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India local

  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665INDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERVol.:2 Issue:44 Monday, 29nd to 5th May 2013Page .......21 killed in Andheri building slab col-lapsePage .......3Doctors in dock for giving anaesthesia,causing deathPage .......8Rapes will come down if people shunmeat, alcohol: Swami AgniveshInsideINDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERVisit u at Email-indialocal9@gmail.comBMC TRIED TO SAVECAMPCAMPCAMPCAMPCAMPA COLAA COLAA COLAA COLAA COLACOMPOUND BCOMPOUND BCOMPOUND BCOMPOUND BCOMPOUND BUILDINGSUILDINGSUILDINGSUILDINGSUILDINGSRTI query reveals civic body had in 1986 taken steps to regularise 67,000sqft.The municipalcorporation had initiateda move to regularise67,000 sqft out of thetotal 91,000 sqft atCampaColaCompoundin Worli. Right toInformation (RTI)queries showed that theB r i h a n m u m b a iMunicipal Corporation(BMC) in a 1986 orderhad taken a step toregularise theunauthorised 35storeys by charging feeas per the readyreckoner (RR) rate. Afew days ago, the BMC— following a SupremeCourt order — issuedeviction notices to 140flats owners of sevenbuildings at CampaCola Compound.An officialc o r r e s p o n d e n c ebetween additionalm u n i c i p a lcommissioner anddeputy chief of buildingproposal datedNovember 12, 1999,revealed that when theissue of the CampaCola Compoundbuildings was raised,the BMC initiated toregularise them bycharging fee as per theRR rate. “BMC hasissued orders toregularise the workalready carried outbeyond the approvedplans and the architectwas informed to payRs6,56,800 as penaltyvide this office letterdated 22/11/86.He was asked tosubmit an amendedplan as per workcarried out at the siteand to demolish theu n a u t h o r i s e denclosure of stilt. Thearchitect/developerpaid the amount on 17/12/86 as the penalty forregularisation,” said theletter. However, thepenalty forregularisation was notcharged according tothe prevailing land ratesat the time of theamended planapproval, regularisationwas not done and theamended plans werenot approved. Becauseof this, the decision toregularise thesebuildings was dropped.The residents havedemanded that theBMC revoke its earlierdecision and regularisethese unauthorisedstructures by charginga fee and chargingpenalty as per theready reckoner (RR)rate. “There have beenmany instances ofu n a u t h o r i s e dstructures beingregularised and this isa fit case for suchconsideration. Werequest the authoritiesto take a realistic viewand save the familiesfrom becominghomeless,” said aresident.On Friday, theresidents had protestedafter getting the evictionnotices.“We have spent ourhard-earned money onour flats and we havebeen living here formore than 25 years,paying all municipaltaxes,” said a seniorcitizen. “What was theBMC doing for 25years? This is graveinjustice meted out tous,” said anotherresident.
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013EditorialThis year, India can, it seems, lookforward to good rains. Last year’s monsooncould easily have slipped into a full-scaledrought but was saved by exceptionallyheavy rains in September. Even so, almostone-third of the country received far too littlerain and has been left parched, with waterresources running low. A good monsoon nowis essential for agriculture and for thereplenishment of reservoirs and aquifers.The India Meteorological Department in aforecast issued on Friday declared that thisyear’s monsoon was most likely to be‘normal,’ with nationwide rainfall between 96per cent and 104 per cent of the long-termaverage. Using a statistical model, itpredicted a 46 per cent probability of themonsoon turning out that way. The metagency estimated a 27 per cent chance ofthe monsoon being ‘below normal,’ withrainfall between 90 per cent and 96 per centof the long-term average, and just a 10 percent chance of a deficient monsoon withrains less than 90 per cent of the long-termaverage. A forecast from the Pune-basedIndian Institute of Tropical Meteorology,using an advanced dynamical climate modelthat simulates the complex interactionsbetween land, oceans and atmosphere, hasindicated that the monsoon could see aboveaverage rains (104 per cent of the long-termaverage, with an error bar of five percentagepoints). The South Asian Climate OutlookForum (SASCOF), which met earlier thismonth in Nepal, struck a similar note in itsconsensus