was quite special.Which was your best experience on the red car-pet?It had to be the one forAmit Kumar’s film. It was rainingwhen we walked the red carpet and it fitted perfectly withthe theme and mood of the film. We could not have askedfor more.
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune2013TENDULKAR BIDS ADIEUTO IPL AFTER MUMBAIINDIANS SUCCESSTendulkar, who retired from ODIs in December last year, missedSundays final against two-time champions Chennai Super Kingsdue to an injury on his left wrist he picked up while batting againstSunrisers Hyderabad May 13."This is my last IPL. I had taken the decision before the start ofthe tournament," said the 40-year-old Tendulkar in a matter of factway as the TV interviewer was taken aback."I have waited 21 years to win the first World Cup and six yearsfor the IPL. It has been a great and memorable journey with theteam," said Tendulkar, who got a grand send-off as he was lifted byhis team mates before the customary victory lap."We have to be realistic about it. Ive played six seasons with theMumbai Indians and I have completely enjoyed it. This was the bestseason for Mumbai Indians. Before this, 2010 was the best season,"he said. Soon after, his teammates clamoured to get him in the centrewhile posing for group photographs."This is the perfect time to say thank you to my supporters andwell-wishers. I cannot wait to lift the trophy," said the little master.Tendulkar scored 2,334 runs averaging 34.83 in 78 IPL matches.He has a strike rate of 119.81 and struck one century and 13 fifties."I think this is the right time to stop playing the IPL. I am 40. Gotto accept it. I had decided this was my last season."Friday night, another Indian great Dravid had announced hisretirement from the IPL after his side Rajasthan Royals went down toMumbai Indians in the play-off. Days ago, Australian legend AdamGilchrist also announced his decision to quit playing the tourna-ment.IPLSPOT-FIXING:DOZENSOFBOOKIESHELD,MUMBAICOPS TO ISSUE SUMMONS TO CHENNAI HOTELIERNEW DELHI/PANAJI/MUMBAI:Sixbookieswerear-rested in Goa on Monday fol-lowing information providedby Delhi Police looking for"fixers" alleged to be conduitsof three more cricketers whilesix others apprehended on thecharge of betting in Chennai,Mumbai and Chennai duringIPL matches. Two bookiesheld in Mumbai were allegedlyin telephonic contact withtheir counterparts in Pakistanfor accepting bets. The spe-cial cell Delhi Police, on thelook out for some bookies af-ter registering a case, hadtipped off the Goa Police aboutthe presence a few people inits area, police said. Aftermonitoring a casino where thebets for IPL matches were be-ing put, the police teams drewa blank till Goa Police appre-hended six bookies from arented accommodation atCandolim, about ninekilometres away from Panaji.Over two dozen mobilephones, laptops, iPads andhuge amount of cash was re-covered from the arrestedbookies. Efforts are on to nabthree people who allegedlyused to "fix" deals on behalfof the three cricketers otherthan those arrested by DelhiPolice. The three people, whoare being referred as "fixers"by the Delhi Police, are fromNagpur and Jaipur and theirnames cropped up during theinterrogation of MohammedYahya, a bookie arrested byDelhi Police from Hyderabadairport when he was tryingto flee the country. InChennai, an accused in theIPL betting case SanjayKumar Bafna, against whoma lookout notice had beenissued by police, was ar-rested. Meanwhile, aChennai hotelier, who alleg-edly led the IPL betting syn-dicate in the southern cityand was a crucial link be-tween CSK team ownerGurunath Meiyappan andactor Vindu Randhawa, willbe issued summons to ap-pear before the Mumbaicrime branch probing theracket, police said."Vikram Agarwal, a hote-lier, who was handlingChennai operations of thebetting syndicate, and a cru-cial link between Meiyappanand Vindu, will be issued sum-mons asking him to appear be-fore us," joint commissioner(crime) Himanshu Roy told re-porters.Roy claimed, Agarwal,owner of Radisson Blu hotel,was also a "key link" betweenthe betting syndicate andBollywood celebrities. He,however, did not divulge thenames of tinsel town person-alities who were in touch withAgarwal. The crime branchchief said a team from Mumbaion Sunday searchedMeiyappans yacht at Marinain Chennai and seized a mo-bile phone which figured dur-ing the investigations that ledto the CSK honchos arrest.Two mobile phones and a di-ary were seized on Sundayduring the search ofMeiyappans Chennai resi-dence.According to Roy,Agarwalknew Meiyappan for the last15 years and received impor-tant insider information aboutplayers from CSK and otherIPL teams from him.THE MEDIA IS HOUND-ING