How to get noticed and recognised as a presales, bid and proposal management professional.?


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APMP offers the world’s first, best and only industry recognized Certification Program for professionals working in a bid and proposal environment. APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating proposal management competency. Achieving APMP Certification:

# Demonstrates your personal commitment to your career and profession
# Improves your business development capabilities
# Creates a focus on best practices for your team
# Gains you the respect and credibility of your peers, clients and organization’s leaders and in some cases additional compensation.
# Reinforces bid/proposal management as an important role within your organization and not an ad hoc function that anyone can do.

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How to get noticed and recognised as a presales, bid and proposal management professional.?

  1. 1. But !!! We make strategic moves to win a Bid
  2. 2. What about our ? ❖ Career Growth ❖ Capability Development ❖ Professional Recognition ❖ Work Life Balance ❖ and ….. . .
  3. 3. We fight our battles everyday • Improve bidding efficiency and effectiveness • Improve win rate • Innovate to steal a march on our competitors • Reduce bidding costs and response cycle time • Increase number of bids without increase of resources But still !!!
  4. 4. We have an Elephant in the room Problems Challenges Risks Lack of formal training in Bid/Proposal Management Expectation Management of stakeholders Decreasing sales and proposal budgets Consistently ad-hoc processes Poor information model High expectations and increasing competition Lack of visibility and information Ambiguity and unclear requirements Slow career progression and new joiners Repeated mistakes Resource availability Stressful and Stretched work hours Shortage of SMEs Low feedback and lessons learned Reduced to low challenging tasks Dynamic and time constrained Poor Management Support and Buy-in No competitive differentiator as a professional Multiple stakeholders and dependencies
  5. 5. Our profession can offer us ❖ A high-visibility profile in the company ❖ A 360 degree understanding of the business ❖ CXO level interactions ❖ Multi-skilled capability ❖ Performance based remuneration & rewards ❖ High demand opportunities
  6. 6. What do we need ? • A respectful industry recognition of the profession • Globally accepted industry best practices and processes • Collaboration and continuos learning • Networking and relationships
  7. 7. How can APMP help? •Exhaustive Knowledge Sharing and Global Best Practices •Global Events, Webinars and Training Programs •Job Bulletin Boards •Industry Networking
  8. 8. APMP Certifications
  9. 9. APMP Foundation Level APMP Foundation Certification serves as the base to demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of proposal management best practices. Why should you pursue Foundation Certification? ❖ To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of best practices for proposal and bid management ❖ To demonstrate your commitment to your own professional development in the industry ❖ To prepare yourself for additional responsibility and more complex assignments ❖ To advance to the sweet spot of APMP’s Certification Program ‒ Practitioner What are the requirements for Foundation Certification? ❖ Candidates for Foundation must have at least 1 year of experience in a bid and proposals environment; this experience does not have to be continuous. ❖ Submit a reference that can verify 1 year of experience in a bid and proposals environment. ❖ Pass a 1-hour open-book multiple-choice exam that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of best practices. ❖ Candidates do not have to be a member of APMP to take the exam, but the cost for non-member candidates is increased by the cost of membership. ❖ Your one-year minimum experience working in a bid and proposals related environment will be verified with a reference you choose.
  10. 10. Key Competency & Subject Areas Information Research and Management Planning Development Management Sales Orientation Opportunity Qualification, Winning Price Development, Teaming Identification, Proposal Strategy Development,Executive Summary Development, Storyboard Development, Requirements Identification, Compliance Checklist Development, Outline Development Storyboard Review Management, Kick-off Meeting Management, Review Management, Proposal Risk Management, Proposal Progress Reporting, Final Document Review Management, Production Management, Lessons Learned Analysis and Management, Proposal Process Management Customer Interface Management, Capture Plan Development, Winning Strategy Development, Negotiation Planning, Sales Participation Information Gathering, KnowledgeManagement Schedule Development, Resource Planning
  11. 11. Expected Knowledge Competencies Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of: • the relationships between processes, deliverables, roles and the management dimensions of a proposal / bid lifecycle as described in published best practice reference works • the tools available to assist with process management, planning and production • industry terminology within the proposal / bid environment as described in ‘the APMP Glossary of Terms’ • specific process stages as described in the published best practice reference works • proposal / bid document reviews and techniques • internal organisation assessment / analysis processes and procedures and external customer assessment / analysis processes and procedures
  12. 12. Sample Question
  13. 13. Local Chapter Benefits APMP chapters offer members the following significant benefits: •Networking focus into the immediate needs of the chapter membership •An available forum for presentation of proposal-related issues •A working environment to further the objectives of APMP •Develop relationships among special interest groups of proposal professionals, e.g. graphic artists •Monthly webinars, training programs, industry events • Job Bulletins
  14. 14. To become a part of APMP India ❖ Become a member of APMP by filling the online form ❖ Join the APMP Foundation Certification Study Group ❖ Complete the sample test ❖ Fill the Foundation Certification Examination form ❖ Take the online exam
  15. 15. –Vince Lomabrdi “Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Thanks for your interest in APMP.