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Only if I had this when I was 22...


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Straight out of school, I had to learn a lot on my own. Its tough but worth it. That is why we made the corporate accelerator offering at a minimal cost! This will help you learn in 5 days what took me and many others like me years to learn.

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Only if I had this when I was 22...

  1. 1. Corporate Accelerator IERF launches India’s First “Corporate On-boarding” Program P o w e r e d B y I I T r a i n C o n s u l t a n t s
  2. 2. Only if you say “YES” • Interested in getting interviewed and hired by over 200 of the top organizations in India? • Interested in building a higher visibility for your profile than any other recruitment option? • Interested in building a profile which allows interviewers to make a decision in your favor? • Interested in receiving international evaluations and psychometric assessments to build your career? • Interested in participating in India’s only “Corporate On-boarding” program?
  3. 3. Your IERF Edge • You will learn from I Train Consultants, a leadership skill development firm with over 200 clients across 17 industries behind the “Corporate On-boarding” program for College/University students countrywide. • I Train has already benefitted more than 60,000 participants through 3500 workshops in the past 7 years • The “Corporate Accelerator” is a partner validated program which carries certification and international evaluation for each student – Helping you stand out!
  4. 4. Features – What you get? • 5 day Corporate Accelerator – corporate on- boarding workshop at our institute • Industry Expert Trainers working with corporate – No Professors! • I Train Designed Behavioral Assessments through the I Quantify tools • CII endorsed Wheebox (WEST) Evaluation for Employability • DISC Evaluation – International psychometric tool to assess personality traits • MBTI | FIRO B | Stanford IQ | Big Five – Optional Evaluations – to establish team fit and organization fit • India’s leading independent certification valued by over 200 corporate across India • Resume Accelerator through our dedicated website. Recruitment Newsletter to all our clients quarterly.
  5. 5. 7 Steps to a Great Career 1. Enrollment 2. Allotment of program dates 3. Participating in 5 day on-boarding curriculum training and evaluation 4. Completing international evaluations online / paper based 5. Certification 6. Profile upload on website for certified participants 7. Generation of recruitment opportunities
  6. 6. Accelerate your Career • Welcome to I Train’s IERF Corporate Accelerator Program. India’s only “Corporate on-boarding” program designed to give you an edge. • “Get Certified, Get Employed” • Invest INR 12,500 + ST for a great career (*optional MBTI/FIRO-B assessments will be charged on actual)
  7. 7. About IERF The International Employment Research Foundation (IERF) is an employment focused division of I Train Consultants driven with a mission to: – Increase acceptability of college candidates applying for fresh jobs – Prepare students to be effective post hiring – Increase career traction by certifying students on corporate skills – Reduce hiring costs for organizations