ME: SRINIVASANN Srinivasan, whose son-in-law and Chennai SuperKings CEO GurunathMeiyappan has been arrestedfor alleged involvement in bet-ting, reached here after attend-ing the IPL final last night inKolkata, where the crowdbooed himduring the pre-sentation cer-emony."The pressis houndingme, the mediais houndingme. I have al-ready clarifiedeverything inthe press con-ference. I haveno reason tor e s i g n , "Srinivasan re-torted when journalists at theairport asked him about thescandal and whether heshould resign on moralgrounds. Srinivasan had yes-terday held a press conferencehours before the final to de-clare that he would not stepdown. He also announced thesetting up of a three-memberenquiry panel to investigatethe scandal, that led to the ar-rest of three Rajasthan Royalsplayers. The BCCI presidentasserted that he has donenothing wrong and rejected re-ports of a revolt against him inBCCI. He made it clear that hewould not be "railroaded,pushed and threat-ened to quit". "Mysupport is completeand not one mem-ber in BCCI hasasked for my resig-nation", he hadsaid. "I have a joband we will actstrictly. I assureyou, the BCCI willact without fear orfavour to investi-gate and if player,franchise or ownershave breached any rules, ac-tion will be taken", he said. Thethree-member enquiry commis-sion will consist of two mem-bers of the IPL OperationsCommittee and an independentperson in whose appointmenthe will have no role. The fivemembers of the committee areArun Jaitley, Rajeev Shukla,Sanjay Jagdale, Ajay Shirkeand Ravi Shastri.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune2013CIVICBODYAGREESTO FACE CID PROBEThe ruling ShivSena-BJP alliance inthe BMC has agreed toface a CID inquiry afterthe latest Comptrollerand Auditor General(CAG) reported thathighlighted costvariations anddiscrepancies in thecontracts that wereawarded ion the pastfew years.Besides, the civicbody has decided not togo for variationproposal. Variation heremeans spending moreby altering the basicproposal or proposingadditional work withoutinviting separate tender.RepresentationalPicAseem Gupta,additional municipalcommissioner (Roads),said that they’d stopproposing variationwork. “The concerneddepartment shouldensure that it doesn’taccept variationproposals,” he added.The CAG report,which came duringWinter Session of thestate assembly,revealed that theroadwork contracts,which were originallyworth Rs 1,160 crore,were increased to Rs1,863 crore withoutinviting fresh tenders.According to theBMC circular, variationis permissible only upto 15 per cent of thetotal cost of theproject. However, out ofthe 88 contracts thatwere awarded between2009 and 2011, 59 roadcontracts violated therule. Following theblatant violations, thecost increased by awhopping Rs 703 crore.Congress leaderand leader of theOpposition in the BMCDnyanraj Nikam hadraised the issue duringthe standingcommittee meetingand demanded a CIDinquiry into it. TheNCP, MNS and SP hadseconded Congress’sdemand.NCP leaderDhananjay Pisal, said,“The Sena-BJP allianceis to be blamed for allthe losses that theBMC has incurred.”While SP group leaderRais Shaik said, “I wanta thorough explanation,and have stategovernment to initiate aCID inquiry in thismatter.”Meanwhile, RahulShewale, chairman ofthe standingcommittee and DilipPatel, BJP leader saidthat they are ready forinquiry. “The committeeeither accepts orrejects whatever isproposed by the civicadministration. Thestanding committeehas no right to proposenew work,” saidShewale.GIRL JUMPS OUT OFAUTORICKSHAW TO FOILMOLESTATION BIDAteenage girl jumped out of a movingautorickshaw to save herself from theclutches of three men, who allegedly triedto molest and kidnap her in Mumbra town-ship of Thane district, police said today.Girl jumps out of autorickshaw to foilmolestation The 17-year-old girl boardedan autorickshaw on a shared basis alongwith two men in Mumbra Thursdaymorning. However, when sherealised that the autorickshawdriver was taking the vehicleon a different route, sheraised an alarm, police sub-inspector Chihvad Shettysaid. The men sharing theauto with her tried tomolest her in the mov-ing vehicle and as-saulted her. How-ever, the girl man-aged to jump outfrom the movingvehicle to saveherself andlater went toMumbra police station and filed acomplaint against three unidenti-fied persons, including theautorickshaw driver, Shetty said.Police have registered an offenceunder sections 366 (abduction), 354(assault or criminal force to womanwith intent to outrage her modesty)and 323 of the IPC and havelaunched asearch forthe accused.A similar in-cident wasreported inB i h a r sBhojpur dis-trict Thurs-day where aw o m a njumpedfroma speedingexpress