The Networked World A Small Overview


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social networking, social media marketing, user generating reviews, twitter, google buzz, anlytics

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  • This presentation is part of and is inspired by the discussions happening in b2b-star-marketing class of SIIB, MBA-IB (09-11)I aim to throw some light on topics such as social networking, social media marketing, user generating reviews, twitter, google buzz, anlytics and how all these all topics do converge at some point.And bring some serious insights over what all is happening and what all can happen.I started off to make this ppt to present in the class wid an aim to make it a text less ppt. but I cudnt avoid having some text on the title slide.Although it’s a irony now that I m writing a whole lot of text in the “notes” section. So all tat I have next is 14 images. No big deal. Just 14 images.Lets start.
  • So we find ourselves as a part of this whole new reality, that is the networked world. Where a whole lot of people are connected to each other in many amazing ways.This phenomenon is popularly known as social networking.We see more and more people getting on these networks and talking. Not just talking. Sharing pics, music , sharing views …And that is where some of sites that I m gonna talk about are finding ground.We have seen the success stories of IMDB and Rotten tomatoes and the value reviews from a networked community can add to the movie watchers of the world.There is no doubt that a collection of reviews about stuff, makes more sense than one smart ass reviewing it.A movie, a book or watever product has just too many dimensions to it to be reviewed by just one person.And then you would count on a review by your friend rather than one from an so called “movie critic”.
  • So this site that I have does just tat.It collects reviews from a lot of people and shows it to u.True a lot of sites have being doing that, what so new about blippr.Lets see.
  • Now this is a normal day for me. I m browsing and reading a blog. Now right here on this blog, blippr is present.Can u find it ???Its right there at the bottom centre of the page.Those two small emoticons.The green one beside the word Facebook and the blue on beside the word Twitter.See it .Well that’s the review blippr wanted to give u about the sites Facebook, the  green smiley showings its good and :D blue smily showing its very good.That’s it.Simple and cool.So what else does it do. Lets go in closer.
  • Heres a closer look at what I wanted to show. So basically, blippr allows readers to see reviews about things right there while u do ur daily surfing.How does a website get these blippr emoticons ?Well if ur blog or website talks about topics like apps, movies, music and books u can just contact blippr site and they will get u a patch through which you can get these reviewing emoticons on ur webpage next to names of movies, books or sites or things tat blippr will support in the future…So this about getting reviews, but who reviews these things ?? How come facebook is just good and twitter is very good ?? Lets see how ..
  • So all u need to do is have ur cursor over the emoticon for a second and this window pops up.Here u can do three thignsSee the detailed rating of the stuff u r seeing. In this example Twitter. So twitter is rated 90/100 by people.You can also read the latest microreviews by people.You can vote yourself. Chose between the four options. Four diff smileys.And finally if u have some more extra mins, you can write ur own small review. Mind u the limit is 160 characters. So chose ur words wisely . After all, who wants to read a page long review anyways.Ok so blippr is cool and it does all these amazing things.But wers the social networking angle and where the hell is blippr site ? I mean we are talking about a web feature here and we still havent seen the website of blippr itself.Lets see…
  • Ok so heres how the blippr site luks like.You can browse for all the apps, books games, movies and music u wanna check out reviews for and give ur own reviews.You can even add new books or trakcs which are currently not present.Here we have this page for the book Watchmen open.You can again vote here.Offcourse you can start your own network here at blippr site itself.Another thing tat you see at the bottom right corner of the image is that you get two types of rankings :Over all ranking by all usersRanking by your friends ( cant be seen now , cause I don’t have ne friends)
  • But yes , I know you already are on a couple of social networking sites already and are pretty much content with it.I m sure you don’t have any time to go to this new site and add friends and stuff.Heres where the convergence startsThe amazing part is, you can login to blippr through you facebook or twitter or google or yahoo id.So you have ur complete social network right there in blippr also.Every review you write here can go out to all your friends and followers on the other sites.And that’s some serious magic happening.So is blippr the next big thing of the web world ??Well , may be , if it all works out well…Cause there are many more sites doing some innovative stuff …Like this site ….
  • Get glue is another site that some how works on the same lines of blippr.Lets see how innovative they are …
  • This is your normal wiki page … wersgetglue ??Well get glue is not any site ….It’s a plugin tat you have added in mozillafirefox browser and its that strip you see at the bottom..So while you are surfind , you can get reviews about the stuff on that webpage.Pretty innovative.. Haa ??
