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performance appraisal ppt


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a ppt on performance appraisal

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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performance appraisal ppt

  1. 1. • This concept first used by the U.s Army adopted the man to man rating system for evaluating military personnel . • This appraisal system first called merit rating . In earlier fifties performance appraisal technique began to used for technical , profession and managerial person. • Merit rating is the systematic evaluating of the individual with respect to his performance on the job and his potential for development
  2. 2. • According to Flippo : Performance appraisal is a systematic, periodic and impartial rating of an employee’s excellence in a matter of pertaining to his present job and his potential for better job. “ performance appraisal focus is an judging the caliber of an employee so as to decide salary increment . on the other hand , performance appraisal focuses on the performance and future potential of the employee “
  3. 3. • Performance appraisal is a process consisting of a series of steps. • It is a systematic examination of an employee’s strengths and weakness in the term of the jobs . • It is a scientific study . • It is an ongoing and continuous process. • Its main purpose is to secure the information. For making the correct decision.
  4. 4. • To provide a record of each employee’s performance for the purpose of determining wages and incentive pay . • To identify the employees who have been placed the wrong job transfer them to the job for which they better suited . • To know the quality of performance of each employee and to identify their strength and weakness. • To design training Programme for the improvement of the quality of personnel . • To locate employee who have adequate potential for promotion and development . • To serve as a feedback of the employee
  5. 5. • It help the supervisor to evaluate the performance of his employee . It help him to assign that work to individuals one the best suited . • It provide the valuable information for the personnel decision such as pay increase , promotion , demotion , transfer & termination . • Rating help in guiding & correction of the employee. • It help in effective recruitment selection , placement & orientation system of the organization . • It motivate the employee to improve their performance .
  6. 6. (1). TRADITIONAL METHODS (2). MODERN METHODS (A). Confidential report (A). Assessment center (B). Graphic scale (B). Human resource accounting (C). Strategic ranking (C). Behaviourally anchored rating scales (BARS) (D). Paired comparison (D). Management of objective (E). Forced distribution (E). 360 degree performance appraisal (f). Check list method (G) . Critical incident method. (H). Free essay method . (I) . Group appraisal method. (J). Field review . ( k ) . Nominations. (L) . Work sample test .
  7. 7. • 1. Confidential report : This method mostly used by government organization . A confidential report is prepared by the superior . Its covers the strength and weakness main achievements & failure , personality and behaviour of the employee. • 2. Graphic scale method : A rating scale lists traits and a range of performance value of each trait like as Unsatisfactory , poor , fair , average , good, excellent • 3. Straight ranking method : every employee is judged as a whole without distinguishing the rates from his performance . A list is prepared the basis of their performance. Excellent the employee at top ant lower employee at bottom.
  8. 8. 4 . Paired comparison method : here an employee is compared with all the others in pairs one at a time . Comparison to be made on the basis of overall performance the comparison to be made can be decided on the basis of following formula . N(N- 1 )/ 2 5. forced distribution method here all employee can be divided into 5 categories i.e. Outstanding above the average , average below , average and poor . 6.Check list method a check list method is a list of method which describes the character and performance of employee on the job the rater check to indicate whether the behaviour of an employee is positive or negative to each statement .
  9. 9. • Critical incident method : This method attempts to measure worker performance in term of certain events or incidents that occur in the course of work . T he supervisor keeps record of critical incidents at different time and rate him on the basis . • Free essay method : the supervisor writes a report the employee which is based on his assessment . • Field review method : under this method the expert question the supervisor and obtain all important information on each employee and take notes in his note books .
  10. 10. MODERN METHODS 1.Assessment center : an assessment center is a group of employee drawn from different work unit . These employee works together on an assignment similar to the one they would handling when promoted . The evaluators observes and evaluate employee to perform their job . It should be done to determine the potential of the employee. 2.Human resource accounting method : human resource is the valuable asset of any organization under this method performance is judged in the terms of the costs and contribution of employee costs of human resource consists of human resource planning and recruitment , selection training etc.
  11. 11. • Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) are scales used to rate performance. BARS are normally presented vertically with scale points ranging from five to nine. It is an appraisal method that aims to combine the benefits of narratives, critical incidents, and quantified ratings by anchoring a quantified scale with specific narrative examples of good, moderate, and poor performance • MBO (management by objectives) methods of performance appraisal are results-oriented. That is, they seek to measure employee performance by examining the extent to which predetermined work objectives have been met. • Usually the objectives are established jointly by the supervisor and subordinate. An example of an objective for a sales manager might be: Increase the gross monthly sales volume
  12. 12. 5. 360 degree performance appraisal In the formatted from of 360-degree performance appraisals, the performance of an employee will be assessed based on ideas of many other different people, for example customers, suppliers, peers and direct reports. If the assessed is a manager, his/her staff will be often asked for feedback on how that manager is doing his task.