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Enterprise mobility


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This report helps the user understand the enterprise mobility segment, the relevant IT services players and their service offerings

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Enterprise mobility

  1. 1. Enterprise Mobility October 2011
  2. 2. Disclaimer Sources referred in preparing the report • • • Company websites, Marketing Collaterals & Press Releases IDC Strategies & Opportunities driving Mobile enterprises Application development Life Cycle services Public sources - public websites, blogs, online forum, financial analyst reports • 2 The views / inferences are based out of the reading and understanding of these above mentioned articles
  3. 3. Objective of the report • Summary • IT vendor landscaping • Tier I - MNC’s • Tier II - Large Indian IT service companies • Tier III – Mid sized Indian IT services (sample size) 3
  4. 4. Summary – Route to market vis-à-vis Positioning 4
  5. 5. Explanation of the Summary [ Inferences] Platform centric – this segment of players focus on the platforms that enable mobility. • Enterprise Platform centric - mobile enterprise application platform that enables enterprise developers to simply and quickly build applications that connect business data to mobile workers. Ex Sybase, IBM, Oracle ADF, etc., Also, the platform centric players, either have their own proprietary platforms or have tied up with platform / middleware vendors. The objective of platform centricity is to leverage their respective Enterprise Software product strengths and reach. System Integrators – this segment of players focus on the transformational work ranging from consulting to deployment (applications to be enabled ‘mobile’, the connectivity constraints, tie-up the enterprise mobile solutions with the back-end systems etc.,) Security, connectivity, consistency, sustenance, maintenance, and managed services and support in applications also are considered in the scope of work Mobile Platforms & Web Enablement – this segment of players focus on • Mobile Handset platform centric – mobile handset platform / OS such as iOS, Blackberry OS(QNX), Symbian ,Windows Mobile, Android, etc., • Last mile web enablement – of the enterprise software on mobiles. Scope of work involves User experience, the mobile commerce applications etc., 5
  6. 6. Explanation of the Summary [ Inferences] • Platform vendors – This segment represents the middleware that are used by System Integrators via partnerships. Most system integrators, have partnerships along with investing in in-house application development frameworks. Some of these vendors also support enterprise software products such Ex: Oracle software is supported by Antenna software; making it imperative Infosys to have a partnership with Antenna software. Other Players in the Mobility Ecosystem – – Connectivity – CISCO, Motorola, IBM, AT&T and other such network service providers, through alliances and partnerships, provide the network compatibility in enabling enterprise mobility – Mobile OEM – Samsung, LG & Nokia are some of the leading OEM’s that have forged alliances with key players in the eco-system showcasing • • – 6 Their platform capability for enterprise mobility end-users The technology infrastructure such as , app stores , storage etc to make mobility features available to enterprise mobility end-users Mobile Device security – these players have specific solutions to provide application security.