  • That brings us to the realization that there are many more innovative things that are being done and many more innovative things that one can do.And believe me, I have just taken blippr as an example here. There are loads of sites out there wid much more amazing things to do.But wat does this all mean ??How does it help everyone at large ??How do sites like blippr and getglue make some money for the hard effort they ve been putting in ??What do we do of all this data of reviews or tweets and all those thignsppl say and do on these sites ??The answers to all these questions is what can help us see the complete picture and may be draw some conclusions about what the near future might be ….
  • Lets talk about money first ..I ve been told that there are only two ways a site can make money..Ads Subscription from consumersNow in this free world , where virtually everything on the net is free , even songs and movies , you just can expect ppl to give u money for telling them reviews or letting them mesg to their friends.So option 2 is out of the question.So 1) , but we most of the magic that blippr does , is out side its own site, so how can it earn money from ads ?? Although we know how irrelevant even Google ads can be sometimes, forget about the static ads on normal pages…I see online retail as one of the ways through which they can make money …And why do I say so ? Well I think , by giving a consolidated review , blippr and many others are providing some value to the purchase decision u and I make before buying tat book or watching that movie. And hence, it gives them the right to charge a few pennies for it. But not from us.. They can take it from the sites that sell stuff on the internet..From the amazons and the ebays and hundreds of other small e-shops out there. To quote an example , theres this site , “” that basically is a virtual piggy bank, that helps you save money for that next phone or ipad you wanna buy.And by the time u reach closer to your goal of buying tat phone, it works out a way of finding a retalier and not just tat , smartypig ensures that the consumer gets a good deal. Other wise u have the money and u r gonna buy the phone from other place. So here we have this site , knowing the purchase intentions and buying capacity of a whole lot of customer well in advance.Do you how much , costs could apple save if it knew how many ipads does it have to make exactly and deliver it at what date at what place ????They could ship it to you at may be 2/3rd the cost.May be blippr and all the other sites that add some value to this buying process can do all this and more.And on the brighter side , because this is all happening in a networked world, your friends can see that you want this new ipad and who knows they might all chip in and get it for you… well I sure hope for to wake up in that kinda world tom So basically all these amazing businesses can collaborate in many diff ways and find ways to make small money from a lot of people, ending up pretty rich.All this as long as , people think they are adding value .Moving ahead..
  • Before we go ahead, I just wanted us to have a look at this image here and salivate about how humongous the power of the networked world is.50 million tweets per day..That’s a whole lot of talking going on ….Whole lot of reviews and Whole lot of data…Whole lot of opportunity if you could make some sense out of all this …Do some analysis and take this to the next level of knowledge and wisdom …Heres a small example how this can be done..
  • Till now we have talked about how the consumers or users at large and companies like blippr get happy by all this thigns that’s happening around.But heres how the manufacturers of all the products.. The makers of the movies .. The authors of the books can benefit from this.Heres the analysis of all the tweets that were about “Google buzz “ in the first 4 days of its coming into being.With some clever analytics , someone has found out a way to divide all the tweete about google buzz into three types :GoodBadNeutralNow as we reached the end of the second day , we see an increase in the number of negative tweets happening.That’s because around this time, people realized that their privacy is at stake. The buzz has some serious bugs and no matter how great people thing Google is, they are pretty pissed off.But if you are a smart company like Google, you would be listening to what your consumers are talking about.So Google fixed that privacy problem in less than three days of the launch , and down went the negative tweets.That how fast things can change nowadays and that’s how fast companies need to be able to react to the market.Gone are the days of the glorified marketing research and its techniques. Who wants to go out wid a questionaire when u can analyseeverythign that your customer is talking about, VOLUNTARILY.To add , I wanna draw you attention to a fourth player. This company called “Viral heat” you can see at the top right corner.This and many such companies are doing some great work which helps businesses distill what people are talking about and make some business sense out of it.So here lies , a whole new opportunity of a business.And now finally coming to the end of this presentation…
  • All I wanna say here is that everything that we know is converging..Its making more and more sense for businesses and people to talk to each other and collaborate.A lot things we see today are gonna be coming together and there is going to be some serious consolidation of value.All our facebook friends , orkut friends , twitter followers , gmail chat contacts, all may come down this one whole list of people we have in a list.And who knows , pretty soon , you might have every single person in this world in that list.Thanks.
  • The Networked World A Small Overview

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