statement. The monsoon rainfallfor South Asia would “most likely be withinthe normal range with a slight tendencytowards the higher side of the normal range.”But the SASCOF consensus statement alsowarned of below normal rains over somenorth-western and southern parts of thesubcontinent. That is worrying, consideringthat many States in those areas fared badlyin the last monsoon as well. However,statistical as well as dynamical models areknown to have limitations in forecasting thedistribution of monsoon rainfallgeographically, and over time. It is not clear,therefore, how much skill exists inpredicting which parts of the country will getmore or less rain this far in advance of themonsoon. But far more vital than improvingthose predictive capabilities is learning tolive with the inevitable variability ofmonsoons. Ways to store rain water andrecharge aquifers; ensuring rational wateruse in agriculture, towns and cities forresidential and industrial purposes; andencouraging water recycling and reuse arecrucial. The alternative is to make wateravailability a dangerous gamble on themonsoon.Bring onthe rainWRONGROUTEThe Survey of India (SOI) complaintagainst Google’s ‘Mapathon 2013,’ acollaborative and community mappingexercise, on the ground that itjeopardises national security representsunwarranted paranoia. In February,Google announced a nation-widecompetition inviting those interested touse its online tools, add neighbourhooddata and create better maps. Towardsthe end of March, when the competitionended, the SOI, following a shrill BJPcampaign, filed a complaint with theDelhi police. It objected that this Googleventure violated the National Map Policyand could pose a security risk. In anage when GPS devices are freelyavailable for navigation, geographicalinformation flows unhindered acrossborderless digital space and satelliteimages of every square inch of the earthareinthepublicdomain,theSOI’snotionof restricted areas and insistence onmonopoly over spatial data appearirrational. Instead of dismissing thisknee-jerk reaction as untenable, thepolice have scaled up the complaint to aCBI level investigation. The irony is thatit is not Google, but the SOI which hasfailed the National Map Policy.Foreseeing the challenges of digitalpractices, the policy urged the SOI in2005 to take up a leadership role indemocratising spatial informationthrough partnerships. But the SOI,despite an early start and the weight ofthe state behind it, has till date offeredno people-friendly facilities worthmentioning.When spatial information is restrictedandofficialmapsareinadequate,privateservices step in to create user-friendlymaps. In this context, there is a lessonortwofortheSOItolearnfromitscolonialcousin, the Ordnance Survey, thenational mapping agency of GreatBritain. The Ordnance Survey hasimpressively grown over the years andhas launched a series of data productsfor free public use and value addition.GeoVation, one of its most popularschemes, invites entrepreneurs andcommunity groups to creatively use itsdigital geographical information totransform neighbourhoods in thecountry. More than 500 innovative ideaswere added in the last four years. Theservices of the Ordnance Survey are ona par with, if not better than, any privatemapping service. In contrast, the SOIhas taken to a narrow approach, whichstifles innovation and would eventuallystrengthen the powerful mappingcompanies that have the wherewithal towork around the bureaucratic hurdlesand which can afford to pay prohibitivelicensing fees. What is needed isunrestrictedaccessthatwouldempowercommunities and facilitate theemergenceofcitizencartographerswhocould keep commercially exploitativemappingservicessuchasGoogleundercheck.1 killed in Andheri building slab collapseA 26-year-oldman was killed andseveral othersfeared to betrapped under thedebris after aportionofabuildingcame crashingdown inAndheri onSunday night.A 26-year-oldman was killed andseveral othersfeared to betrapped under thedebris after aportion of abuilding camecrashing down inAndheri onSundaynight.Thedeceased wasidentified as RaviSolanki. Theincident occurredat around 8.40pmwhen the parapetof the five-storeystaff quarterbuildingoftheNewIndia InsuranceC o m p a n ycollapsed. Thebuilding is locatedon the CDBurfiwala lane inJuhu galli. “One ofthe victims hasbeen rushed toCooper hospital.We are afraidthere are still morepeople trappedunder the debris,”a fire official said,r e q u e s t i n ganonymity. Therescue operationwas on by the firebrigade personnelwhile going to thepress.