Career: A Journey Through Life


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This is a talk I gave for the team at SAPLabs, Bangalore. This is about the lessons I have learnt from my own career and by learning from others. If you have questions you can mail me at

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  • Career is not just about work but about what you do outside of work as well. The choices we make in one arena affect the others.
  • Career is an outcome of the choices one makes in life. So have a direction in which you are headed but the road may look different than what it appeared to you from a distance. There are hidden speed breakers and turns that are not evident from a distance. So just learn to change gears and continue.
  • Opportunities often show up when timing wise it is most inconvenient. Bite the bullet and take the plunge.
  • Career is also about creating choices for self and the employers. Decide how you can increase choices in the short run, long run etc. For example: Your being flexible about location of work may create a set of choices beyond where you started.
  • Getting a multi function, multi business and multi geo experience opens up the most opportunities for most people.
  • Try out different things to build your skills and expertise, try them early. Don’t hesitate to do something because no one else is doing it. Be a risk taker.
  • Periodically stop and ask people for feedback on what you could be doing better. What do they see as your strength. What new skills you would need to build as you take on larger responsibilities.
  • Create an Advisory Board for yourself that has people from different industries and backgrounds. They will give you a different take on your career milestones and what you need to learn/do next.
  • You cannot bring in interesting ideas into your work. For that you need to lead an interesting life. This will give you the ability to get ideas and see connections that others may not have. Your hobbies can be a great source of energy. Dont abandon your hobbies just because you are not in college any more.
  • Retain the curiosity of a child in you. Psychologically neotenous traits in humans: curiosity, playfulness, affection, sociality and an innate desire to cooperate.
  • What you do will change over the years. Your skill level will change with roles, organizations etc. The one thing that serves as an anchor is your purpose. Why do you do what you do.
  • Nihil Ultra – Nothing is beyond.
  • Career: A Journey Through Life

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