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Play Box Corporate Presentation


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Play Box Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. PlayBox Technology – Mission Statement “To be the acknowledged leader in providing professional communications and information technology solutions by working with broadcasters and corporate organisations throughout the world and helping them realise their full potential from a company that is dedicated to the research, design, development and provision of the best products, systems, solutions and services to help each client maximise their success ”
  2. 2. PlayBox Technology – Presentation Agenda PlayBox Technology – History and Milestones PlayBox Technology – Corporate Background – About Us PlayBox Technology – Technology and Sales Achievements PlayBox Technology – CSF’s, USP’s, KPI’s, ROI and S&O’s PlayBox Technology – Worldwide Partners and Users PlayBox Technology - Playout Automation References PlayBox Technology – Short, Mid and Long Term Goals PlayBox Technology – Products and Solutions PlayBox Technology – Complete Workflow Solutions
  3. 3. PlayBox Technology – History and Milestones 1994 – Launch of SubtitlePlus – Subtitle Preparation & Insertion 1999 – Launch of AirBox – IT Based Playout Automation Systems 2002 – Installed Base of 250 TV Playout Channels 2002 – Start of International Distribution – Now 100 Dealers in 80 Countries 2003 – Launch of TitleBox – Interactive CG & Channel Branding System 2003 – Installed Base of 500 Playout and Branding Channels 2004 – Installed Base of 1,000 Playout and Branding Channels 2005 – Installed Base of 2,000 Playout and Branding Channels 2006 – HD Support for All PlayBox Technology Products 2006 – Launch of DVB ASI/IP Playout & DVB Multiplexing 2006 – Launch of PlayBox Technology with 6 Worldwide Country Offices 2006 – Installed Base of 3,000 Playout and Branding Channels 2007 – Installed Base of 4,000 Playout and Branding Channels 2008 – Installed Base of 5,500 Playout and Branding Channels 2009 – Installed Base 0f 7,500 Playout and Branding Channels 2009 – Sales of 100 to 200 New Channels per Month
  4. 4. PlayBox Technology – Installed Base of Channels Installed Base of Playout and Branding Channels "Playout in a Box" Market Leader10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  5. 5. PlayBox Technology – About PlayBox Technology• Commercial Headquarters Based in the Hertfordshire, UK• R&D Centre Based in Sofia, Bulgaria – General Manager- Mr.Vassil Leftrov• PlayBox Sales and Support Offices Established in: – Adria (Serbia), AsiaPacific (Malaysia), Germany – India – Head Office in New Delhi • Branch Offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad & Kolkatta • Country Manager- Mr.Rajiv Puri – Romania, Turkey, UK & USA (Atlanta and Los Angeles)• PlayBox Joint Venture Sales & Support Office in: – Latin America• Reseller Network of Over 100 Dealers in 80 Countries• Sales in Over 100 Countries• Over 130 PlayBox Staff Worldwide• Over 15,000 Trained PlayBox Operators in 100 Countries• 27 OEM Partners Using PlayBox Technology as Part of Their Own Applications.
  6. 6. PlayBox Technology – Technology and Sales Achievements Technology Achievements Universal Playout and Streaming Engine with Any Source Any Output Real-Time MPEG Remultiplexing Engine for Efficient Handling of Live Streaming Video Ultra High-Quality Dynamic Graphics Engine with On-the-Fly Content Updating MCR in a Box Playout Server with Graphics and Automation for Simple Integration Hardware Independent Based on Standard State-of-the-Art IT Technology Unique Technical Support Model with Top Level Support from Global R&D HQ within a day Sales Achievements Over 9,500 Channels Worldwide Powered by PlayBox Technology 11 Country Offices in 8 Countries – 1 Representative Office – 100 Dealers in 80 Countries Over 15,800 Licenses Sold of Various PlayBox Technology Workflow Modules 27 OEM Partners Using PlayBox Technology as Part of Their Own Applications Sales Achievement Strategy Cost Effective – High Reliability – Flexible – Scalable – Easy to Learn – Simple to Use Solutions Available for SD, HD and DVB (ASI/IP) Streaming Many Workflow Solutions to Fit Client Workflow Requirements
  7. 7. PlayBox Technology – CSF, USP, KPI, ROI, SO CSF’s – Critical Success Factors Experience Gained with Over 9,500 Systems Sold Worldwide Dynamic, Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Highly Focused Business Intelligence – Listen, Digest & Action Self Financing and Invest into R&D with Controlled Growth Strong Resources – Best Practice USP’s – Unique Selling Proposition “Number 1” Playout in a Box Manufacturer PlayBox Technology Sales and Support Offices Worldwide 100 Dealers in 80 countries Fully Integrated System with Automation, Server, CG, Graphics – MCR in a Box Fully Scalable – Adding Components or Playout Channels Three Types of Solutions – SD, HD and ASI/IP Streaming Unique Support Model – PlayBox Doctor – Global Support within 1 Day Very Good Price / Performance Ratio
