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Socail media

  1. 1. Prestige Institute Of Management& Research, IndoreTopic:- Role of Social Media inPoliticsGuided By:-Prof. BhavnaSharmaSubmitted By:-Pankaj AniyaShivangi BhawsaShailendra SinghSwarna Patni
  2. 2. Social Media Social media refers to the means of interactions amongpeople in which they create, share, and exchangeinformation and ideas in virtual communities andnetworks. Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define socialmedia as "a group of Internet-based applications thatbuild on the ideological and technological foundations ofWeb 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange ofuser-generated content. Furthermore, social mediadepend on mobile and web-based technologies to createhighly interactive platforms through which individuals andcommunities share, co-create , discuss, and modify user-generated content. It introduces substantial andpervasive changes to communication betweenorganizations, communities and individuals
  3. 3. Key Social Platforms• Social networking sites- Facebook, Google Plus,CafeMom, Gather, Fitsugar• Micro-blogging sites- Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous• Publishing tools- WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace• Collaboration tools- Wikipedia, WikiTravel, WikiBooks• Rating/Review sites- Amazon ratings, Angie’s List• Photo sharing sites- Flikr, Instagram, Pinterest• Video sharing sites- YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler• Personal broadcasting tools- Blog Talk radio, Ustream,Livestream• Virtual worlds- Second Life, World of Warcraft, Farmville• Location based services- Check-ins, Facebook Places,Foursquare, Yelp• Widgets- Profile badges, Like buttons• Social bookmarking and news aggregation- Digg,Delicious
  4. 4. Advantages of Social Media Facilitates open communication, leading to enhancedinformation discovery and delivery. Allows anyone to discuss ideas, post news, askquestions and share links. Provides an opportunity to widen contacts. The site makes it simpler to get in touch with long-lostfriends. Easy to post interesting things about yourself and yourachievements. Anyone can send the friend request to be a friend.
  5. 5. Disadvantages of Social Media Opens up the possibility for hackers to commit fraudand launch spam and virus attacks. Increase the risk of people falling prey to online scamsthat seem genuine, resulting in data or identify theft. Wrong person can download your photos and also cancheat you. Hacker can post wrong things. People get immediate gratification, and so, they cometo expect immediacy in real life. There may be addiction for it. Privacy can be hacked.
  6. 6. 2012 How Barak Obama use the Social Media InU.S Election 2012.
  7. 7. Role of Social Media In 2014Election As per the latest research and facts it has been saidthat 160 Lok Sabha Seats may influence by SocialMedia.
  8. 8. Narendra Modi v/s Rahul Gandhion Twitter It was a controversy of NarendraModi and Rahul Gandhi on twitteras in one speech Narendra Modihas said Rahul Gandhi as a pappujust after a few hrs. Congress hasgiven a strong reply on NarendraModi as a #Feku and People startdoing tweets on that so it was thewhole controversy which hashappen on Social Media betweenNarendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi.
  9. 9. Politicians of Social Media Narendra Modi (CM-Gujrat)
  10. 10.  Rahul Gandhi ( Congress)
  11. 11. Thank You