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Getting Started with Java Programs


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Getting Started with Java Programs

  1. 1. 1 February 2012 Ankita R Karia GETTING STARTED WITH JAVA PROGRAMS1
  2. 2. JAVA PROGRAM STRUCTURE 1 February 2012DOCUMENTATION STATEMENTS SuggestePACKAGE STATEMENTS d Optiona Ankita R KariaIMPORT STATEMENTS l Optiona Used inINTERFACE STATEMENTS INHERITANCE l Optiona lCLASS DEFINITIONS OptionaMain Method Class l Essentia { Main method definition l } 2
  3. 3. EXAMPLES TO SOLVE:- 1 February 2012 WAP in JAVA to find greatest of three numbers? Ankita R Karia ( Without using if-else) WAP in JAVA to swap two numbers? WAP to convert the given temperature in Fahrenheit to Celsius using the following formula:- C=(F-32)/1.8 3