trainto escapefrommolest-ers.6-yr-old identified suspectfrom line-up of 26 studentsSleuths of the Hadapsar policestation, who cracked the rape case of a 6-year-old girl and arrested the 18-year-oldstudent of a private college, used goodold detective skills to zero in on the suspectin record time, though they had littleevidence to go with. The sleuths said thatthey had detained 26 students from aparticular college, who are all residents ofMHADA colony, and then conducted apolice line-up of the detained students.The victim and her mother were taken tothe police station and the suspects wereproduced for identification. When suspectnumber 21 was brought in, the victimclung on to her mother and buried her facein her bosom, which was enough for thesleuths to know that they had got their man.On Tuesday morning around 7.30 am, theminor had gone along with her 4-year-oldcousin to answer the call of nature, whenAbhishek Shinde forced himself upon herin the bushes near MHADA colony. TheCCTV footage recovered from a housingsociety is grainy, which made it difficult forthe investigating officers to identify thesuspect seen taking the minor away. Thesleuths were however able to make outthat the suspect was wearing a white shirtand black trousers, and he had aknapsack on his back and realised thathe was a student from a nearby juniorcollege. “During the investigation, we onlyhad the CCTV footage, which was quiteblurred and out of focus. Taking note ofhis mannerisms, walking style anduniform colour, our investigating led usto the college. We detained around 26students, who are residents of theMHADA colony and the surroundingareas,” said Inspector RaghunathJadhav of Hadapsar police station. Headded that they produced all thedetained students before the girl, whoimmediately identified the suspect.Shinde was once again producedbefore the victim at Sassoon Hospital,where she has been admitted, and sheconfirmed that he was the rapist. “Themoment we showed her detaineenumber 21, she got scared and clungto her mother. She later confirmed thathe was the one,” Jadhav said.According to the inspector, Shinde isstill giving vague answers duringquestioning. Shinde was producedbefore the Cantonment Court yesterdaywhere Judicial Magistrate First Class,Vinay Muglikar, remanded him in policecustody till January 10. While seekingpolice custody, Public Prosecutor, B R Patiltold the court that police need to recoverthe clothes the accused was wearing atthe time he committed the crime, and alsothat they would need to conduct a medicalexamination of the suspect.
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune2013CROSSWORDARIES: The starsrecommend that youshould take proper careof your health andtemperament during thisweek. Some of you might be undermental stress during first half of theweek and vague feeling of depressionmay engulf you.TAURUS : You will be in a relaxedand a happy state of mindmost of the time duringthis week. Be prepared toshoulder responsibilitiesthat come your wayregarding family matters. There isstrong possibility that you wouldrepent later to wonder how you couldhave done this.GEMINI : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic and able toundertake tasks that youhad postponed earlier. Howeversenior citizens might suffer fromjoint pains or chest congestion. Longawaited promotions, elevations insocial status or rise in salary are onthe cards for the most of you.CANCER : Theplanetary configurationindicates that you arerequired to observenecessary precautions inyour eating habits and take properrest coupled with sleep to maintainyour physical and mental health. Youwill receive lot of respect fromothers.LEO : The period underconsideration isfavourable for enjoyinggood health most of thetime. The favourable daysduring this week are likely to beMonday, Tuesday and Thursday. Youare advised to try to make theoptimum use of opportunities whenthey come along.VIRGO : Health anddomestic affairs would needyour attention this week. Donot neglect an ailment that,though not serious, maybecome a nagging problem. However,your expertise in preparing meticulousand detailed project reports will stand youin good stead later.LIBRA : Those of you,who had been sufferingfrom general weakness andheadaches, would feelrelieved during this week. Youngstersmight decide to go on a health binge.Regular exercise schedule and properdiet will make them more relaxed andactive. If connected with computerrelated work, you will receive an offerto set up your own enterprise.SCORPIO : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic throughoutthis week. However youmight be required to look after thehealth of the elderly in your familywho