  8. 8. PlayBox Technology – CSF, USP, KPI, ROI, S&O KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators Very Good Market Position (Market Share and Client Positioning) Very High Relative Quality (High Price / Performance Ratio) Low Cost – High Performance and High Reliability Very High Innovation Rate and Products to Market High Sales Results in Greater Understanding of the Business as a Whole Entrepreneurial Behaviour (Spotting Opportunities) Awareness of External Challenges, Emerging Business Opportunities & Strategies Profits Used for Growth of Company ROI – Return on Investment Solutions are Easy to Amortise Over 1 to 3 Years Hardware is Based on IT COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) Low Capital Costs Non-Proprietary Hardware = High Reliability and Low maintenance & Support Costs Low capital Cost Plus Low Support Costs = Low Cost of Ownership High Reliability = High “on-air” Availability = Maximisation of Revenue Streams Scalability Enables Clients to Expand On Demand without Starting Afresh Low Incremental Expansion Costs
  9. 9. PlayBox Technology – CSF, USP, KPI, ROI, S&O Strengths Years of Experience in High Quality, Low Cost, High Volume Sales Well Known with a Good Image for High Reliability and Low Cost Country Sales and Support Offices with Strong and Trained Dealer and SI Network Self Funded with Adequate Financial Resources Product Innovation Skills Including SD, HD and DVB (IP/ASI) Streaming and DS Price Point is Favourable to Corporate Broadcasters and Educational Organisations Management is Committed and Confident with Distinctive Competencies Opportunities Entering New Markets with Streaming and Digital Signage Expanded Innovation and Product Line with Solutions Like DVB Streaming Falling Trade Barriers and More Worldwide Sales and Support Offices Complacency of Competitors to Embrace Future Technology Embracing of Emerging New Technologies Customers Have Urgent Need for Cost Saving Solutions Very High Second Sale Success Rate
  10. 10. PlayBox Technology – Partner Companies
  11. 11. PlayBox Technology - Playout Automation ReferencesCrawford Communications, Inc., USAPlayBox Technology has supplied 28 AirBox playout Channels to Crawford Communications, Inc of Atlanta, Georgia, one of the largest Broadcast in United States of America,these channels are used for both SD and HD playout .“ We soon discovered that PlayBox has rock solid reliability and proved to be extremely easy to integrate in any workflow. The fact that we can provide a completely,customized, automated and redundant back up solution to our client at a price point less than PlayBox competition is great safety net.When our client are in a disaster recovery situation the last thing they need to worry about is another outage. “Donald RoddVice President of Engineering & Technical OperationsCrawford Communications, Inc., U.S.A.NOORSAT Company W.L.L., Manama, Kingdom of BahrainPlayBox Technology has provided a complete workflow solution for 30 fully redundant ASI streaming channels with Graphics for the NOORSAT Global Satellite Communications. NOORSATis a satellite service provider for the Arab World.Orbit Communications Company WLL, SatCom, Kingdom of BahrainThe worlds first fully digital, multi-channel, multilingual, pay television service broadcasting to the Middle East and North Africa.Orbit Communications is using PlayBox Technology solutions to playout 12 fully redundant channels. The PlayBox workflow comprises integrated solutions that provide ahigh degree of automation and security of playout.TURKVISION Platform of ICT, Turkey“I find PlayBox very valuable and a very reliable system.We started with 2x channels and now have 20 TV Channels playing out from 20 AirBox servers. Other systems areavailable, but they do not specifically meet my requirements to the level of PlayBox.I now play all my channels for the fraction of the usual price in the market and have peace of mind dealing with a well established organization with always availablecustomer support”.Onder HavuzluManaging DirectorICT/Profen, Turkey
  12. 12. PlayBox Technology - Playout Automation References GlobeCast / Overon, Spain “Thank you for such great products and for, no problems. It is so refreshing to see someone who truly believes in its product and continues to tcontinuing to keep us informed of updates on a regular basis. We operate more than 40 PlayBox systems and all of them work perfectlyruly improve it” Alexander Harkenthal Manager IP TV GlobeCast / Overon, SpainThaicom, Thailand (Shin Satellite Public Company)Thaicom provides playout and uplink services to private and governmental broadcasters to countries that come under the Thaicom footprint that covers Asia, Australasia,Africa, the Middle East and most of Europe.On Thaicom there are currently playing out 15 Pakistan TV channels using PlayBox Technology solutions, 10 Thai TV channels and 6 Indian TV channelsTelenor, BulgariaTelenor Satellite Broadcasting provides fixed satellite communication and uplink services for data and remote Internetapplications together with VSAT and broadband services in Europe and the Middle East. Telenor are playing out 12 channels using PlayBox Technology solutions, these areM SAT, Diema+, Diema Family, Diema2, MM, Planeta TV, Rodina, City TV, TV SKAT, BGTV and Tiankov TV.RRSat - Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ RRST), IsraelRRSAT has invested in more than 25 PlayBox Technology servers, which are being rented to RRSAT customers and operated remotely. More than 10 other TV channelshave placed their own PlayBox playout servers in RRSAT on a collocation basis.