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APMP Foundation Certification Session 2 - Proposal Planning


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APMP Foundation Certification Session 2 - Proposal Planning

  1. 1. Foundation Certification Study Group Session 2 - Proposal Planning
  2. 2. Subject Areas • Analysing the RFP Documents • Preparing the Requirements Matrix • Preparing the Compliance Checklist & Response Matrix • Identifying the Proposal Team • Preparing the Proposal Plan • Sample Questions & Assignments Proposal Planning • Preparing the Proposal Outline
  3. 3. Analysing RFP Documents • Avoid quick reading, assign a customer persona to every RFP section and think like the customer • Highlight & annotate the key RFP statements, look for every “shall”, “will” or similar words • Prepare a RFP summary template to capture the key information like Customer Profile, Contacts, RFP Calendar, HL- Requirements etc. • Prepare a separate list of Forms & Documents to be submitted, missing documents or information • Update the template with clarifications, amendments and intelligence information • Compare the the final RFP, draft RFP and capture phase reports to identify the changes
  4. 4. Preparing the Requirements Matrix • Create a standard requirements taxonomy ! • Assign every identified requirement a category, criticality, priority, complexity … ! • Capture the requirement source in the RFP documents • Assign a proposal outline section, sub-section to each requirement ! • Assign the evaluation criteria and weight ! • Use the Requirements matrix for creating story board, estimation, benefits, features and discriminators
  5. 5. Preparing the Compliance Checklist & Response Matrix • Address both Compliance & Responsiveness ! • Don’t try to innovate or re-invent at the proposal stage ! • Make it mandatory to prepare a compliance checklist for all bids ! • Construct a response matrix early to help plan and track every response ! • Submit a response matrix with proposal to help evaluators find information
  6. 6. Preparing the Proposal Outline • Create the proposal outline as per the RFP guidelines, if no instructions are provided mirror the organisation of the RFP ! • Prepare the topical outline based on customer’s priorities, follow the RFP numbering, naming and order ! • Assign all response requirements within the topical outline ! • Use informative headings at section level below telegraphic headings from the RFP ! • Allocate pages as per relative importance to customer and evaluation criteria ! • Develop outlines for unsolicited proposals with customer or logically ! • Annotate outlines to guide writers ! • Extend the outline into a Proposal Responsibility Matrix ! • Add comments to explain any deviations
  7. 7. Identifying the Proposal Team • Identify the executive sponsor • Identify the internal or contract staff early in the game • Identify if you need to team with external partners and start the teaming agreement process • Organise the team with clear lines of responsibilities and authority • Identify the reviewers • Identify the Pricing, Contract and Legal team • Prepare a staffing plan for all roles in the team with an estimated duration of engagement • Prepare a role assignment and contact form
  8. 8. Prepare the Proposal Management Plan • Develop the PMP template for your organisation • Always prepare the Proposal Management Plan • Complete and Review the PMP prior to the kickoff meeting • Distribute the PMP at the kickoff meeting • Keep the PMP current, but manage the plan
  9. 9. Proposal Management Planning Strategy
  10. 10. Sample Questions 1. According to the best practice principles when should you prepare the PMP A. Before the capture plan B. Before the kickoff meeting C. After the capture plan D. After the black hat review ! 2. The TOC of your proposal should be based on the A. Compliance checklist B. Requirements Matrix C. Proposal Outline D. Response Matrix ! 3. To help evaluators in evaluating your response, you should always include a A. Response Matrix B. Compliance checklist C. Requirements matrix D. Capture documents ! 4. When assigning resource to a plan, which option will provide the best utilisation A. Load all resources from start to end of the proposal development duration B. Schedule them as per their availability C. Define start and end dates D. Till the last date of proposal submission !
  11. 11. Practice Assignments 1. Identify and categorise the requirements in a proposal as per their criticality in the proposed solution. ! 2. Identify the tasks for completing a complex proposal and prepare a WBS with staffing plan to complete the proposal ! 3. Prepare a Proposal Outline and assign the identified requirements to the proposal sections ! 4. Review a completed proposal to check the coverage of the requirements stated in the RFP and the proposed solution
  12. 12. Stay connected with us in Linkedin Study Group for details of the next webinar on Proposal Strategy. Thank You. Abhijit Majumdar CF.APMP! Associate Vice President! Zensar Technologies Ltd. Pune. India.