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Big data


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This report helps the user to understand trends in big data, cloud and medical devices, the key players in the ecosystem , the top users of this technology

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Big data

  1. 1. An assessment report on  Big Data  Cloud computing  Medical Devices Date : 29-Oct-2013
  2. 2. Disclaimer Sources referred in preparing the report • Forrester, Morgan Stanley research, IDC research, Zinnov, Gartner :- detailed reports / overview reports • Public sources - public websites,blogs, press releases, online forums and associations etc., • Company websites – Accenture, TCS, Infosys, IBM, HP etc., The views / inferences are based out of the reading and understanding of these above mentioned articles
  3. 3. Index • Big Data and Cloud introduction • Big data – – – – Highlights Trends and challenges Key players in the ecosystem Customers of Big Data and their challenges • Cloud computing – – – – Highlights Trends and challenges Key players in the ecosystem Customers of cloud computing and their challenges • Medical devices – – – – Industry round up Growth segments Trends and challenges Key players in the ecosystem
  4. 4. Think Big, Think Cloud Big Data & Cloud : Introduction “Big data” refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage, and analyze “Cloud” is a cluster of internet based or private network based storage capacity providing users with abstracted IT capabilities which includes software, development platform and virtualized servers Pay-as-you use Multi-tenant Highly abstracted Rapidly scalable
  5. 5. Big Data has significant impact across industries Analyzing terabytes of data & deriving meaningful insights for Estimated Business Impact  Better monitoring of supply chain, inventory and logistics cost  Proactive customer service, feedback and after sales support Increase in operating margins for retailers embracing big data  Competitive advantage through dynamic pricing , cross-selling and innovative business models  Deeper insights into customer spending patterns, sentiment and preferences for designing innovative and relevant products In Manufacturing - R&D, production, and supply chain accounts for a total productivity gain  Targeted marketing campaigns, promotional offers and events  Analyzing behavioral patterns in hiring and retaining talent and skills  Better services and cost operations in public administration and healthcare Potential market for Medical Clinical information providers which aggregate data and perform the analyses to improve health care efficiency, by 2020.
  6. 6. Trends & Challenges: Big Data Storage Massive spurt in digital data after 2000 (from 25% in 2000 to 94% in 2007) Content – Expansion in multimedia content – Increasing popularity in social media – Proliferation in use of sensors in Internet of Things Investments Big Data investment are geared towards generating and maintaining revenue [Sales, Marketing, Customer service, R&D] Data usage Policy • Data Privacy , Intellectual property rights • Data security Shortage of skills • To derive insights from big data • Demand for deep analytical talent in the US could be 50-60% greater than its projected supply by 2018 Technology and Analyses techniques • Deploy new technology (storage computing & analytical software, analytic techniques) • Upgrade legacy systems & incompatible standards for integration Internet based business Industries generating revenues over Internet spend the most (>75%) on Big Data Big data & Meaningful content • Large tracts of data is unstructured and in inaccessible form • Organizational structures & workflows not aligned to optimize use of big data
  7. 7. Key players in the ecosystem Biggest Enablers Analytics & BI Infrastructure Hadoop Map Reduce • Technologies Hadoop File system • Infrastructure and Databases • Informatica • Cloudera
  8. 8. Top Customers for Big Data : Retailers Rev (Bn USD) 460 Analyst view Expected growth Consensus analyst opinion is "mostly bullish". Not a stock for short term sellers. Recent revenue results are poor due to gloomy consumer spending environment globally Revenue guidance FY14 have been lowered by 3-4% Sales have fallen recently though beating forecast estimates 92 Have invested in transformation initiatives balancing cost-saving measures On the road to recovery after a sluggish previous year, however is under the watch. 90 Sluggish Marginal increase in revenue by 1-2 % Company is investing sufficiently into online business while market share in UK has fallen Kroger has consistently driven positive identical-store sales and gained market share despite increasing competition from nontraditional grocers 90 Kroger has greater control over its supply chain and can capture all the profits from selling higher margin private label, allowing the company to remain competitive on price while preserving margin Expected growth rate 5-8% in revenue Investments made in online are saying positive outcomes. 61 21% growth in sales Strong market share positions in retail, as well as marketplace, device and cloud infrastructure businesses. continued
  9. 9. Challenges faced by retailers • Vagaries of the Economy – – • Risks of recession remain significant Low-demand environment causing a zero-sum game thereby acute competition Cost pressures – Low margin businesses shifts entire focus on costs for profitability • Agility in response to consumer spending patterns – The dynamic nature of consumer behavior ensures that retailers always have to play catch up with pricing and sales • Supply chain risks – Location specific risk arising out of global sourcing models • Emerging markets is unavoidable and unviable – To operate efficiently in emerging markets, achieving critical mass in store and revenue is a long drawn timeline
  10. 10. Top Semiconductor OEMs and challenges faced by this segment of customers CPU’s, GPU’s, chip-based sensors, 3-D IC’s etc are expected to support across industries such as Healthcare, Energy and utilities, retail, Internet-of-things – Real time aggregating and managing large terabytes of data coming from Field nodes, Network infrastructure & back-end analytics across Real time extracting meaning from data – Real time extracting meaning from data for which high end machine learning algorithms are to be developed. Challenges include building and optimizing algorithms for large clusters of chipsets – Real time analytics : Putting together the processed data in meaningful formats to support different use cases for different industries Eg., Refresh rate Trend is towards All-in-one smart chip in the form 3-D IC’s, array of cluster of sensors (GPS, accelormeters etc., ) Along with hardware innovation Software analytics is key to adoption