may require medical attention.There may be some changes in thehousehold for those living in a jointfamily.SAGITTARIUS : It isa busy period for workand career, but at thesame time you shouldnot neglect your regularexercise schedule. It is necessary topay necessary attention towardsyour health also. The work assignedto you during this week might be atest of your expertise andknowledge.CAPRICORN : Yourhealth might experienceups and downs. Henceyou are required toobserve slightprecautions regarding your healthduring this week. A desire to advanceyour career will inspire you to worksincerely towards achieving yourobjectives and goals.AQUARIUS : Thosewho have justrecovered from a spellof illness should becareful regarding theirhealth. A relapse at this stagemight prove to be troublesome foryou. If you have been thinking ofstarting an independententerprise, make a concrete movein that direction now by meetingpeople and discussing your ideas.It may take some time.PISCES : It will be agood week to build upyour stamina andreserves to tackle thecoming onslaught ofwork. However some of you mayhave a slight health problem thatwill require you to take rest forfew days. Take care of your dietand focus on your health.Your horoscope for this weekAMOST MEN DIE DURING EXTRA-MARI-TALSEX, PLUS OTHER MALE SEX FACTS1. Death during sex hasa prototypeWhile examining the inci-dence of death during sex, a1975 study discovered aunique pattern in males: the"deceased is usually mar-ried; he is not with a spouseand in unfamiliar surround-ings," and death usually oc-curs after "a big meal withalcohol." Another study in1989 found further evidencesupporting the extramaritalsex bit. Fourteen of the 20cases of "la mort damour,"or coital death, happenedduring an affair.2. You can tell a guyspenis size by his fingersA University of Liverpoolresearch cited that if a mansringfingersarelongerthanhisindex fingers, this meansthere were healthy testoster-one levels in the womb. If thering fingers are the same sizeor smaller than the index fin-gers, then the male receivedlower levels of testosterone,implying that one can esti-mate the length of his organby the length of the ring fin-ger.Sex and relationships,Death during extra-maritalsex3. Can a bowel movementmake for bliss?In a 2002 study, it wasmentioned that a male had ahistory of orgasmic-like feel-ings after going to the bath-room. After he answerednatures call, his body wentthrough the rest of the malesexual response cycle. Hispulse rate increased as hereached climactic state, fol-lowed by relaxation, then ex-treme fatigue.4. Orgasm ... or lack of ...may prevent breast cancer inmalesA study in Greece foundevidencethatthefrequencyofadult orgasms may have animpact on the incidence ofbreast cancer in men. In fact,itwasalsorevealedthatmaleswithbreastcancerhadexperi-encedfewerorgasmsonaver-age than men without the dis-ease.5. Males like unusual sexMen have a 20 to 1likeliness against women topractice an "unusual" and of-ten socially unacceptable orillegal behavior, for exampleexhibitionism.6.TrappedspermNot all sperm go racing forthe egg at once. Once spermhas been deposited into thevaginal canal, some of themaretemporarilytrappedinase-men coagulate or clot. Even-tually, they are decoagulatedby enzymes, which set themfree to swim about a femalesreproductivesystem.Thisclot-ting, according to scientists, ismeant to pace the release ofspermintotheuterus,increas-ing the chance that one ofthese sperms will reach theegg and fertilise it.7. Oxytocin affects malestoo It is believed that oxytocinaffects females during sex(and breast-feeding). But thiscuddle hormone, released byboth sexes during intimacy, isalso found to influence males.Research from Switzerlandfound that oxytocin is associ-atedwithincreasedfeelingsoftrust in males.8. High testosterone =Less sex While higher test-osteronelevelsistypicallycon-Across:1 __ Lanka : our southerlyneighbour (3)4 Detonate or cause to begin orstart (3,3)7 A dividing membrane or parti-tion (6)8 Crave, covet or lust for (4)10 Lower House of Parliament(UK) (3,7)12 Prohibitions by custom or reli-gion (6)14 Accumulates by skimping (6)15 In large amounts of quantity,in a way (4,2)17 Famous hospital on Pedderroad (6)19 Unable to read or write (10)21 Bathroom powder (4)22 ___ ___ nobis : pray for us, inLatin (3,3)23 __ ___ puzzle : fit the pieces –you get the picture (3,3)24 Big name in moulded luggage(3)Down:1 Agroup of six musici (6)2 Understanding term? (1,3)3 Tramples heavily on (6)4 Feeling ones way overseas (6)5 Unwelcome visitor, intruder (10)6 Whimsical; strange (3)9 Sorcery from the West Indies (6)11ChineserestaurantatChurchgate(10)13 Microscopic one-celled animal(6)16 