“Excellent product, does exactly what you need it to. As a Satellite Operator I had numerous initial questions about PlayBox, and required some guidance in tailoring thesolutions to my exact needs. I received outstanding customer service within hours (if not minutes) of requesting support. I highly recommend PlayBox to any individual orbusiness entities”.Shlomi Izkovitz, Deputy VP Sales & MarketingRRSat - Global Communications Network Ltd.(NASDAQ RRST), Israel
  13. 13. PlayBox Technology – Recent Worldwide Users
  14. 14. PlayBox Technology – Some India, Nepal & Srilanka Users
  15. 15. PlayBox Technology – World Representation – EUROPE
  16. 16. PlayBox Technology – World Representation – M.E. & FAR EAST
  17. 17. PlayBox Technology – World Representation – AFRICA
  18. 18. PlayBox Technology – World Representation – NORTH AMERICA
  19. 19. PlayBox Technology – World Representation – SOUTH AMERICA
  20. 20. PlayBox Technology – World Representation – AUSTRALIA
  21. 21. PlayBox Technology – Short, Mid and Long Term Goals Short Term Goals Promote Sales of DVB Streaming and HD Create Partnerships with Corporate and Blue Chip Broadcasters and System Integrators Promote Digital Signage (DS) with Focused Sales and Marketing Establish PlayBox Technology Sales and Support Offices Worldwide Mid Term Goals Establish PlayBox Technology as the Reference Playout & DS Provider Expand PlayBox Technology Sales and Support Offices Worldwide Open PlayBox Technology Franchise Sales and Support Offices Worldwide Educate and Train More PlayBox Technology Dealers and System Integrators Long Term Goals Continued Expansion and Growth of PlayBox Technology Offices Worldwide Form Strategic Partnerships with Corporate Organisations Ultimate Goal Establish PlayBox Technology as #1 Playout and Digital Signage Provider
  22. 22. PlayBox Technology – TV Automation Products – SD, HD and DVB Main TV Automation Products for SD, HD and DVB AirBox – Universal Content Playout with Automation and Logo AirBox DVB Streamer – Universal Content Streaming Playout with Automation (DVB) TitleBox – Interactive CG with Animation TitleBox Preparation – Preparation of TitleBox Templates and Projects etc. CaptureBox – Manual, Scheduled and Tape Ingest with Batch Capture CaptureBox Streamer – Automated Encoding and IP/ASI Streaming of Ingest Feed (DVB) TimeShiftBox – Selectable Time Shifts from +1 Minute to +1 Hour to +1 Week or More DVB Muxer – Flexible DVB Multiplexer with PSI / SI Generator (DVB) ListBox – Playlist and Run List Creation and Editing DataBox – Content Management SQL Database SafeBox – Automatic Content Management SubtitlePlus – Open and DVB Multi Language / Multi Channel Subtitle Preparation and Insertion Metus MAM – Media Asset Management System to Manage and Organise Media NewsAir - Complete Solution to Manage News Preparation and Delivery AlarmBox – Alarm Monitoring and Alert System via Email, SMS, SNMP, GPI etc. μPlay - Cost Effective Playout with CG & Graphics for AV & DS Markets
  23. 23. PlayBox Technology – Popular Workflow Solutions PlayBox Technology Has a Proven Track Record for: Start-Up TV Channels Remote Head-End / Up-Link Playout Transition to Digital Channels Multi-Channel Playout Centres Disaster Recovery Channels Multi-Channel Advert Replacement Tapeless Broadcasters Single and Multi-Channel Time Delay IPTV Playout Centres DVB Workflow Solutions PlayBox Technology Has Delivered Solutions for: International Broadcasters National Broadcasters Regional Broadcasters Local Broadcasters Satellite Broadcasters Interactive Music Channels Start-Up TV Channels Up-Link Centres SMS2TV, Voting & Gaming Channels IPTV Channels Scalable TV Channels Webcasters Thematic TV Channels Multi Language Channels TV to Mobile Channels Multi Subtitle Channels Corporate Facilities Cable TV Channels
  24. 24. PlayBox Technology – Contact Information PlayBox Technology Ltd. Commercial HQ PlayBox Technology Ltd. R&D Centre tel. +44 1707 66 44 44 tel. +359 2 970 30 50 e-mail e-mail --------------------- --------------------- PlayBox Technology Adria PlayBox Technology Romania tel. + 381 11 3117286 tel. +4 031 106 5115 e-mail e-mail PlayBox Technology Asia Pacific PlayBox Technology Turkey tel. +60 12 288 0760 tel. +90 216 3379402 e-mail e-mail PlayBox Technology Germany PlayBox Technology UK tel. +49 2233 969 7562 tel. +44 1707 66 44 44 e-mail e-mail PlayBox Technology India (New Delhi) PlayBox Technology USA (West Coast) tel. +91 11 41651607/08/09 tel. +1 404 424 9283 e-mail e-mail PlayBox Technology India (Mumbai) PlayBox Technology USA (East Coast) tel. +91 22 40166465/66 tel. +1 404 856 4950 e-mail e-mail PlayBox Technology India (Hyderabad) PlayBox Technology Latin America (Sales Office) e-mail tel. +598 2 2083924 e-mail