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013Rs 65 for cattle feed, Rs 21 for kidsMUMBAI: Criticsfind the states prioritieshard to digest. While thegovernment forks out Rs 65per day per animal as sub-sidy for fodder allocated tofully grown cows and buf-faloes in fodder camps, itprovides a paltry Rs 21 perday per head as grant-in-aid towards meal expensesfor kids housed in variousshelter homes in the state.At stake is the nutritionand well-being of about80,000 kids sheltered in1,100-odd children homes.Four meals, includingbreakfast, lunch, dinner,and evening snack, are cov-ered under the food ex-penses grant, which ispegged at Rs 635 per childper month. Child care andprotection norms requirethese child care institutionsto ensure that "hygienic foodof the right nutritional value"is provided to these kids in"adequate quantities".On condition of anonym-ity, senior state officials ad-mitted that these standardsand requirements often re-main unmet and also con-ceded that the meagregrant-in-aid had a role toplay.In 2011, citing price riseand inflation, a panel headedby the chief secretary pro-posed that the food grant beincreased by another Rs 200per child per month.Interestingly, even thestate cabinet approved thisraise in November 2011.However, a year and ahalf later, the decision is yetto be implemented.In sharp contrast, thefodder subsidy has been re-worked four times in the re-cent past; with the amountbeing increased on three oc-casions. Sources said alli-ance politics between theCongress and the NCP is toblame for non-implementa-tion of the cabinet decision.Sources said that deputychief minister Ajit Pawar(NCP)-led finance depart-ment has objected to themove. It has claimed that in2008 (when Congress min-ister Harshavardhan Patilwas in charge of the womenand child development de-partment), sanctions for 589new children homes weregranted without its consent.Having initially opposed therelease of additional grantsto these institutions entirely,the department has nowasked WCD to check theeligibility of kids admitted inall homes before the grantsare released.The WCD, which is nowheaded by another Con-gress minister, VarshaGaikwad, has objected tothis rider. Claiming that thechild welfare committee,which has powers of a judi-cial magistrate, oversaw theeligibility process, the WCDhas claimed that any suchdrive would amount to ques-tioning the CWCs decisionmaking. It has furtherclaimed that a drive to closedown homes found violatingnorms were already on.Sources in WCD ac-cused the finance depart-ment of deliberately block-ing the proposal. The de-partment has now ap-proached CM PrithvirajChavan to resolve thestalemate. Until then, how-ever, kids daily diet willcontinue at Rs 21!Meal Plan For Kids InChildrens HomesMorning breakfast: Milkwith items such as kandapoha, misal, eggs, biscuits,etcLunch: Chapati, rice,one vegetable, dal. Sweetsto be given along with otheritems on one day of theweekEvening snack: Milkwith items like eggs, bis-cuits, poha, etcDinner: Chapati, rice,one vegetable, dal. Sweetsto be given along with otheritems on one day of theweek.DOCTORS IN DOCK FOR GIVINGANAESTHESIA, CAUSING DEATHMUMBAI: Dubbing adoctor a "quack" for adminis-tering anaesthesia despite notbeing qualified to do so, thestate consumer commissionhas observed that no doctorcan do a specialized job if heor she does not have the nec-essaryqualification.The case pertains to awoman who died days aftergiving birth to her child 10yearsagofollowinganaesthe-sia-relatedcomplications.Thecommission relied on Su-preme Court judgementswhich observed that "unlessthe person holds a necessaryqualification, he should notperformthejobofthespecial-ist". The Maharashtra StateConsumerDisputesRedressalCommission upheld a districtforum order which found thedoctorsguiltyofnegligence.Itdirected gynaecologist DrSujata Rathod and physicianDr Vasant Kumar Jog to paythevictimsfamilyRs6.6lakhas compensation.