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The vibrant startup challenge entry submission Finqa


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Finqa's entry for The vibrant startup challenge entry submission for Vibrant Gujrat 2015's Global CEO Conclave

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The vibrant startup challenge entry submission Finqa

  2. 2. About Your Startup Name of founders 1. Abhik Prasad 2. Ankur Kapur Name of the organisation Wealth Kunji Advisors Pvt. Ltd Brands: Finqa and Fin10 Address Address: 2nd Floor, 9 Jacaranda Marg, DLF Phase 2 City: Gurgaon, Haryana Email Social links Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube: FBnSKA94cLWqdmpG3iciQ Contact number 9999 334 995
  3. 3. What does your startup do? We make investing money easier for indviduals. Financial Literacy is pretty low in India and most folks are under insured, under invested in growth assets and don’t plan early enough for retirement or future expenses. We help them invest and grow their money in a planned manner to meet their goals. We also educate folks about various aspects of Personal Finance and Investing via our free guide called Fin10 – It has 100 lessons on various topics related to Personal finance which one should be aware of as they start on their investment journey.
  4. 4. Tell us something about your founders Name Ankur Kapur Social links Ankur is the Finance domain expert and oversees Operations and our team of Certified Financial Planners and researchers. He is an active portfolio manager and his area of expertise includes equity, F&O, fixed income and portfolio management. Ankur brings more than 10 years of experience to Finqa and has worked with global companies such as American Express, McKinsey & Company and Ernst & Young. Ankur is an alumnus of Hindu College and Delhi School of Economics. He is also a CFA from CFA Institute, USA and CFP from FPSB India. Name Abhik Prasad Social links Abhik  oversees Marketing and Technology at Finqa. Design, photography and digital advertising are some of the stuff that he is really passionate about. With over 10 years of work experience with companies like TCS, Lintas and Cognizant, Abhik moved back to India to start his own venture. Abhik is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, and IIM Lucknow.
  5. 5. How is your startup different from the other startups? We are focussed on improving financial literacy in India. We are probably one of the few players in India who have built a free guide that we insist all our clients read (at Our focus is on serving the long tail of clients (those who earn between Rs 3 to 50 lakhs per annum) – a base which we feel isn’t truly served by the regular conventional channels of banking and insurance agent network We are product agnostic and have a fee based model for advisory services. We have tied up with BSE and use their BSE Star MF platform to push towards paper less transactions – This is not only environment friendly but also reduces chances of financial product mis selling and fraud (as folks usually sign documents without really reading the forms in detail and verifying accuracy of plans selected)
  6. 6. How is your startup transforming India? 1.) PERSONAL FINANCIAL EDUCATION While our entire education system is geared towards teaching people skills to earn money, none of us are formally taught to manage and grow our money in either school or college. We are trying to change this and get individuals more financially literate and aware – of things that they should do, like investing in a balanced portfolio of assets, adequate life/term insurance etc and about various finance myths and mis selling
  7. 7. How is your startup transforming India? 2.) MOVING WEALTH FROM DEBT TO GROWTH ASSET CLASSES According to Karvy’s latest wealth report, private citizens hold more than 50% of their assets in ‘Debt’ asset class. See next slide for further details.
  8. 8. How is your startup transforming India? India has seen remarkable economic progress in the last two and a half decades. A lot of this growth has been fuelled by entrepreneurs and various corporate houses of India. As India’s domestic consumption and demand grows, our entrepreneurs and businesses will need access to more capital to fuel this demand and aid in the Indian economy’s growth. Through greater financial awarness and busting of popular financial myths (e.g. don’t invest in the stock market – its like gambling. Instead leave it in a fixed deposit where its safe) We aim to get more and more Indians to Invest in growth financial assets. This will provide dual benefits: 1.) Companies get cheaper access to capital 2.) Individuals see a greater growth in their wealth over the long term.
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