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Bournvita product usage and various survey

Published in: Health & Medicine


  1. 1. Presented by:Abhishek Bansal Anshum Garg Arushi Gupta Gaurav Jain Karan Bali Ridhi Dhawan
  2. 2. Introduction1) Cadbury Bourn vita was launched in 1949 in India.2) The drink was named by Cadbury which was derived from Bourneville , the model village which is the site of the Cadbury factory.3) Bourn vita has always been the leading brown MFD(Milk Food Drink) brand in the country.4) Market share -17%
  3. 3. Positioning & Repositioning1970-Goodness that grows with you1980-Brought up right, Bournvita Right1990-tan ki shakti ,man ki shakti1998-The brand used a clever Nutritional meter to communicate the RDA(recommended dietary allowance)formula: 2 cups of Bournvita for balanced nutrition. do you have bournvita confidence?2010-Tayyari Jeet ki !CURRENT- Badaye Doodh ki Shakti..!
  4. 4. Segmentation• Bournvita has segmented it’s Products on basis of age group that is 5-16.• Children give too much importance to taste and their parents give importance to health and Cadbury has addressed both the things very well.
  5. 5. Targeting• Targeted mothers with RDA formula and also attracted children with freebies and gifts from time to time.
  6. 6. Price• Various Price of Bournvita:-1. Bournvita Regular 1kg is Rs. 3152. Bournvita Regular 500gms is Rs. 1813. Bournvita Regular 200gms is Rs. 854. Bournvita Regular 80gms pouch is Rs 255. Bournvita little Champ 500gms is Rs. 2156. Bournvita Little Champs 200gms is Rs. 115
  7. 7. Place• Good distribution channel.• Pan India.• By availability of the product from wholesale kariyan store to chemist shops.
  8. 8. Product• For kids who detest milk in its pure state unless flavored, this is an ideal drink.• It has its own unique flavor, and the taste is rich and full-bodied.• With composition of essential nutrients & Vitamin.
  9. 9. Promotion Television commercials. Association with Cartoon Network- Power Puff Girls & Dexter. In-house advertising. – Bournvita Confidence Academy (Reality Show) – Plastic mugs, chess game, ludo etc. – Bournvita Quiz contest-hosted by Derek OBrien – Bournvita general knowledge book
  10. 10. Some Videos1. Brand power2. Bournvita Lil-Champ3. Bournvita Regular
  11. 11. Packaging1.Vibrant Colours to attract Childrens.2.Use glass jars for packaging which do not allow moisture to get in .
  12. 12. Comparison with Competitors 500gm 200gm 1 kgComplan 218 122 368Bornvita 181 85 315Horlicks 171 85 285
  13. 13. SWOT AnalysisStrengths Weakness• Strong Brand Equity • Lack of penetration in rural market.• Big Brand Visibility • High priced brand in comparison to others.• Backed by the brand CADBURY • Bournvita is perceived to be having less nutritional value as compared to its closest• Packaging competitorsOpportunity Threats• Rural part of the country *Large variety of flavours introduced by other• Expansion to white malted drinks brands.• Tapping other media sources. *Frequent repositioning might result in the consumer not getting the desired message.
  14. 14. MethodologyQuantitative research:- a questionnaire has been designed. o Laddering also being done.Secondary research: Searching the internet and consulting literature and other articles pertaining to these contexts: o Communication platforms used and their effectiveness o Positioning strategies o Emerging opportunities/ challenges
  15. 15. Sample Size-200Segment ( age wise) 10-15 20 15-25 40 25-35 40 35-45 40 45-55 40 55-65 20
  16. 16. Male 47%Female 53%
  17. 17. Q1. Which health drink do you prefer buying? percentage4035302520 percentage1510 5 0 bourvnita horlicks milo Boost Complan
  18. 18. Q2. Reasons for buyinghealth drink? Reasons for Buying Health Drinks? percentage Reasons for Buying Health Drinks? percentage 30.2 21.4 16.25 12.5 12 8 flavour taste price brand availabliliy schemes
  19. 19. Q3. Last brand purchased? Last Brand Purchase Percentage bournvita horlicks boost milo complan bournvita delight protien X 1% 2% 15% 2% 41% 4% 35%
  20. 20. Q4.Identifying taglines percentagecomplan milo boost percentagebournvita horlicks 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
  21. 21. Q5. Brand packaging? brand packaging percentage brand packaging percentage 40 29 23 8 horlicks 0 bournvita boost milo complan
  22. 22. Q7.Rank Rank reliable performer focussed cheerful economical
  23. 23. Q8. From where do youpurchase bourvita? percentage40353025 percentage201510 5 0 Local grocery shop Super market online chemist shops
  24. 24. Q9. Did you see the add of bournvita? If yes, from where? percentage80706050 percentage40302010 0 no Radio magazine tv
  25. 25. Q10. From where do you get to know about Borunvita?60504030 percentage2010 0 advertising banners awner of grocery shop
  26. 26. q.11 Who influence the buying of health drink in the family? percentage504540353025 percentage201510 5 0 me children spouse siblings
  27. 27. Q12. word comes to your mind?Tasty healthy drink yummy Chocolaty nutritious drink Economical
  28. 28. Findings Bournvita is influenced by children in the family Main competition Horlicks and Complan Less schemes More focus is on children only Milo ‘s production has been put on halt Economical People use it as a Chocolate drink. Youngsters have it as a Bournvita shake. It is discontinued in UK. Customer willingness towards Bournvita is high.
  29. 29. RecommendationsBournvita in Different flavors.Can focus on old age group. Should come out with more Schemes. Eg. jars, glasses.No need to make any changes in price.
  30. 30. Recommendations of future strategies• Launch of new Product whose target segment is age group of 17-25.• Bournvita - Protein.• For gym going.
  31. 31. Launch of new Product for Women• As with the rise in health awareness in today’s world there is a need for the product to be launched for women also.• Bournvita-Women.• For the women of age group between 30-45.• Majorly focused on homemakers.
  32. 32. THANKYOU 