—husband ShashikantVichare, minor daughter andmother-in-law—Rs 1.1 lakhand Rs 5.1 lakh respectively.Thecommissionobservedthat Rathod was aware thatJog did not hold either a post-graduatedegreeordiplomainanesthesia which is a manda-toryqualificationforananaes-thetist as per the MedicalCouncilofIndia Thecommis-sion also referred to an expertcommitteeobservationwhichstated that a quack is a personwhodoesnothaveknowledgeofaparticularsystemofmedi-cine but practises in that sys-tem, and is a mere pretenderof a medical knowledge orskill—in effect, a charlatan.In the complaint filed be-fore the forum in 2004,Vichare had alleged that hiswifeShashikalawaspregnantand was registered as a pa-tient with Rathod. She wastrying to get pregnant for 10years. On July 7, 2003, whenShashikala was examined,Rathodtoldherthattherewasfoetal distress and she neededtoundergoanemergencyCae-sarean section.While Rathod performedthe surgery, Jog administeredthe anesthesia. Vichare statedthat the baby was born at9.50pmandby10pmbothdoc-tors left the nursing home. Heallegedthatthedoctorsexam-ined her only on July 8, 2003anddidnotadministerpost-op-erative care. After this, thepatient was left in the care ofan RMO, who was not an al-lopathic doctor but a homeo-path.VicharesaidthatalthoughJog was not an anaestheticdoctor and Rathod was awareofthis,shelethimconducttheprocedure. He stated that Jogadministeredthewronganes-thesia, which caused chestcongestion. After a monthstreatment,ShashikaladiedonAugust9,2003,atthehospitalduetobilateralpneumoniawithimpendingadult/acuterespira-torydistress(ARDS).Vicharesubmittedareportofthecom-mittee of experts, which sup-ported the familys claim.Among its various observa-tions the committee had saidthat when a patient had respi-ratory tract infection it is astandard practice to adminis-ter spinal anesthesia to mini-mize the complications. De-spitethis,inShashikalascase,general anesthesia was ad-ministered, the committeesaid. Rathod however con-tended that when Shashikalacame to her for a check-up inJune2003,shewastreatedforcold, cough and fever. Evenaftertheoperation,sherepeat-edly checked on the motherand baby, and both werehealthy,shesubmitted.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013SAIF ALI KHANFINDS HIS GIRLVidyutJammwalslady fanfrom Ja-pan sendshim asketchIleanaD’cruzwillromanceSaifAliKhan in his next home production tobe directed by Raj Nidimoru andKrishna DK. The duo have alsowielded the directorial baton for GoGoa Gone which is also Saif’s produc-tion.A source informs, “It was duringthe making of Go Goa Gone that direc-tors Raj and DK had spoken abouttheir next project. Saif loved the ideaof a romantic film.It will be shot in the USA and Saifagreed to produce the film under hisbanner. However the leading girl wasnot finalised and everyone at the pro-duction house was of the opinion thatthey needed a fresh pair with Saif af-ter Cocktail. The audience had lovedDiana Penty with Saif. One of thecrewmembers suggested Ileana’sname.”Saif confirmed the news but re-fused to divulge any further details.Being a JackieChanandJetLifan,itseemsVidyuthasyetanotherconnectwithmartial arts fans inthe East. The actorrecentlyencounteredafan,NorikoK,fromJapanonasocialnet-workingwebsite.Thefan from Kyoto senthim a sketch that shemadeofhimfromhisfilm’s images.Says asource,“Shetoldhimhow much she lovedhis action in Com-mandoandthestuntswhichhehimselfhasdone in the film. Sheparticularly liked hissomersaultstuntoverafastmovingcar.GENEROUS SHILPASHETTY RECOM-MENDS HERMAKE-UP MANVikram Bawa is no stranger to star tan-trums. However, at a recent shoot for a maga-zine,BawawasimpressedbyShilpaShettyandher behaviour towards her staff members.Shilpa,whohaslost22kgpost-pregnancy,wasshooting at a suburban hotel. The actresspraised her makeup artistAjay Shelar for hisflawlessworkandtechnique.Anonlookersays,“Inever,thoughtthatanyBollywood star would be so generous andthoughtful. But when she recommended hermake-up artist to Vikram, it was unique. Theartiste does not even work with her full timebut her praising him was unheard.” Shilpashrugs off the incident saying, “Ajay is tal-entedandsuchhardworkingpeopleshouldbeencouraged.As an actor, you learn to travel alotwithyourstaffandhenceyoulearntotrustthem too.Vikramrecognisesandrespectstal-ent and he too loved the work of Ajay so hewas more than happy to hire him.”