  7. 7. Tier I *MNC’s+ (Intended to understand the dynamics in the Cloud segment) Player Profile Messaging is centered around - Collaboration product from SWG (lotus , websphere) , Mobile App Enterprise platform, IBM labs , Wireless practice & Smarter Planet & Social networking all of it as vertical specific holistic solution Services - strategy consulting, solution architecture, application development, and channel infrastructure Product / Technologies – Collaboration products from SWG (Lotus), we have been supporting a variety of mobile devices including BlackBerry® smartphones, Symbian, iPhone®, Android Linux®, Windows® Mobile and Palm® devices for clients in a wide range of industries IBM GTM Theme  Solution Oriented  Consultative Approach >Smarter Planet is the all encompassing industry requirements / trends Info- Messaging is centered around - Enterprise mobility is not positioned as a vertical; it is positioned as one of the solutions, customized, for specific consumer / enterprise segment where they follow a consultative approach(3 / 4 step process and the process is end-2-end). Enterprise mobility about “ HP Mobile Application Services” vertical. Also HP services division provides hosting & online and onsite services for their enterprise mobility customers in the SME segment Product / Technologies – Mobile Sales Force / Field sales / floor Automation, GPS, Mobile ERP , Cross-platform development expertise uses a "write once, deploy anywhere" architecture to support multiple form factors and its significant presence in CE devices(Web OS ) HP GTM Theme  Service Oriented “Consumerization of IT” - targeting large enterprises and SME with emphasis on their end-user (connectivity, UI, multiple form factors) and backed with strong enterprise IT services and tech support Info- 7
  8. 8. Tier I *MNC’s+ (contd) (Intended to understand the dynamics in the Cloud segment) Profile Messaging is centered around - Dell has launched Enterprise Mobility Services, a portfolio of end-to-end solutions that encompass hardware, software, services, and back-end data center infrastructure for all mobile operating systems. 6 services include Strategic Consulting, Mobile Device Management , Telecom Expense Management, Custom Application Development , Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, Security & Compliance.Partnered with Antennae software and developed Mobility Application Platform (DMAP). Dell’s Enterprise Mobility Services will be deployed in North America and the U.K. first followed by expansion into EMEA and APJ regions. Product / Technologies - Desktop Virtualization Solutions & Services, Distributed PC & Device Management with Dell KACE, Managed Security Services with Dell DELL SecureWorks, Dell Software Inventory and Usage Management, Dell Enterprise-ready Notebooks & Tablets, Dell Smartphones and Tablets, Dell Application Services, Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Licensing GTM Theme –  [Product / Solution Oriented]  DELL is packaging each of its solutions / vertical strength and tailoring them to address each component of the enterprise mobility ecosystem Info - Messaging is centered around – Services offered are Mobility Consulting (Mobility strategy and Device strategy) Mobility software services – Application Mobility Software Services – Device & Platforms ; UI design , embedded s/w & cloud platforms such as Android, Nokia & iOS platforms , MeeGo, ROSA Testing (remote access, offshore testing, testing on simulated networks and automation) CE & In-vehicle Infotainment solution lines Mobility Managed Services – such as MDM, MDC, tracking services, Billing software, Mobile banking, Mobile wallet / payments Mobility Business Integration services –Workforce management, Salesforce automation (Sybase, Oracle) GTM theme : Accenture  [Solution / Product design Oriented]  Consulting approach > Significant presence CE(embedded) engineering & UI design> Acquisitions in the mobility software space > Mobility Engineering Info Accenture and SAP are coming together to offer advanced enterprise mobility to oil and gas, utilities and consumer goods verticals. The combination will develop new mobility solutions based on the Sybase Unwired Platform 2.0 along with Accenture’s enterprise mobility offerings. 8 Nokia and Accenture have finalized an agreement for Nokia to outsource Symbian software development and support activities to Accenture till 2016. Approximately 2,800 Nokia employees located in China, Finland, India, United Kingdom and the United States, are expected to transfer to Accenture at closing,
