Central bureau of investigation


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Central bureau of investigation

  1. 1. Central Bureau of InvestigationPrepared By-:Abhey Sharma
  2. 2. What is CBI• The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is agovernmental agency belonging to Government ofIndia that jointly serves as a criminal investigationbody.• The CBI is a premier investigating police agency inIndia. It is an elite force which plays a major role inpreservation of values in public life and in ensuringthe health of the national economy. It is also thenodal police agency in India which coordinatesinvestigation on behalf of Interpol Membercountries.
  3. 3. History• The agency was established in 1941 as the SpecialPolice Establishment. The Central Bureau ofInvestigation was later established on 1 April 1963.Its motto is "Industry, Impartiality, Integrity".• As the CBI, over the years, established a reputationof being Indias premier investigative agency withadequate resources to deal with complicated cases,demands were made on it to take up investigation ofmore cases of conventional crime such as murder,kidnapping, terrorism, etc.
  4. 4. •It was therefore decided in 1987 to constitute twoinvestigation divisions in the CBI, namely, Anti-CorruptionDivision and Special Crimes Division, the latter dealingwith cases of conventional crime, besides economicoffences.•The CBI reports to the Indian Government and not to theindividual states.•The CBI is headed by a Director, an IPS of the rank ofDirector General of Police or Commissioner of Police(State). He is selected based on the procedure laid downby CVC Act 2003 and has a tenure of minimum of 2 years.
  5. 5. Jurisdiction powers, privileges andliabilitiesThe legal powers of investigation of CBI are derived fromthe DSPE Act 1946. This Act confers concurrent andcoextensive powers, duties, privileges and liabilities onthe members of Delhi Special Police Establishment(CBI) with Police Officers of the Union Territories. TheCentral Government may extend to any area, besidesUnion Territories, the powers and jurisdiction ofmembers of the CBI for investigation subject to theconsent of the Government of the concerned State.The CBI can investigate only such of the offences as arenotified by the Central Government under the DSPEAct.
  6. 6. Political interference in casescases assigned to the CBI are sensitive and ofnational importance. It is a usual practice for therespective state police departments, to initiallyregister any case coming under its jurisdiction,and if necessary, through mediation by thecentral government, the cases may be transferredto the CBI. The CBI handles many high-profilecases, and is never far from controversy. The CBIhas come under severe criticism recently for itsmishandling of several scams.
  7. 7. Renowned Cases• Nithari Killings• Sister Abhaya murder case• Bhopal gas tragedy• 2G Spectrum Scam• Indian coal allocation scam• Sohrabuddin case