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013WHENWANKHEDE SPECTATORSFORGOTTHEIR MANNERSWhen Virat Kohliwalked out to bat in the2011 World Cup final onApril 2, the entireWankhede Stadium wasbehindhim,prayingforhimto succeed after SachinTendulkarwasdismissedbyLasithMalingafor18.Kohli went on to score35 and put a vital 83-runpartnership with GautamGambhir.Two years later, thesame player was booedand called a cheater at thesame venue in an IndianPremier League game fol-lowing a controversial runout of Mumbai Indians’batsmanAmbati Rayudu.Cricket’s strange waysneverfailtoamuse.However,thisisnotthefirsttimethattheWankhedecrowdlostitsmannerswithregardstotheirresponsetocricketers.We turn back the clocktothoseinstancesinvolvingbignames…SunilGavaskarIn the 1987 World Cupsemi-finalagainstEngland,chasing a total of 254,Gavaskar was cleaned upforjustfourbypacerPhillipDeFreitas.Duringhislongwalk back, he was jeeredby the same crowd whichhadenjoyedhisbattingfor13 seasons. It also turnedout to be his last Interna-tional appearance atWankhede.Gone:SunilGavaskariscleanbowledbyEngland’sPhilipDeFreitasinthe1987World Cup semi-final atWankhedeIn India’s previousgame – at Nagpur – againstNew Zealand, Gavaskarscoredascintillatingcenturydespite running high tem-perature. Chetan Sharmawas also India’s hero whenheclaimedathat-trickwhichdemolishedNewZealand.India’s loss in the semi-final was heartbreaking tofans since India werefavouritestowinthetourna-ment after being defendingchampions.England,whofacedAus-traliainthefinalattheEdenGardens in Kolkata, endedup as runners-up.RaviShastrianother Mumbaikar, an-other big achiever! Shastrisomehow was not thecrowd’s favourite atWankhede.Theybooedhimand he never took it lyingdown.Chants of ‘Ravi Shastrihai hai’ were not rare. Thehecklingwasmostlybecauseof his slow batting, accord-ing to those who witnessedthebooing.Probably,theunsportingsection of the crowd keptforgettingShastri’simmensecontribution to Mumbaicricket. Remember, heequalled Sir Garfield So-bers’amazingsix-sixes-in-an-over feat in a RanjiTro-phy game for Mumbai atWankhede in 1984-85.Also, it was Shastri, whohelped Mumbai break aneight-seasonjinxofnotwin-ningtheRanjiTrophywhenhissideclinchedthetrophyin 1993-94. Shastri, whosefirst-class career forMumbaibeganinthe1979-80 season, retired after thatseason. His first RanjiTro-phy game at theWankhedeStadium was in 1980 whenMumbai played host toBaroda.SachinTendulkarIn2006,theunthinkablehappened. The ‘God ofCricket’astheycallSachinTendulkar was reportedlybooed in his landmark132nd Test match whichmade him India’s mostcappedplayer.Out!SachinTendulkarwalksbackafterhisdismissalduringthethirdTestagainstEnglandin2006Tendulkar had been go-ingthroughaleanpatchandEngland defeated IndiacomprehensivelyinthethirdTest of the series.After be-ing dismissed by JamesAndersoninthefirstinnings,the Wankhede crowd,whichproudlypointsouttoTendulkar’s association tothecity,ventedtheirfrustra-tiononthelegendhimselfbybooing. However,Tendulkar downplayed theepisode and was laterquoted as saying, “It wasnot that bad. I have morewell wishers than the smallsection at the Wankhedepresent on that day. I haveto ignore them.” TheWankhede loss to Englandmeant the series honourswere shared 1-1. In 2011,during the India vs WestIndies Test match, somespectators made their dis-appointment when RaviRampaul dismissedTendulkar for 94. It wouldhave been Tendulkar’s100thinternationalhundred.AndrewSymondsIn 2007, it was the turnofaforeignertobeattackedby a section of theWankhede crowd. AussieAndrew Symonds washurledwithracialtauntsandactionsinthelastODIofthebilateral series after he wasdismissedforagoldenduck.The matter was not doneand dusted as the Austra-lians filed an official com-plaintwiththeICC.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013In order to make theirfamilies approve of theirmarriage,acoupleinKurlaattempted to kill them-selves twice. But the futilesuicide bids proved un-successful in persuadingtheir families as well. Thepolice, meanwhile, havenot registered a caseagainst them so far. TheNehru Nagar police, whohave been embroiled incontroversy recently fortakingbribesovertheirlaxattitude, have not evencounselled the duo.Mukesh and TinaKothari were admitted toSushrut hospital after sheconsumed sleeping pillsand he poison; kin saythey have threatened sui-cide again According tosources, Tina Kothari (28)and Mukesh Kothari se-cretlygotmarriedwiththehelp of their friends nearlya month ago. They did notinform anyone in theirfamilies. Mukesh’s familyis objecting to his new al-liance, as he is alreadymarriedandhasakid.Tina,on the other hand, got adivorcefromhernine-yearmarriage six months ago.After the couple returnedfrom honeymoon, theywere confronted by theirfamiliesandwereforcedtolive apart. Fed up of tryingto win over their families,the two decided to endtheir lives. A week back,Tina took some 10 sleep-ing pills and was admittedto Sushrut hospital. Fol-lowing her discharge twodays ago, the family in-formedthepolicewhotookdown