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Heritage agridivision


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Heritage Foods India Ltd

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Heritage agridivision

  1. 1. Heritage Agri Division
  2. 2. Business profile – Agri Division I. Mission & Vision II. Agri Business Snapshot III. Key Take Away – Agri IV. Pack Houses Infrastructure
  3. 3. Mission & VisionMission• Bringing prosperity into rural families of India through co-operative efforts and providing customers with hygienic, affordable and convenient supply of “Fresh and Healthy” food productsVision• To be a progressive billion dollar organization with a pan India foot print by 2015• To achieve this by delighting customers with “Fresh and Healthy” food products, that are a benchmark for quality in the industry• We are committed to enhanced prosperity and the empowerment of the farming community through our unique “Relationship Farming” Model• To be a preferred employer by nurturing entrepreneurship, managing career aspirations and providing innovative avenues for enhanced employee prosperity
  4. 4. Agri Business Snapshot• Carved out as a separate business division in the company in January 2008.• To develop an integrated food supply chain to meet Retail demand and to take up production through “Custom Farming” or “Relationship Farming”, primary processing, “Quality Assurance” and distribution to offer full range of kitchen requirements (Fruits and Vegetables).Pack Houses:• Mattam, Santhipuram Mandal, Chitoor District (About 18km from Kuppam and 130km from Bangalore and 260km from Chennai)• Adavi Masjid, Mulugu Mandal, Medak district (About 50km from Hyderabad).
  5. 5. Agri Business SnapshotCustom Farming • By working Closely with farmers through Custom Farming or relationship Farming & providing extension services with respect of Good Agricultural Practices, Integrated Nutrition & Pest Management, Pre & Post harvest practices, which help the farmer Improve Productivity & minimize handling loss • Annual Crop calendar that would ensure much higher annual income per unit area • Input supply, technical guidance, credit linkage and Package of improved farm practices for better productivity • Crates & logistics support • Payment for supplies directly credited in farmer’s bank accounts
  6. 6. Agri Business SnapshotTraining: • Conducting regular training programs for farmers and field staff in association with Indian Institute of Horticulture Research ( IIHR) Scientists in the Soil management, Water management, Integrated pest management and fertilizer management. Extension Activities: • Distribution of High yielding and disease resistant hybrid seeds to the farmers. • Identification of pests and diseases and their control by recommending specific insecticides and Fungicides. • Identification of nutrient deficiency symptoms and their remedy by recommending specific fertilizers and nutrients.
  7. 7. Agri Business Snapshot
  8. 8. Agri Business SnapshotProduction Areas:• Kuppam area Comprising Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh), Kolar (Karnataka) and Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu) districts.• Second one comprising Medak, Ranga Reddy and Nalgonda district (AP)
  9. 9. Agri Business Snapshot• Strong Backward Linkage• Custom Farming or Relationship Farming• Equipped with strong hold in rural India• Intensive quality assurance standards
  10. 10. Agri Business SnapshotPack Houses (Processing Centers) • Heritage is operating temperature and humidity controlled pack houses with cold storage facilities and ripening chambers at Chitoor (AP) and Hyderabad (AP) with capacities of 200MT and 100 MT per respectively • These capacities are expandable to 300 MT and 125 MT based requirement & with modest investments POST-HARVEST OPERATIONS RECEPTION PRE-COOLING COLD STORAGESORTING & GRADING PACKAGING LOGISTICS
