Best Biometric Attendance System integratable with RFID & MICR devices for GCC Companies


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THe Paylite HRMS Software can be used as best Biometric Attendance System integratable with RFID & micr devices for Companies in GCC member Countries. Visit

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Best Biometric Attendance System integratable with RFID & MICR devices for GCC Companies

  1. 1. Do you have an organization with base of operations in the MENA region or specially in the GCC member countries?
  2. 2. You must have boarded on automated HR functioning system?
  3. 3. Not yet!!
  4. 4. Then, you must be facing lots of challenges to tide over daily HR operations?
  5. 5. For you, handling Staff Attendance challenges manually must be a source of headache too.
  6. 6. If it is, forget them.
  7. 7. Citytech Software is presenting advanced Attendance Tracking System.
  8. 8. Integratable with any device that your requirements suit.
  9. 9. Whether the device is Biometric or RFID or MICR, Paylite Attendance System is implementable with all of them!
  10. 10. This Paylite Attendance System is rich in providing actions, analytics, and data of staff attendance.
  11. 11. It can work in sync with the rest of Paylite HR Solutions also, seamlessly!
  12. 12. As a result, no pains in processing employee payroll for Paylite Payroll Software.
  13. 13. Easy to assess employee performance for Paylite Appraisal System!
  14. 14. Leverage your workforce to increase productivity.
  15. 15. Prevent Proxy Attendance malpractice.
  16. 16. No fear of attendance data manipulation.
  17. 17. No chance of transcription error.
  18. 18. Nor is any chance of interpretation error.
  19. 19. Nor is any chance of intentional error.
  20. 20. All these errors are vices of manual attendance practice.
  21. 21. Replace it with Automated Attendance System.
  22. 22. But, Paylite Attendance System is more than automation.
  23. 23. Entire workplace gets a coordination between HR departments.
  24. 24. That results in labor reduction & time- efficiency.
  25. 25. Plus, anytime-anywhere platform becomes a reality for HR professionals as well as employees!
  26. 26. Paylite Attendance System is linkable to….
  27. 27. Paylite HR Management Software or HRMS – “storing staff data for further use.”
  28. 28. Paylite Payroll Software – “salary calculations, managing allowances, & entire salary framework management.”
  29. 29. Paylite Appraisal System – “creates performance database for 360-degree appraisal.”
  30. 30. Paylite Self Service – “automating key HR functions like forwarding applications, obtaining approval or various necessary letters!”
  31. 31. Paylite Resume and Recruitment Manager – “automates resume shortlisting & recruitment processes.”
  32. 32. Localization of Paylite HR Management Software – “fits well with country-specific conditions of the GCC/MENA.”
  33. 33. Paylite Vehicle Management System – “helps organizations to manage their vehicles with fuel, traffic, & accident management.”
  34. 34. Don’t all these HRMS modules in single pack seem to be capable of managing huge HR functions efficiently?
  35. 35. Our Paylite HR Management Software is built with high-performance efficiency.
  36. 36. Best Microsoft technologies have been used to develop it.
  37. 37. Available both in Arabic and English interface.
  38. 38. Absolutely fit to benefit any size of organizations across the GCC/the MENA region.
  39. 39. This is why big corporate houses, academic institutions, oil companies, media houses, and Government bodies, among many more, are putting their trust on us.
  40. 40. Even if your present requirement is only Biometric Attendance System, Paylite HR Solutions will be your right pick.
  41. 41. HRMS module-based implementation as well as comprehensive HR Solutions are offered.
  42. 42. Customization service for our HR Solutions is also offered.
  43. 43. Contact us to know more of Paylite HR Management System.
  44. 44. Paylite team will be glad to extend its assistance for your HRMS requirements.
  45. 45. Connect with Paylite at OR