a detailed statementfrom her. They let her offafter a stern warning. Tinasaid Mukesh’s family hadthreatened her and forc-iblymadehersigndivorcepapers. “I spoke to myhusband who has assuredme that no matter whathappens, we will stay to-gether. If they do not al-low us to live together, wePOLICE FAIL TO LODGE CASE ASCOUPLEATTEMPTSSUICIDEAGAINwill end our lives,” shesaid.Her husband,Mukesh, the son of ajewellery storeowner inKurla (East), took thesame step. He consumedpoison after his familyseparated him from Tinaand was admitted to thesame hospital. Mukesh’sbrother Ashok said,“Who will take responsi-bilityofhis(first)wifeandchild? We do not approveof their relationship. Thepolice should take somesteps to sort out the mat-ter but they have donenothing. Both of themhave threatened to com-mit suicide again.”Additional Commis-sioner of Police QuaiserKhalid (east region) said,“I am not aware of thecase but will look into it.”A doctor at the hospital,refusing to identify him-self, confirmed the inci-dent. “Both Tina andMukesh were admitted toour hospital and both thetimes we did not informthe police. The police hadcome once to take downtheir statement but didnot turn up later. We havedone our job and now itis the police’s responsibil-ity to investigate the mat-ter.”MUMBAIENGINEERHAMIDANSARIMISSINGINPAKISTANHis distraught family in Mumbais upmarket Versova area fear that hemay have been involved in a serious accident, may have been kid-napped by a terror group or arrested by authorities for illegally enter-ing Pakistan. Hamid had left for Kabul,Afghanistan, Nov 4 last yearon a 90-day tourist visa. He had promised to return within a week.Hekept in touch with his banker father Nehal, college teacher-motherFauzia, and dentist brother Khalid for a week and then disappeared."We have heard that he was trying to rescue a girl in distress in Paki-stan, but we do not have any concrete evidence," Nehal Ansari toldIANS. "I have not given up hope. I pray that he returns. We dont knowwhat has happened to him," his mother Fauzia said. The lure of anairlines job in the operations sector in Kabul attracted Hamid afterhe failed to get a job with an airlines in India. The Ansarishave lodged a police complaint with the Versova policestation and have contacted theAfghanistan consulate inMumbai. "They were cooperative and provided us withHamids visa details to enable us to trace him," NehalAnsari said. He added that the family have written toMaharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, stateHome Minister R.R. Patil and to the external affairs ministry for help. Soonafter Hamid disappeared, the Ansaris made desperate attempts toseek his whereabouts in Afghanistan or Pakistan. One of HamidsFacebook friends told them that he had crossed theAfghan bordernear Jalalabad and reached Peshawar Nov 12, three days beforehe was to return to Mumbai. His other friends on the social net-workingsiteindicatedthatHamidreportedlytriedtohelpaPakistanigirlavoidgettingmarriedagainstherwishinKohat,inKarakregionofPakistan."Itisourrequesttorescueourson.Weonlywanttosavehimand return to us. People commit errors and if he has done so, weapologise on his behalf," Nehal Ansari appealed, appre-hensiveofafateakintothatofSarabjitSingh.SinghisanIndianimprisonedinKotLakhpatJailinPa-kistan since 1990 on charges of carrying outbombings in Lahore and Faisalabad that killed14 people. He says he strayed across the bor-derintoPakistanbymistake.Hewasrecentlyattackedbyfellowinmatesinprisonandisina coma in a Pakistan hospital.
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013CROSSWORDARIES: The starsrecommend that youshould take proper careof your health andtemperament during thisweek. Some of you might be undermental stress during first half of theweek and vague feeling of depressionmay engulf you.TAURUS : You will be in a relaxedand a happy state of mindmost of the time duringthis week. Be prepared toshoulder responsibilitiesthat come your wayregarding family matters. There isstrong possibility that you wouldrepent later to wonder how you couldhave done this.GEMINI : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic and able toundertake tasks that youhad postponed earlier. Howeversenior citizens might suffer fromjoint pains or chest congestion. Longawaited promotions, elevations insocial status or rise in salary are onthe cards for the most of you.CANCER : Theplanetary configurationindicates that you arerequired to