  11. 11. Key Take Away – Agri• 1547 acres under Custom farming per annum• 326 Custom Famers• 98 Registered famers• Collections centers Mulugu -4 Mattam - 7• 57% supplies to Heritage Fresh Retail stores i.e. 30MT/day• Commercial sales of 30 MT /day including banana and imported apples.• Custom Ripening of Banana on average of 50 MT /Day• Both Pack Houses EBITDA Positive Integrated Agri Operations
  12. 12. Pack Houses Infrastructure Particulars Mattam Mulugu Location Mattam, Shantipuram, chittoor Dist., Adavi masjid (V), Mulugu (M), Andhra Pradesh, 130 Kms from Bangalore Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, and 260 Kms from Chennai 50 Kms from Hyderabad Land 19.22 Hectares 9.25 Hectares Plant 2 Hectares 1.6 Hectares Total Built-up Area 134198 Sft 23456 Sft Processing Capacities 200 MT 100 MT Cold Storage (i) Transit for 1 - 2 weeks 4 Nos of 25 MT each 2 Nos of 25 MT each (ii) Long term for 1- 5 Months 4 Nos of 300 MT each NIL (iii) Pre-cooling units 2 Nos of 5 MT each / charge of 6 hrs Cold stores serve the purpose 15 MT charge of 3 hrs Ripening Chambers 5 Nos of 25 MT each 4 Nos of 10 MT each Handling Equipments Hand Trolleys 4 Nos 3 Nos Crates 19000 Nos 7000 Nos Crates washing System 1 No 1 No Pallets to stock Crates 1000 Nos 250 Nos Fork Lifts 2 Nos 2 Nos Hydraulic Pallet jack 6 Nos of 1 MT each 4 Nos of 1 MT each
  13. 13. Important Features of the Pack Houses • Located in the heart of production areas • Processing and dispatch areas temperature & humidity controlled • Mechanized Sorting & grading lines to suit different types & volumes of produce • Net Packing / washing of rooty vegetables • Cold storage infrastructure include Pre-cooling, short and long term storage chambers
  14. 14. Important Features of the Pack Houses• Ripening chambers of 45 MT at IPH Mattam , 15 MT at IPH Mulugu & 15 MT at Chennai DC.
  15. 15. Available facilities in Mattam Pack House Location Mattam, Santhipuram Mandal, Chitoor District. Climate is suitable to produce almost all kinds of vegetables crops round the year Processing capacity 200 MT Fruits and Vegetables Cold Storage• Transit Cold Store 4 Nos (short duration) with storage capacity 200 MT• Long duration cold store 4 Nos with storage capacity 2000 MT (500 each)
  16. 16. Available facilities in Mattam Pack House Infrastructure and processing facilities Total build up area 12472 square meters• Reception area: 548 sq. m• Grading and sorting area: 4200 sq. m• Line 1: potato, carrot, beetroot washing and grading line• Line 2: Grading line for other vegetables• Handling capacity per line: 5 MT/ hr each
  17. 17. Available facilities in Mattam Pack House Pre-cooling units 2 Nos of 5MT each Ripening Chambers 5 Nos of 25 MT each Handling Equipments• Hand Trolleys 4Nos• Crates 19000 Nos• Crate Washing system 1 No• Pallets crates 1000 Nos• Fork lifts 2 Nos• Hydraulic Pallet jack 6 Nos.
  18. 18. Available facilities in Mulugu Pack HouseLocation Adavi Masjid, Mulugu Mandal, Medak district (about 50km from Hyderabad). Processing capacity 100 MT Fruits and Vegetables Infrastructure and processing facilities Total built up area 2180 square meters• Reception area: 135 sq. m• Grading and sorting area: 962 sq. m Cold Storage Transit Cold Store 2 Nos (short duration) with storage capacity 50 MT (25MT each)
  19. 19. Available facilities in Mulugu Pack House Ripening Chambers 4 Nos of 15 MT each Dispatch Hall 25.5m*15m Handling Equipments• Hand Trolleys 3Nos• Crates 7000 Nos• Crate Washing system 1 No• Pallets to stack carets 250 Nos• Fork lifts 2 Nos• Hydraulic Pallet jack 4 Nos.
  20. 20. Important Features of the Pack Houses • Fully supported by DG power • Totally mechanized material handling system • Reverse Osmosis (RO) and De-mineralized (DM) plant • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  21. 21. Pack Houses Infrastructure
  22. 22. Farm to fork – Integrated Retail Business Farmer Sourcing Pack Houses (F&V) FMCG Bakery Dairy Bulk Sourcing & staples Distribution Network and Distribution centers / ware houses Front-end Contact Channels Flagship end stores Institutional Sales Home Delivery Consumers Urban Consumers
  23. 23. Man Power Details S No Division Regular Part timers/Casuals Total 1 Agri 105 81 186
  24. 24. Heritage Agri Division THANK YOU