  9. 9. Tier I *MNC’s+ (contd) (Intended to understand the dynamics in the Cloud segment) Profile Messaging is centered around – Approach to enterprise mobility is based on enabling their enterprise software products to be made ‘mobile’. Oracle are playing the technology facilitator by providing solution sets for ease of enabling mobility. These solutions are designed to be agile, flexible, “write-once & deploy on multiple” concepts both on the device , web & server side. All of these solutions are intended to make development & programming easier and more adaptable Product / Technologies -. Some of the solutions / solution sets are Oracle • MEAP - Mobile Enterprise Application platform (solution intended to the developer community ) • ADF – Application development framework • Working with Antenna Software since 2006 • Java Solutions for Mobile Applications (solution intended to the developer community ) • Java ME • Mobility Solutions for Oracle Applications •solutions for mobile users to access applications on the hand-held devices ((solution intended to the developer community) GTM Theme – Develop the platform / technology / tools for ease of enabling mobility for Oracle products + Acquisitions of DB products that fits in to the Oracle Mobility eco-space Info - 9
  10. 10. Tier I *MNC’s+ (contd) (Intended to understand the dynamics in the Cloud segment) Profile Centricity – Approaching every segment of the enterprise mobility ecosystem from the perspective of the end-user. Branded this approach as “@AnyPlace – Office/ sales force, Health/ Access/ Logistics”. Approach is ‘business solution-based’( leveraging the consulting DNA of the org) for each of these target segments with specific partnership in each of these approaches @Anyplace® Office - Managed services ; wireless and remote-access infrastructure and support @Anyplace® Access – business solution leveraging partnerships with Cisco and Appear Networks @Anyplace® Sales Force – business solutions leveraging MS, ISV’s & wireless carriers. ; integrates field sales with back-end systems. The solutions are supported for MS devices (Tablet PCs, Exchange Server 2003, Mobile Information Server, Windows Server 2003) @Anyplace® Health combines Capgemini’s experience in the healthcare sector with Windows mobile software. @Anyplace® Logistics – business solutions leveraging partnership with Intel, Sun, Supplyscape, Tyco and Viewlocity; Capgemini Partnership with SAP - Capgemini will host mobile solutions powered by industry-leading Sybase® Managed Mobility technologies and offer them on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) basis. . In addition, agreement to build differentiated mobility solutions, through which Capgemini plans to make mobility solutions from SAP available to customers Other Partnerships - Cisco, SAP, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Sun, Oracle, and HP, VeriSign, Sybase iAnywhere, B2M Solutions, Syclo, Global Bay, Spring Wireless, Veilig Mobiel GTM theme : Consulting approach > Leveraging tailor made partnerships with OEM’s for solutions to specific market verticals > target Info 10
  11. 11. Large Indian IT services (intended to study their positioning in the market) Enterprise Mobility Technologies* Profile * Please refer to the appendix Platform / Handset 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. TCS 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Infosys 8. 11 Services Offered – The mobility solutions are derived from the Mobility solutions group. Vertical specific solutions / reference frameworks / IPs are positioned to each vertical from this group along with TCS labs. The CE mobile applications has been matured to a larger mobility group. This includes the end-to-end design & implementation services Industries Served – Pitched for all industries; specific cases are Manufacturing, Media, Retail & Telecom Platforms – All the mobile platforms ; Blackberry is a focus Key Words – Industry specific mobility solutions Plans / Strategies / PR - nothing specific found Market Segment – Enterprise Inferences – Looking to position across its verticals, about the Mobility middle-ware IP / reference framework tucking along specific solutions & other value services GTM theme – Vertical Focus > MW depth > CE + Enterprise expertise > vertical specific end-toend design & implementation Services offered : end to end services from mobile handset to enterprise business packages. Industries served – Retail, logistics, banking, transportation, SCM Platforms – iPhone (i-COE), Android, Win Mobile, Key Words – Enterprise mobility is positioned as a part of the product engg practice Plans / Strategies / PR Market Segment – Enterprises Inferences – Leveraging Mobility COE and its enterprise expertise along with certain enterprise solutions on variety of platforms. Also created Flypp (an app store) from close to 100 ISV’s on multiple platforms and positioning them to operators. All part of the Mobility Innovation lab. GTM theme - Mobility COE > platform expertise > Sybase(SAP) + Oracle partnerships > App development Partner programs SI Web / Mobile banking SAP COIN Antennae Software P P P SAP COIN Sybase edia/SAP/enterprisemobility.htm P P Infosys – Oracle Innovation center – Infy as an SI on Oracle ADF RIM Antennae Software Pyxis