observenecessary precautions inyour eating habits and take properrest coupled with sleep to maintainyour physical and mental health. Youwill receive lot of respect fromothers.LEO : The period underconsideration isfavourable for enjoyinggood health most of thetime. The favourable daysduring this week are likely to beMonday, Tuesday and Thursday. Youare advised to try to make theoptimum use of opportunities whenthey come along.VIRGO : Health anddomestic affairs would needyour attention this week. Donot neglect an ailment that,though not serious, maybecome a nagging problem. However,your expertise in preparing meticulousand detailed project reports will stand youin good stead later.LIBRA : Those of you,who had been sufferingfrom general weakness andheadaches, would feelrelieved during this week. Youngstersmight decide to go on a health binge.Regular exercise schedule and properdiet will make them more relaxed andactive. If connected with computerrelated work, you will receive an offerto set up your own enterprise.SCORPIO : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic throughoutthis week. However youmight be required to look after thehealth of the elderly in your familywho may require medical attention.There may be some changes in thehousehold for those living in a jointfamily.SAGITTARIUS : It isa busy period for workand career, but at thesame time you shouldnot neglect your regularexercise schedule. It is necessary topay necessary attention towardsyour health also. The work assignedto you during this week might be atest of your expertise andknowledge.CAPRICORN : Yourhealth might experienceups and downs. Henceyou are required toobserve slightprecautions regarding your healthduring this week. A desire to advanceyour career will inspire you to worksincerely towards achieving yourobjectives and goals.AQUARIUS : Thosewho have justrecovered from a spellof illness should becareful regarding theirhealth. A relapse at this stagemight prove to be troublesome foryou. If you have been thinking ofstarting an independententerprise, make a concrete movein that direction now by meetingpeople and discussing your ideas.It may take some time.PISCES : It will be agood week to build upyour stamina andreserves to tackle thecoming onslaught ofwork. However some of you mayhave a slight health problem thatwill require you to take rest forfew days. Take care of your dietand focus on your health.Your horoscope for this weekAHOWMOREIMPORTANTTHANWHYAmerican undergradu-ates focus on the `how’ ofa breakup when describingtheirbreakups,notthe`why’or the `who,’“ said IlanaGershon,associateprofes-sor of communication andculture in IU’s College ofArts and Sciences.She looked at howpeople write to break up to-day, including throughtexts, emails and socialmedia.Ilana Gershon said thatpart of what makes thebreakup stories she col-lected into American sto-ries is that the mediumseems so important tothe message whenbreaking off relation-ships.Gershon also is theauthor of the 2010book, “The Breakup2.0: Disconnectingover New Media”(Cornell UniversityPress), which arguedthat Facebook andother forms of socialnetworking have radi-callychangedtheplay-ing field of dating today.She interviewed 72people at length for her pa-per, including 66 under-graduate college studentswho communicate fre-quently with new technolo-gies. She found that whenAmerican college studentstell their breakup stories,they consist of a string ofconversations, and peoplealwaysdescribewhenany-oneswitchedmediatocon-Across:1 __ Lanka : our southerlyneighbour (3)4 Detonate or cause to begin orstart (3,3)7 A dividing membrane or parti-tion (6)8 Crave, covet or lust for (4)10 Lower House of Parliament(UK) (3,7)12 Prohibitions by custom or reli-gion (6)14 Accumulates by skimping (6)15 In large amounts of quantity,in a way (4,2)17 Famous hospital on Pedderroad (6)19 Unable to read or write (10)21 Bathroom powder (4)22 ___ ___ nobis : pray for us, inLatin (3,3)23 __ ___ puzzle : fit the pieces –you get the picture (3,3)24 Big name in moulded luggage(3)Down:1 Agroup of six musici (6)2 Understanding term? (1,3)3 Tramples heavily on (6)4 Feeling ones way overseas (6)5 Unwelcome visitor, intruder (10)6 Whimsical; strange (3)9 Sorcery from the West Indies (6)11ChineserestaurantatChurchgate(10)13 Microscopic one-celled animal(6)16 Come as a logical consequence(6)17 Delayed bodily effects due tolong journey by plane (3,3)18 Maintain, prevent from sink-ing, especially tempo, ones spir-its, etc (4,2)20Nameofseaformingnorth-east-ern arm of Black Sea (4)21 __ Mahal : the wonder at Agra(3)WHENDESCRIBINGBREAK-UPStinue the conversations.