Overview of Azure and Cloud Computing


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Overview of Azure and Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Karthikeyan Anbarasan www.f5debug.Net
  2. 2. About Me Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET/IIS Founder of www.F5debug.Net Author, Blogger, Speaker Author of the SQL Server Integration Services Step by Step Tutorials free eBook MCP, MCAD, MCSD, MCTS. Mindcracker and Dotnetfunda MVP.
  3. 3.  Cloud Fundamentals Windows Azure Windows Azure Architecture Windows Azure Components Windows Azure Demo SQL Azure SQL Azure Portal SQL Azure Demo Q&A
  4. 4.  Cloud: on-demand, scalable, multi-tenant, self-service compute and storage resources
  5. 5.  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): basic compute and storage resources ◦ On-demand servers ◦ Amazon EC2, VMWare vCloud Platform as a Service (PaaS): cloud application infrastructure ◦ On-demand application-hosting environment ◦ E.g. Google AppEngine, Salesforce.com, Windows Azure Software as a Service (SaaS): cloud applications ◦ On-demand applications ◦ E.g. Office 365, GMail, Microsoft Office Web Companions
  6. 6. Windows Azure Managed for You Standalone IaaS PaaS SaaS ServersApplicationsRuntimesDatabaseOperating SystemVirtualizationServerStorageNetworking
  7. 7.  The Windows Azure Platform is an Internet-scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. Windows Azure Platform includes the foundation layer of Windows Azure as well as a set of developer services which can be used individually or together. Provides the best and most comprehensive platform as a service offering for building, deploying and running cloud applications. Ready for Next Leverage ExistingOpen and Flexible Generation Investments Applications
  8. 8.
  9. 9.  FABRIC • This service STORAGE monitor and manage • This service application stores the data COMPUTE • This service runs the application
  10. 10.  Web Role Instance ◦ It accepts incoming HTTP and HTTPS Requests ◦ It runs on the VM that includes IIS 7.0 ◦ It can be implemented using ASP.NET, WCF Input Web Roles ASP.Net UI Http/Https Instance Request
  11. 11.  Worker Role Instance ◦ It does not have IIS Configured. ◦ It is not hosted on IIS. ◦ It functions like a background job ◦ It cannot gets input from outside world directly ◦ It takes batch job and runs indefinately Input from Worker Roles Output to Webrole / Instance Blob, Tables Queue and Queues
  12. 12. Desktop Windows Azure EXE • Service Package Application Configuration • Service Configuration Manifest • Service Definition DLL • Service Role ◦ Windows Forms Library – Web Role ◦ Windows Service – Worker Role Local Data Stores • Internet Data Stores
  13. 13. Building the Application
  14. 14.  SQL Azure Database is a cloud database service from Microsoft. SQL Azure provides web-facing database functionality as a utility service. SQL Azure is a key component of the Microsoft data platform offering flexibility and scalability; reliability and security; and developer agility. Cloud-based database solutions such as SQL Azure can provide many benefits, including ◦ rapid provisioning ◦ cost-effective scalability ◦ high availability ◦ reduced management overhead.
  15. 15. SDS is built on three key pillars1. Storage for all data types from birth to archival2. Rich data processing services3. Operational excellence Scale free High Availability Geo Replication On-Demand Service Easy to use
  16. 16. Demo on how to use the SQL AzureManagement Portal
  17. 17.  You can contact me for any help @ Karthikeyan@f5debug.net For Azure quick starts look at www.windowsazure.com