  12. 12. Large Indian IT services (intended to study their positioning in the market) Enterprise Mobility* Partner programs * Please refer to the appendix Profile 1) Wipro 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Services Offered – Advisory services, mobility COE, Mobility managed services, mobility testing services Industries served – Along all the verticals that wipro operate in Platforms – Symbian, Android ,Windows, Blackberry, iPhone Key words- Mobility COE , Hand-held devices dev & testing, Plans / Strategies / PR – none specific about e-mobility; Market Segment – Enterprise Inferences - Leveraging their early entry in the mobile space (Mobility COE) , along with strength in mobile & hand-held device expertise ( embedded dev & testing) Their current positioning focus is on the e-commerce & mobile banking side and are looking to integrate that focus onto the enterprise software mobility. GTM theme : Early entrants in Mobility space > Strong Expertise in end-to-end CE devices & Networking > E-commerce / Mobile banking reference solutions > vertical specific enterprise mobility Platform / Handset SI Web / Mobile banking Sybase ex.php?option=com_content&task =view&id=1938&Itemid=97 Antennae software P P P Partnered with Samsung for enabling mobility solutions on Samsung – Mobile world congress Sybase 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. CTS 8. 12 Services offered – Mobile Roadmap, Mobile Architecture, Tech & Vendor Evaluation, Frameworks and Accelerators(app, web-based apps, RFID & tracking apps etc., ), multi-platform development Industries served – Pitched across all the verticals that they operate Platforms: iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile/Phone Key words – Mobile COE Plans / strategies / PR – none specific about e-mobility Market segment - Enterprise Inferences – Pitching the exp of mobile COE and tailoring the COE to customer centric mobility COE and tailoring their Two-in-a-box strategy GTM theme : Consulting strengths (TIB) > Mobile COE investment > Vertical depth in industry segments Antennae Software P P
  13. 13. Large Indian IT services (intended to study their positioning in the market) Enterprise Mobility* Profile 1. 2. 3. Mahindra Satyam 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Services offered – Unified mobility platform (focus) & Professional services relating to mobility include: consultancy, services for developing a strategic mobility roadmap, data security and device management, SI of enterprise ERP/CRM solutions and other back-ends and/or with the telco valueadded service infrastructure) including Mob app dev, porting and testing. Tech Mahindra also offers managed services around these solutions that service providers can offer on a white label basis. Industries served – Telecom & foraying across verticals of Satyam Platforms: Unified Mobility platform framework that provides the base for customized solutions for different industry segment (Workforce automation, Assets & Inventory management , Telematics service delivery solutions,) Key words – Telecom & JV with Motorola (CanvasM), MobiSocial (branding for mobility for social change) Plans / strategies / PR – MobiSocial, CanVasM, Innovation center in Canada, & US Market segment - Telecom service providers, SME & Larger Enterprise thru through the Satyam acquistion GTM theme : Telecom centric & Mobile VAS expertise > Unified Mobility platform > Pitching this experience with Larger enterprise through Satyam Info - Note – HCL :- info / positioning information from web site is not directly available. 13 Partner programs * Please refer to the appendix Platform / Handset SI Web / Mobile banking Microsoft, HP IBM P P Oracle JV with Motorola (CanvasM)
  14. 14. Mid sized IT service companies Enterprise Mobility* Profile Mindtree Symphony 14 1) Services offered - product & platform dev, app porting, enabling on mobiles, mobile app testing 2) Industries served – Specific solution for Banking and Insurance, Consumer Devices, Manufacturing, Portals, Retail and Travel & Transportation 3) Platforms - iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Brew, Android. 4) Key words – “mobile application development services” , Solution accelerator MiWAP - Mobile Web Portal Enablement Framework 5) Plans / Strategies / PR – no specific PR related to Enterprise mobility 6) Market Segment– Startups, ISV’s , Large Enterprises 7) Inferences - Repackaging their mobility solutions FOR enterprise mobility. 