“The medium used forthe conversation mat-tered enough to be al-most always mentioned.People would invariablymark when a differentmedium was used, ex-plaining when communi-cation shifted fromvoicemail to texting toFacebook and then tophone,” Gershon said.Herresultsdifferfromother ethnographic re-search done elsewhere,such as in Japan andBritain, where the storyoften focuses on justifyingwhy the relationship had toend. Character was theemphasis overseas, notthe method.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday,29ndto5thMay2013If you want to make it BIG inLIFE start readingOWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc. Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex,Andheri(W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon(E),Mumbai-400072.EditorialOffice :ShopNo.2,MarbleArch,ShastriNagar,Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022- 26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly.RAPES WILL COME DOWN IF PEOPLESHUN MEAT,ALCOHOL: SWAMIAGNIVESHRape cases willcome down if peopleshun non-vegetarianfood and alcohol, activ-ist SwamiAgnivesh saidFriday."We cannot stop acrime like rape by polic-ingonly.Ithinkrapeswillcome down significanltyif people stop eatingnon-vegetarian. Therehas been lot of researchon this. Rapes will comedown significantly if al-cohol consumption is notthere," he told reporters.He said a lot of crimesand accidents take placedue to consumption ofalcohol. Arguing on thebenefitsofvegetarianism,he said Japanese scien-tists conducted a study onthe oldest man on earthrecently and they foundthat he was a vegeterian."Every research con-ducted in this world pointsto one fact that red meatis the reason behind alldiseases," hesaid.Agnivesh said that allthe six accused in thegruesome rape of a younggirl in a moving bus onDecember 16 last yearwere drunk as well as theaccused in the recent in-cident of sexual assault ona five-year-old girl. "Inboth the incidents, the ac-cused consumed alcohol.This explains clearly thatalcohol drove them tocommit the crime.Alcoholshuts down the moralthinking of a person," hesaid. "Government is notending alcohol-productionin the country as it fetchesrevenue. All the stateshave now started compet-ing to outnumber eachother in alcohol produc-tion. This has become thenorm," he said. Express-ing concern over the factthat everyday one billionanimals are slaughtered,he said that "Itsconsequesnce will be se-vere." Regretting the lossof values in human beings,Agnivesh said, "There areno moral and spiritual val-ues left in people. Schoolstoday do not teach chil-dren about the evilconse-quencesofdrinking.Wecan-notblameanindividualforacrime. The society, as awhole, is responsible."Askedaboutwhetherdeathpenalty will stop rape,Swamisaid,"Deathpenaltywill not do anything. I donot support it. Death sen-tence should not given toanybody including thosewho attack Parliament.Even Qasab should nothavebeengivendeathsen-tence,"hesaid.Sarabjit not to be moved for treat-ment abroad: Pak officialsThefour-membermedicalboardheadedbyJinnahHos-pital chief executive Mahmood Shaukat conducted a rou-tineexaminationofSarabjitthismorning,officialssaid.Theyrejectedamediareportthattheboard was mulling a proposalto send Sarabjit abroad fortreatment. "No such proposalhasbeenunderconsideration,"anofficialofthehealthdepart-ment of Punjab province toldIL "In fact, the medical boardhas no mandate (to decideabout sending Sarabjitabroad),"saidtheofficial,whodid not want to be named ashewasnotauthorisedtospeakto the media. The medicalboard is "minutely monitoring the patient" and Sarabjit isbeinggiventhe"besttreatment"atJinnahHospital,theof-ficialsaid.SourcesinthehospitaltoldILthattherehadbeen"noimprovementwhatsoever"inSarabjitscondition.ThemembersofthemedicalboardShaukat,PostgraduateMedi-calInstituteprincipalAnjumHabibVohra,JinnahHospitalneurodepartmentheadZafarChaudhryandKingEdwardMedical University neuro-physician Naeem Kasuri seeSarabjitscaseas"majorneurosurgicalchallenge",thesourcessaid. Sarabjit,49,sustainedseveralinjuries,includingaskullfracture, when six prisoners attacked him in Kot LakhpatJail on Friday and doctors said his chances of survival areslim.Hewashitontheheadwithbricksandcutwithsharpweapons.HeisinadeepcomaandonventilatorsupportinanintensivecareunitofJinnahHospital.