  11. 11. Section on Cloud
  12. 12. Similarly Cloud computing is also transforming businesses By adopting the cloud model, organizations are  Saving significant Capex costs in server spend, maintenance and upgrades    Estimated Business Impact Consolidation of servers Pay-as-you-use : Optimized usage of IT infrastructure on need basis across functions Assured monitoring, upkeep and maintenance  Increasing Revenues : Serving more customers and new markets  Innovative delivery models  SaaS – Software-as-a-Service  IaaS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service  PaaS – Platform-as-a-Service  Re-invest savings from cloud adoption to marketing and sales efforts  Growing more nimble and agile in their operations     Availability of On-demand information Elasticity in scaling IT infrastructure requirements Improved collaboration opportunities Bandwidth to focus on core competencies 3 year CAGR in SaaS based workloads ; robust growth going forward
  13. 13. Trends & Challenges: Cloud computing Cloud models IaaS : will hit its peak early and then commoditize quickly PaaS : ISVs are buying PaaS technology and potentially hosting services. System integrators and outsourcing providers are building PaaS/legacy integration skills. Data Security • Data ownership • Data access • Compliance with regulations SaaS : -is the most sustainable growth opportunity ; will grow over the next 5 years Service Quality Hybrid cloud • SLAs does not guarantee service outcome entirely A combination of public cloud services and private cloud could lead to a unified model made up of multiple cloud platforms (internal or external) is being embraced Not just capex saving The cloud is also being used to shift the focus of IT resources to higher-value-added activities for the business, or to support business innovation and, potentially, lower risks. Rise of new role of Service provider A cloud services brokerage (CSB) is a service provider that plays an intermediary role in cloud computing ; where a IT functions acts as a business unit providing cloud adoption services Integration issues • Integration of on-premise and cloud based application is incurring time and cost Responsive services • Delivery of complex services through the network is clearly impossible if the network bandwidth is not adequate
  14. 14. Top Semiconductor OEMs and opportunities from the cloud adoption • With growth in cloud computing the focus is on processor companies to design processors with : – Support data center demands – Higher security – Increased processing power to support high computing needs • Server shipment will reduce however, multicore processors will increase in shipments • Growing prevalence of 1040100 Gigabit Ethernet – Its become a data center protocol – Demand for greater bandwidth, and higher resilience & reliability • Network OEM’s are adopting advanced & yet cost effective ASIC solutions from chip OEMs foregoing custom ASIC solutions built inhouse
  15. 15. Section on Medical Devices
  16. 16. Medical Devices : Industry round up By 2017, the global medical device market Annual average growth from 2012. This growth will be achieved in the face of • Cost pressure • Against market demands for more effective products. North America : Federal programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as state governments, made “anemic” spending increases to hospitals, which are the key purchasers of medical devices, Europe : Extreme economic downturn in Spain, Ireland, Greece and Portugal led to layoffs and proposed reforms to the healthcare systems. Emerging markets provide a key strategy for leaders, driven through acquisitions: • Johnson & Johnson acquired local Chinese company Guangzhou Bioseal Biotechnology Co. Ltd, • Medtronic announced it would acquire China Kanghui Holdings, a developer and producer of trauma and spine orthopedic transplants.
  17. 17. • Medical Device industry is highly fragmented along the following lines – – – – Surgical, Cardiovascular home healthcare general medical • A study from EvaluateMedTech, suggests that technological advancements – may lead to nanotechnology applications – use of surgical robots as a new segment entering the medical device industry • The cardiovascular segment is anticipated to witness growth due to an increase in the number of heart patients. Estimated Market share (%) Medical Device : Growth segments 12 10 8 10 6 20 30 4 40 2 50 0 0 20 Estimated Sales (B USD) In Vitro Diagnostics Cardiology Diagnostic Imaging • The figure alongside shows the expected top 5 medical device areas by the year 2018 40 Orthopedics Ophthalmic 60
  18. 18. Trends & Challenges: Medical Devices Connected Health Flat growth prospects Interoperability of devices for -Enhanced the functionality of devices -Reduce manpower costs • Major economies are under stress, can hurt spending Regulatory Challenges Versatile & Multifunctional devices preferred over highly specialized equipment - Due to price pressures - Available floor space Personalized Healthcare Shift from a traditional model built on regulatory approval and selling to claims, to one of medical evidence through improved analytically-derived insights Cost effective R&D ₋ Leveraging healthcare eco-system (universities, state institutions etc) ₋ Partner programs, JV & R&D centers within emerging markets • Compliance requirement is different across geographies and keeping tab on them is a cost-drain for OEM’s • Long and iterative regulatory compliance and approval processes • With new technologies such as Mobility, regulatory approvals are arduous Integration & Interoperability challenges • workflow needs in various clinical environments differ, he said, making it difficult for providers to keep track of the necessary patient data. Hefty Tax • The largest medical device companies are based in US and they are burdened by the $20B tax levied on the industry as part of the Affordable Care Act(ACA)
  19. 19. Key players in the ecosystem Key Industry Bodies Medical Device manufacturers association Players SW & HW Components Who Texas Instruments, Renesas, STMicro and Freescale Wind River, MKS, LDRA, Visure Solutions Design Consultants LogicPD and Sterling Medical Devices Role come up with new silicon, modules and supporting software to help solve the device makers’ design challenges. provide design expertise to solve tough design problems & compliance issues • Members – 270+ Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS)
  20. 20. End of Document
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