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The Curious Case of Carter Road


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Shared a case study with few bschool students as part of their placement preparation. Have created a summary and linked it to a blogpost on

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The Curious Case of Carter Road

  1. 1. The Curious Case of Carter RoadFrozen Yoghurt
  2. 2. What you can expect from this case study?Context• As with all case studies don’t expect a full proof solution. You can expect an approach and a few ideasresulting from that approach.• The case was solved with an intent of preparing the students for placements, and hence it was trying totest their ability to structure the problem, ask the right questions, and build towards a solution.• Also I must mention that I am not an expert in the field of desserts. Most of the case discussionswere built on my observations, which might or might not be true.• In case you wish to discuss this more, you can drop me a line at, I have a fewideas and thoughts on this, which we can discuss over a glass of lassi  and probably a cup of frozenyoghurt!
  3. 3. Details and expectationsCase StudyCarter road is one of the most popular hangout spots at Bandra, Mumbai. It houses some of cities toprestaurants and eateries and is frequented by a number of people in the age group of 15-30 years. Over thepast one year four new Frozen Yoghurt stores have opened up on a small stretch of the road.You have been employed as the General Manager of soon to be opened 5th store in the same lane. As incharge of Yoghurt Twist, you have access to a similar store space, and a similar quality product offering.All the stores use the same vendor for machines and mixes and hence the core offering is exactly the same.How will you go about differentiating your store from others? What will be your approach? Share a fewideas you could implement as you build the approach.PromenadeCarter RoadFamous CafeFY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5Your store location
  4. 4. Areas where one can differentiate the offeringApproachOne can go about differentiating across the following areas (not an exhaustive list):Reach out to customers in animpactful mannerEngage with customers andtrigger interesting interactionsImprove existing product andintroduce complimentaryproducts and servicesProduct OfferingCustomer ExperienceCommunication1 2 3• In-store experience• Extended services• Loyalty programs• Product offeringimprovements• Product usage• Differentiated Branding andImagery• Communication channelsNote: During the discussion I kept the focus on these variables as I didn’t have enough data to have a discussion on differentiated pricing and/orbusiness model
  5. 5. Includes some recommended initiatives generated during brainstorming and someideas from my sideProposed InitiativesProduct OfferingCustomer ExperienceCommunication1 2 3• Home delivery: Work out asolution for delivering homedelivery and catering for houseparties (keeping the productquality intact)• Experiences beyond store:Create a community of yourcustomers, engagethem, conduct events, enablethem to come up withrecipes, offer special discounts tocommunity members• Disrupt the serving style:iPads, serving grids fortoppings, DIY, all things havebeen tried out. Can one startthinking of having a standalonevending machine with pre-mixedtoppings?• Infuse some Indian Flavors:Kitkats, Jujubs and Fruits are okbut how about adding some HotGulaabjamun or crunchy chikkisover your FroYo. Might help youexpand your base beyond theusual tween crowd!• Increase utility: Healthier pitchwont last long. Look for ideas toenhance product utility. Abreakfast store with a range ofcrunchy and colorful cereals togo with frozen yoghurt? Might bea starting point!• Differentiated Brand Image:Most of the imagery associatedwith these stores is similar(inspired from sources such asPinkberry). Break away fromthose sugary looks, probablycustomers will notice you morethan others!• Activations: Social media hasbeen used and abused byeateries in Mumbai. Why not takea cycle-cart out on Carter Roadfor some sampling?. Or organizea Frozen Dahi-Handi onJanmashtami. Might generatesome excitement!