Come as a logical consequence(6)17 Delayed bodily effects due tolong journey by plane (3,3)18 Maintain, prevent from sink-ing, especially tempo, ones spir-its, etc (4,2)20Nameofseaformingnorth-east-ern arm of Black Sea (4)21 __ Mahal : the wonder at Agra(3)sidered a good thing for menwhen it comes to their sexdrive,stillresearcherscontinu-ally found that males withhigher testosterone levelsmarrylessoften,aremoreabu-sive in their marriages and di-vorce more regularly. In fact,married men see more actionthan single men.9. Men fall in love fasterthanwomenIts not the women, butmen, who get out of controlafter a glimpse of the right at-tractivefaceandfallheadoverheels in love immediately,claimed love researcher Dr.Helen Fisher.10. Family affects test-osterone As a man becomesincreasingly attached to hisfamily, his testosterone levelgoes down, according to a2001 Mayo Clinic study. Par-ticularly, fathers experience asignificant decline in levels oftestosterone with the birth ofhis child, especially when heholds the baby.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday,27thMayto2ndJune2013If you want to make it BIG inLIFE start readingOWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc. Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex,Andheri(W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon(E),Mumbai-400072.EditorialOffice :ShopNo.2,MarbleArch,ShastriNagar,Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022- 26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly.BMC FIELDS MOST RTI QUERIES IN STATEMUMBAI: TheBrihanmumbai MunicipalCorporation (BMC), thecountryslargestcivicbody,has been fielding the mostRight to Information (RTI)queries of any public insti-tution across the state. Ob-servers said this indicatesthe desire of Mumbais citi-zens to have greater partici-pationinpublicaffairs.Of the over 6.5 lakh RTIqueries filed acrossMaharashtrain2012,nearly16% (or 1.02 lakh) weredirected at the BMC, ac-cordingtodatacompiledbythe state. While the 2012state-widefigureisyettobefinalized,theBMCfigureisfinal. The BMCs share ofstate-wide RTI queries hasbeen steadily increasing,from11.3%in2008to14%in 2011. Out of 6.45 lakhRTIqueriesin2011,90,419were for the BMC. In2013, the BMC has alreadyfielded 39,000 queries tillApril 30, which means the2012 figure could be over-hauled by the year-end.Activists said the BMCshouldntprideitselfonget-ting such a high number ofqueries, as this indicates alack of transparency. "Thismeans the BMC has failedto put up information on itswebsite suo moto. TheBMC must understand thatMumbai is an active city,withgreatercitizenspartici-pation. So there are boundtobemoreRTIapplicationsin the absence of data fromthe BMC," said ShaileshGandhi, former central in-formation commissionerand chairman of the techni-cal advisory committee(TAC) on RTI set up by theBMC.Another activist saidthelargenumberofRTIap-plicationsisapositivetrend.It shows people are not tak-ing things lying down andwant to be informed. "Asthe BMC affects the dailylifeofpeople,severalappli-cations are filed. Its goodthat people have startedquestioningtheauthorities,"he said.The highest number ofqueries were sent to thebuilding proposals andbuildings and factories de-partments of the BMC.Both these departmentsgive permissions for build-ings and shops. Illegal con-structionisamajorproblemin Mumbai. Many queriesare also made about openspaces and health. Officialssaid queries for the BMCcome not only fromMumbai, but Pune, Nashikand even outside thestate.Civic officials saidthere are queries filed tosettle scores and blackmailpeople,butexpertssaidthatunlessdataprovessuchmis-use no action can be taken."Eventhe2Gscamwasun-earthed by just a plain-looking RTI application,"said Gandhi. Maharashtrawasapioneer,adoptingRTIin 2002, much before thecentralgovernmentadoptedit in 2005.TEACHER BURNEDALIVEBYCOLLEAGUESPURNIA: In a horrific incident, a school teacher wasburntalivebyhiscolleaguesinsidetheschoolpremisesinPurnia district today. Superintendent of police Kim al-legedthatagroupofteachersalongwiththeprincipalofamiddle school under Maranga police station took theteacher Ranjit Kumar (40) to a toilet, tied his hands andlegs, and poured kerosene on him before setting him onfire. The ghastly incident took place before the classesbegan this morning and students were yet to come in.Hearing his screams for help, people staying in theneighbourhood rushed in and took the teacher to KatiharMedical College where he succumbed to his injuries inthe evening, the SP said, adding the reason behind theghastly incident is yet to be known.Kim said the attackers are absconding since the inci-dent and the police have launched a search for them.