8) GTM theme – Exp on different mobile platforms &, embedded networking & CE expertise > Develop & Integration of these applications onto mobile handsets 9) Info - 1) Services offered - Multi-tiered, 360° strategy and design service, SymMobTM enterprise mobility framework, Cross-platform development and certification, End-to-end mobility management (provides ongoing application and device management services via a SaaS model to fully manage mobile applications and devices) and includes BI & Analytics 2) Platforms - iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. 3) Key words- End-to-End Solution ; SaaS + Mobility 4) Plans / Strategies / PR – Acquired a South American co to strengthen its Enterprise mobility practice ; July 2011 about acquisition of companies with revenues in the range of $100M - $200M 5) Market Segment - ISV’s , Software makers such as Sybase (building mobile and SaaS-enabled software delivered via an outcome-based engagement model thereby infusing mobility and SaaS into software products) 6) Inferences - Targeting ISV’s & Enterprise S/W with mobility with time to market advantage 7) GTM theme - Mobility reference framework > Enterprise S/W & ISV’s on mobility with differentiated business model > Value adding BI & analytics services > 8) Info - * Please refer to the appendix Platform / Handset P SI P Web / Mobile banking P Partnerships / Alliances SAP Global CoInnovation Lab (COIL) Network. Participated and developed mobility solutions for SAP Real Estate solutions x?rid=/webcontent/uuid/50ebf9a0645b-2d10-ee97-a0bdf3a40b38 Sybase (to develop mobile management & security solutions) , RIM phony-partners-with-sybase-todevelop-mobile-management-andsecurity-solutions/ P P
  15. 15. Mid sized IT service companies Enterprise Mobility* Profile Platform / SI Web / Partnerships / Alliances * Please refer to the appendix Handset Mobile banking Persistent Systems 1) Services Offered – Multiplatform engg, developing enterprise and carrier grade mobile applications,usability engg 2) Industries served 3) Platforms - iPAF Framework (iPhone & iPAD) , STAMP Framework (dev of apps for JAVA enabled phones 4) Key Words 5) Plans / Strategies / PR 6) Market Segment - Telecom OEM’s / Telecom ISV’s , Telecom service providers 7) Info - Persistent provides OPD services to Telecom OEMs /ISVs that build applications for the mobile platforms. Most notably , Persistent has tied up with Nokia to help develop Qt based applications for mobile devices based on Symbian and Meego platforms. As of June 2011, &7% of revenues is from Enterprise Mobility services E-Com platform - 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Aditi Technologies 6) 7) 8) 9) 15 Services offered - Design service, Mob client app development, mob multi-platform dev, prof service. Mobility solutions competency partner for MS, Industries served Platforms – Android, Blackberry, Symbian/OVI, Win Mobile, iPhone, J2ME platforms. IPhone framework for online retail websites, Key Words - Mobile app development, Plans / Strategies / PR - Looking to diversify from the Microsoft focus on to other platforms, released around 15 applications on all major mobile operating systems, current strength is 50..looking to grow. Market Segment – ISV, Online Retail Inferences – Leveraging mob app development expertise on MS platform, want to diverse onto other platforms and investing in ‘show-case’ products on iPhone & Android etc,. GTM theme- Mob app development on multiple platforms Info - Forum Nokia, Nokia Qt, Samsung BADA, Skype, P P Symbian Foundation Microsoft Exploring other partnerships
  16. 16. Mid sized IT service companies Enterprise Mobility* * Please refer to the appendix Profile 1) 1) 2) 3) Syntel 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 16 Services offered – End-to-end solutions for Application development, porting / upgrade, app testing, mobile deployment, maintenance & support , “SMARTmove” – Syntel’s mobility platform Features of the platform – supports multi-platform framework, plug & play framework, 12 layer security / 256-bit encrypted security features, No license cost ( deployed as a Solution framework) Industries served – mobile solutions – Banking, Insurance, Healthcare & common solutions for retail/ telecom/ logistics Platforms – IPAD & iPhone focused, Android, Win mobile & Blackberry Key words – Mobility COE(SMARTmove, BI Dashboards, Security), Domain specific SME’s & customizable accelerators, Platform-agnostic middleware and rich native UI development framework Plans / Strategies / PR Market Segment - Healthcare segment Inferences – strengths in mobile solutions & multi-platform experience. Specific case studies points to focus on iPAD and iPhone. Building capability on Android. No information on bringing Enterprise Solutions to Mobility GTM theme: Strengths in mobile solutions > Domain specific mobile solutions Info - Platform / Handset SI Web / Mobile banking Partnerships / Alliances Pyxis Mobile (cross platform) DME (device management) Odyssey(security) P Mobien Technologies (Framework)
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